Section 199 of that sword, Armageddon

Section 199 of that sword, Armageddon

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Meteor jianjue is secret Ji-day trip, but not the cards.

By now, Hang Chen has been seriously wounded him, is weak in the extreme.

Obvious to all, Hang Chen hopeless situation, powerless, and this war will be lost.

Hang Chen bite happens struggling with injuries, but also illusions in an attempt to counterattack.

That being the case, Ji-day trip had to play the cards secret, completely defeat Chen Hang, let him lose convinced!

He slowly raised his palms, palm and down, right palm facing upward, close to the palms, full agonist in vivo fetal sword.


Hum, the palm Ji-day trip in a dazzling golden light lights up, there was a small golden sword.

Small golden sword that only big thumb, but lights dazzling dazzling golden light, Bo issued sky sword Italy, like Fengrui Jian Qi can tear the sky.

There is no doubt that this was his sword tire!

Since he reached the border Tong Xuan, sword turned into the substance of meconium from light.

Such a huge change, but also to his natural strength dramatically improved.

The combination of his life tires sword skill, of course, unmatched power!

But, Ji-day trip is very clear, the use of fetal sword fighting combat, although powerful matchless destructive, but it is since the loss of eight hundred thousand kills practice.

He would run out of their own real dollars, to be weak two weeks to recover.

So, until that decide the outcome of a critical moment, he was the first time wielding the sword fetal body.

As he continued to exercise our powers, suspended in the palms of the golden sword's womb, spinning speed, size getting bigger.

"...... hum hum!"

Sword tire rotation speed, Bo issued break through the sky sword Italy, issued a series of audible hum.

After just a few breathing, Ji-day trip opened his palms, palms separated about one meter far.

At this time, the sword tire, has become one meter long, eye-catching light Revenge.

He was the center of the range of thirty meters, were filled with sharp exquisite Jianqi, marble floors have been drawn round after round Jianqi cracks.

Wang Lung everyone on stage, have revealed the shocking surprise expression, eyes glued to the sword fetal Ji day trip.

Weaker disciples who thought it was Ji-day trip cohesion Jianmang.

Only two factions of deacons and elders did see, it is not an ordinary Jianmang, but as real sword, Armageddon contains the power!

Hang Chen also shocked, eyes wide open and staring at the sword fetal Ji-day trip, pulsing with color fundus of fear and panic.

He is also a practicing kendo genius, of course, you can feel the power of the golden sword fetal what horror!

Finally, the power of the sword about to Ji-day tires pushed to the limit, his eyes staring Chen Hang, uttered Lenghe.

"Hang Chen! This is over!"

When Voice down, his palms manipulated sword tire, via ten meters towards Chen H to hang.

Eye-catching golden sword child, immediately turned into three meters long golden sword, the golden flame bursting out monstrous.

That dazzling dazzling golden light the flame, like a pair of wings sword tires, so tire sword of speed and power have reached the limit.

The whole look ryongdae are shrouded golden light, it becomes bright glare.

Jian Bo fetal sky sword Italy issued, the ground station Wang Lung draw cracks and ravines crowded.Hang Chen terror enveloped the sword Italy, scared eyes full of fear, his legs felt weak.

Looking at the boom head to the sword, he could only doing all the setting sun lifted epee, releasing the final blow.


Long with wings of golden sword, severely boom in the Hang Chen, drowned his presence, burst loud bang shook the Miracle.

Verge, a radius of 30 meters from the golden fields have become a thorn in everyone blinded.

Even the sun high in the sky, also concealed a glorious golden Jianguang, seemed bleak.

Wang Lung Taiwan violently shaking as if an earthquake occurred super, cracked ground have a huge gully.

Many disciples of collapse, officials moved, standing firm, fell to the ground.

Golden Hurricane turned into a violent underlying strength, fire in broke off, the hope ryongdae blowing Feishazoudan.

So gorgeous and thrilling sword, everyone on stage filled with shock, never forget!

After a long time, dust and clouds of gold was gradually dissipated.

Wang Lung quiet recovery stage, Hang Chen Ji-day trip and the figure is also revealed.

Everyone looked intently, then Ji-day trip to see the positive body standing proudly in the field, his face still cold indifference.

That up to three meters long with wings of flame sword, the sword has long turned back into a child, he recovered the body.

Just that gorgeous bright, Armageddon sword, consume eighty percent of his true element, so that he became very weak, the spirit of some malaise.

However, the results caused by that sword, but it is humbling.

Wang Lung ground station, was blasted a crater radius of three meters, surrounded by a large crack cracked hundreds, like a spider web in general.

Hang Chen has long been seriously injured in a coma, covered in blood lying on the bottom of the pit, are numerous gravel and dirt buried half of the body.

He was wearing a total loss of treasure, it became a mass of twisted metal scrap.

His burly body, also covered with wounds crisscross waist as well as a large-sized hole in the blood before and after translucent.

Had suffered such serious injuries, he was killed on the spot did not have a miracle!

Even if he was lucky not dead, injured and too tragic, not two or three years of convalescence, simply can not be cured.

Wang Lung silence on stage.

People are stunned, silent staring open-mouthed, and even forget to breathe.

Even the two factions of deacons and elders, as strong dan territory, and for this and shocking surprise.

After a long, all the talent in the wake of the shock.

Suddenly, people are boiling, they have issued exclaimed with an incredible roar.

"My God! That guy is the man? Almost the whole Mong Lung stations are demolished ah!"

"Tong Xuan territory was a heavy, there is such a terrible destructive power, he cast what sword ah?"

"Amazing! I can see today so shock the sword, witness than fighting this fantastic, really is a big lucky ah!"

"Why? Why is this so? Hang Chen how could fail? Jianzong how our day will lose ah?"

"Ha ha ha ...... We won! Ji-day trip really miracles, defeated the Hang Chen!"

"Longshan finally return we were a dyke!"

"Ji-day trip! Good for you! You are the big hero this door! We proud of you!"

Exclaimed one after another and cries, both north and south in sight ryongdae sounded.

Atlas of people were excited Fucking, several of his disciples were all dancing, cheering and even Han Qiao students also filled with surprises and Duwu talk with.

Gladius day people are nothing but traitors, ugly face extreme, incredible talk with, cursing.

Don elders and especially the precepts of the Church elders, looking gloomy a quick drop water.

The Yongsan majority, they not only lost Yongsan, just getting started recruitment of talented Hang Chen, also was beaten seriously injured dying, simply miserable embarrassed the extreme!

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