Chapter 200 deserved glory

Chapter 200 deserved glory

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Wang Lung crowd the stage, the hustle and bustle for a long time did not quiet down.

Day Jianzong people both grief and humiliation, Tang elders than fighting people called on stage to announce the results.

In the end, Chu Huai Shan went to the field or in Shengruhongzhong announced the final results.

"The third field than fighting, Atlas were wins!"

When he finished, his face a smile look to day two elders Jianzong, exclaimed: "! This seat announced that the majority Yongsan, Atlas were best of three games, won a majority victory."

"From immediate effect, Longshan mine were all dyke!"

"Comply with the provisions, days Yongsan Jianzong must evacuate within two days!"

With his voice down, the situation of the hospital a few disciples, and a flurry of excitement bursting with cheers.

Well known that the majority victory really hard to come by, but also beyond everyone's expectations.

Ji-day trip is indeed the first day of the hospital situation, public record incredible miracle, for the dyke were to win the victory and honor!

Grateful disciples stage has not yet entered the war, but Ji-day trip is a fellow with the door, everyone is the same front, woe!

Today, Ji-day trip to get an incredible victory, several disciples also are truly proud, proud and proud!

Gladius day people are sullenly silent.

Before that several disciples also very arrogant pride, now I feel like a father and mother died long face.

Don elders and the precepts of the Church elders, hold back the anger felt, but can only fight back.

Even to hear the results announced by Chu Huai Shan, they also had to hand over the bow, deep voice and said: "Congratulations you were to win!"

"This door lost, bound to comply with the rules, as soon as possible evacuation Yongsan."

Gladius days already lost enough embarrassed, the two elders categorically impossible shamelessly passing, that will only be more shameful.

They just want to get out of Taiwan Wang Lung, avoid being ridiculed by people who were Atlas.

So far, the current majority Yongsan is finally over.

Ji-day trip looking back to the indifference of the crowd were a few clouds hospital surrounded by his disciples, such as Zhongxingpengyue general.

Day Jianzong deacon quickly ran to the field, a large pit lying unconscious Hang Chen away, rushed overturned Jianzong return.

Chen Hang with heavy injuries, if not treated in time, will be life-threatening.

Shortly after, the day Jianzong people have left Wang Lung Taiwan.

Two elders and deacons who take the time, do not say hello to fight with a dyke were obviously disappointed to the extreme anger.

Atlas cases of people do not hurry to leave, still looking dragon on stage talking about for a long time.

Han Qiao Ji-day trip students went around, his face relieved smile and said: "! Ji-day trip, the good kind."

"Today you really miracles, defeated Chen Hang, true to the situation we face Dean!"

"You and that war Hang Chen, also tends to spread throughout the ancient stars, known by large doors!"

Then, he looked a few clouds hospital disciples.

"You are not very envious Ji-day trip, also fantasy of one day like him, set a credit-oriented door, famous stars of the ancient territory?"

Several disciples all have nodded, revealing the color of his face looking forward and looking forward.

Han Qiao students smiled, earnestness, said: "I believe you can see,The strength to discipline day trip, this is not Hang Chen's opponents, but why he can beat Hang Chen? "

"Because of his calm wisdom, know to use their strengths and advantages, the Front Road and martial arts together, weakening the strength of Chen Hang, finally defeated the Hang Chen!"

"Before two months, the seat often teach you to learn and use, would like to see more research and better Dan Road Front Road, on your martial arts also benefit."

"Today you have seen, Ji-day trip is to do so, so he created a miracle, defeated Chen Hang!"

"If you can do such as record day, the seat believe that one day you can become a true genius, famous Li Wei-oriented door!"

Han Qiao Health's remarks, suddenly grateful disciples excited, can not help but applaud.

When two months before, Han Qiao students say these words to them, they have no deep feelings.

And now, Ji-day trip performance proved this truth, just so grateful disciples really understand and comprehend the Han Qiao born intention.

Wu Liming Road are crucial.

Although Dan Road and Front Road is a supplementary study, if thorough research, rational use, but also make everyone's martial strength is more powerful.

Ji-day trip today and Chen Hang than fighting, but also to the hospital situation disciples a vivid lesson!

All eyes are on record day trip who see him as a great hero, proud hero, top talent, the situation of the hospital.

The land famous stand in the crowd, the crowd was completely forgotten.

No one pay attention to him, no one to blame him, and everyone ignored him.

He silently watching Ji-day trip, filled with jealousy and resigned, and his face is very ugly.

But he personally seen how to beat the record day trip Hang Chen, also on the strength of discipline day trip very much appreciated.

He had to admit, Ji-day trip is really courageous and prudent genius, you are eligible for this honor.

Whether it is courage, resourcefulness and strength, discipline-day trip can be rolled him what qualifications of Ji-day trip dissatisfied?

After a long time, all the talent to be quiet.

Han Qiao students and Duwu with nine disciples down the mountain, riding a horse by the wind towards the dyke were returned.

Ji-day trip were a special treat, we have been a major contributor to treatment.

Chu Huai Shan with his ride reveal giant bird, flying high in the sky flying dyke cases.


Within Atlas were, head of Chu Tiansheng palace to live in.

He was sitting cross-legged in the secret room, placed in front of an ancient bronze board.

Although that criss-cross lines on the board, but not a pawn, but some kind of tactical deployment lines.

White light lit on the board, condensed into one side white screens, like a mirror.

Mirror screen appears, shocking the top of the Longshan Wang Lung Taiwan.

Bronze piece chessboard name plate reading days, and destiny star map, are powerful instruments used Tianyuan level, it is one of many cases of Mibao dyke.

Chu Tiansheng sitting in the closet, but also through reading this Tin plate, always concerned about the hundreds of miles away look ryongdae, see Yongsan majority of cases.

Today, the majority Yongsan has ended, the two factions troops have left.

Chutian Sheng frown pondered for a moment, his face was exposed pleased smile,Tin plate will read close up.

"Oh, Ji Ji-day trip day trip ah, this seat really did not wrong you, your destiny is indeed the star figure of the people!"

"Your resourcefulness and talent qualifications, Yao is also comparable with the cloud, so long as the holder continues to secretly cultivated you, sooner or later you will become a par with the cloud Yao genius!"

"This door can get cloud Yao has this genius is lucky, and now the addition of a record day trip! God Bless my dyke were ah!"

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