Chapter 201 this is just the beginning

Chapter 201 this is just the beginning

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From the vast mountain range thousands of miles beyond the Yongsan, there are seat desolate silence of the mountains.

The cave is inside the mountain, the original discipline Sky and cloud Yao, who has broken into this place.

Magic cave, a dark and cold behind closed doors.

Blood month standing indoor Princess and Priest, eyes glued to the wall mirror.

That side of the two-meter oval mirror, red crystals formed are whole body blood, and contains marvelous magic matrix method.

This is a powerful instruments used in the inferno, with smoke Luo umbrella of the high priest, are Tianyuan-class treasures.

The mirror scene showing a little bit fuzzy pictures that show exactly what Wang Lung stations.

Yongsan majority has ended, Blood Moon Princess and the high priest also watch more than an hour.

They read the rest of the Longshan majority, also witnessed the defeat Hang Chen Ji-day trip of the screen.

Both silence did not speak, his eyes flashing with a deep sense of coldness, so that the indoor temperature more cold.

After a long, high priest before speaking, hoarse voice said: "In view of this seat, the former Yongsan majority, but a minor between the dyke and day Jianzong cases."

"This time, Ji-day trip to attend the guy Yongsan majority, really let the majority became very exciting!"

"Oh, that kid can see the strength and cards, this seat in order to start the mirror began to consume ten pieces, it can be considered worth it!"

Blood Moon Princess Chen Sheng said: "The high priest, you would have guessed that kid genius, the future will become a big worry for us, so it is so concerned about him?"

High priest nodded, low tone said: "! Yeah that guy who does have a weird!"

"Was just one month, he has reached Tong Xuan territory, but also beat the five-Tong Xuan territory of a master, really incredible!"

Blood Moon Princess frowned and whispered:. "At first, you probe into the Star beads breath in his body."

"It now appears that his qualifications so evildoer, and most of what relevance Star beads!"

"I hate had not been able to kill him and let him grow to the point! If to give him a few years time, I'm afraid that he can grow up to par with my point!"

The high priest showing a touch of sneer, cold tone, said: "So what we just watched him, he will be able to get through the day star beads clues and whereabouts?!"

"So Ye Hao." Blood Moon Princess nodded his head, the tone of awe-inspiring: "To revive the great cause of the Star beads and my family, for the time being let him live a few days."

The high priest was silent, frowning pondered a while, then talk about another topic.

"Longshan just an ordinary treasure, even disdain the seat in the territory of ancient stars, this spiritual pulse treasure everywhere, everywhere."

"Today has been Yongsan days Jianzong wanton mining, and was almost emptied."

"This is about the waste of spiritual pulse, how will the stars of the strongest forces in the ancient territory of two cases in the door, so fierce battle?"

"Especially Jianzong day, evidently. A hollowed-out mountain of waste on the Yongsan majority aspirations, so they deserve unscrupulous fight for it?"

Hearing this, Blood Moon Princess also frown try to figure out together.After a moment, she tentatively asked: "? The high priest, you mean, perhaps hidden secret in Yongsan and treasure, only to let the day Jianzong so sad."

"Yes! I have this doubt this seat." The high priest somber, his eyes shining Shining naked.

"But this is only the seat of speculation, what is the reason, need to know that after investigation!"

He thought for a moment, then monthly for blood and said:. "Princess, you personally bring people to Jianzong days, it is best to catch a majority of the disciples come back to participate."

"At that time the seat to take interrogated to see if in the end days Jianzong want to do!"

"Well, I'll go."

Blood Moon Princess hand over a gift, turned and left the chamber, went to perform the task.


Back to the dyke were after, Chu Huai Shan rode reveal birds landing in the courtyard outside the gate of the situation.

He saw Ji-day trip was very weak and suffered light injuries, let Ji-day trip back to the situation before the hospital healing.

"Ji-day trip, you go back to the situation convalescent hospital meditation it."

"The door you done a great faith, a little later went to the head of the seat, your work for you!"

"I believe this seat until the end of convalescence after you, personally head will certainly reward you!"

Ji-day trip smiled, handed salute and said:. "Thank Chu elders, disciples retire."

After his leave of Chu Huai Shan, the situation will be back to the hospital.

Back into the room, he quickly took out the powder and white kit from Babolat, the processing wounds.

Others only know that he publicly beat Chen Hang, created a miracle, he did not know in order to create this miracle, how to pay the huge effort.

In order to beat Chen Hang, he is the Almighty do, almost exhausting ability and cards.

Before beginning a majority, he had to know the ins and outs Hang Chen.

He knew, Hang Chen martial strength of powerful, Front Road talent is very dull, so he used the sword array than in the bucket.

Even so, he still can not beat Chen Hang, Hang Chen was also wounded, who left several road hideous wounds.

Eventually, he was forced to only use the cards fetal sword, was completely defeated Hang Chen.

Hang Chen was beaten unconscious seriously injured, the injury is very miserable.

But Ji-day trip is not easy, after the use of the sword child, consume eighty percent of real dollars, the extreme strength has been weak.

Even the sword Tire has become bleak, not hard-edged, and he is badly hurt.

Fortunately, everything is gone.

He won back the Shan and Atlas cases is bound to be the focus of these doors cultivation.

Thought of this, Ji-day trip that pale face, but also showing a hint of a smile.

"There is no honor and treatment, is doing nothing, I need to strive and work hard, to fight!"

"Only I'm getting stronger, demonstrating my value to the number of doors, gates were to get discouraged."

"Fortunately, I did it! Now can be considered frenzied media attention next month, was finally able to feel at ease practicing, continue to enhance the strength."

Murmuring a few words, Ji-day trip began to exercise our powers to heal, restore strength and weakness of real dollars.

Unconsciously, a day later.

When the next morning, Ji-day trip of the injury uneventfully, his face returned to normal.Next, he needs to recuperate meditation two weeks, to return to peak condition.

And this time, winning a majority Yongsan news had spread over dyke cases.

Not only is the outer door disciples, even the Disciples and many deacons, elders, know that the message majority victory.

FY hospital disciples, also a majority of the process spread it out, Ji-day trip will deal with that war Hang Chen, depicting the fantastic, ups and downs, very exciting.

Soon, with the Hang Chen Ji-day trip pinnacle battle, they spread open in the dyke cases, prompting countless disciples were shocked and talk.

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