Chapter 198 you lose them

Chapter 198 you lose them

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While many people were talking about the occasion, the field of war have changed.

Paine interest of time, Hang Chen Zhuangruo crazy chasing the record day trip onslaught, has attacked hundreds of crazy move.

He relied on the territory of the five-Tong Xuan tyrannical strength, gladiatorial blood caused by violent force, as well as the power of the setting sun epee, Ji-day trip pestering close fight.

Ji-day trip of strength as his strong, but also unarmed, of course, can not close fight with him, not positive recklessly.

He uses four groups of step dodge and manipulate Jianmang continue to resist and fight back.

But he, after all, only a heavy strength throughout Tong Xuan, Hang Chen is still not the opponent, it is difficult with Chen Hang distance.

He and Chen Hang killing hundreds of strokes, also suffered light injuries.

He left the body several road grim horror of the wound, gushing blood.

However, he was wearing black-level soft-top grade of Jinyang, so the injury is not serious.

By now, Ji Chen Hang-day trip and have consumed a lot of real dollars, and are covered with blood-stained, disheveled appearance, look a little awkward.

Hang Chen thought can easily rolling Ji-day trip, and now hundreds of rabid attack move, failed to beat Ji-day trip.

He was filled with anger and anxiety, increasingly furious.

But he has a gladiatorial blood, Tong Xuan throughout the five-master, was hit by a heavy Tong Xuan Ji-day trip to this force, this is simply a shame!

Hang Chen gradually losing patience, discipline preoccupied with beat-day trip as soon as possible.

But he was eager to win, of course, enhance the power of the sword many, but ignored the self-defense, exposed many flaws.

Ji-day trip finally seize the opportunity, immediately back ten meters, and Hang Chen apart.

"Thousands of feather edge!"

Di heard him, did not hesitate to cast a meteor jianjue.

He pushed the sword fetal body strength, releasing nine up to one meter, whole body dark golden Jianmang toward Hang Chen assassinate away.

"Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu!"

Nine Jianmang enveloped Hang Chen, meteor-like speed in order to initiate the assassination from different angles and directions.

A short period of time to breathe, nine Jianmang actually assassinated nearly two hundred times!

Hang Chen Ying is filled shrouded, suddenly exposed face fear of color.

He desperately waving setting sun epee, cut out the sky color Jianguang, resist Jianmang assassination.

"Ding Dingding" crash crisp sound, with golden color Jianmang constantly collision, burst out of the raging fury of underlying strength.

Although Chen Hang go all out to resist, but since the sword is too slow, unable to stop Jianmang lightning assassination.

After a short period of five breathing, nine consecutive Jianmang assassinated thousands of times, and finally dissipated.

The Hang Chen has become a blood people bloodstained, covered the emergence of more than a dozen criss-cross Jianshang, continued emission of bright red blood.

He was wearing qingpao, it has long been strangling the fragmented pieces into a pile of rags, scattered in sight dragon table.

Fortunately, he was wearing a red soft armor, to protect key parts, and will not in public.

Even so, he was covered with blood looks like, but also embarrassed miserable to the extreme, so that the two factions disciples sent waves of screams.

Under seriously injured, Hang Chen's strength fell again, leaving only four percent of the fighting.

This time, heTong Xuan territory only the equivalent strength quadruple!

"Ah ah ah!"

He covered the wound came pain, as well as filled with anger, rage like mad to let Chen Hang the sky growled.

"Ji-day trip! You fucking bastard! I want you to cut to pieces!"

Hang Chen roared toward Ji-day trip, waving setting sun epee, cut out more than a dozen Bloody Jianguang epoch-making.

Suddenly, extremely rich Xuexing Qi unraveled, so that was the whole look ryongdae have a reign of terror, the murderous blood red enveloped.

Hang Chen Ji-day trip to see the strength of the crash, fury like mad look, eyes flashed a hint of sneer.

After thousands of birds and destruction of Jian Zhen edge, Hang Chen has been irrational fury, combat is also very weak.

This is the result of his carefully designed, every step he was to weaken the fighting Chen Hang, Hang Chen will eventually total defeat!

"The wind struck by lightning!"

When the setting sun Hang Chen waved to kill epee, Ji-day trip again spent a trick meteor jianjue.

His full release two huge Jianmang, either side of Hang Chen to kill.

Two golden Jianmang are up to two meters, flashing dazzling burst of golden light, carrying extremely violent winds, bitter Zhanxiang Hang Chen.

Verge, golden Jianguang mixed with the wind, like a huge golden lightning, crashing Pizhong Hang Chen.

"Boom cracking!"

I heard a loud noise like an explosion of thunder, the dragon in sight suddenly burst on stage, shook the whole Mong Lung stations are violent shaking.

Hang Chen on the spot Pide inverted out, covered in blood fell five meters away, rolling on the ground a few laps came to a halt.

He flew trails, bright red blood spilled on the ground, particularly shocking in the sun.

Everyone on stage have been struck by lightning strikes terror wind power and influence, both eyes wide open looking at the field, his face revealing a complex expression.

Only, the marble floor, even by wind blasted a lightning pit surrounded by cracks extending dense.

Factions disciples are shocked, his face revealing incredible expression, bursts of screams.

"Oh my God! It's Tongxuan strength throughout Warrior do?"

"Ji-day trip without a sword, and she resorted to the power of such a terrible sword?"

"Even Tong Xuan territory Seventh master, it is impossible Taking Yu Jian, trying out the power of such a powerful sword ah!"

"Amazing! Hang Chen even by his play so miserable, if not personally see it, I do not believe ah!"

Everyone talking about, Ji-day trip turned a deaf ear, still calm and relaxed, staring Chen Hang ten meters away.

Hang Chen whole body covered with blood, staggered from the ground up, his hands holding the setting sun Epee want to rush Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip frowned, indifferent tone: "The Hang Chen, you've lost the battle, to give up the struggle, lose them!"

His voice was cold and determined, not arrogant arrogant, but contains strong self-confidence.

Hang Chen suddenly filled with humiliation, grim stare at him, filled with rage and roared: "impossible! I will beat you, I will never throw in the towel!"

He has been Sword sovereign received as a disciple, it is pregnant with gladiatorial blood, Tong Xuan territory quintet strength, is the focus of cultivation of martial arts genius.

Let him throw in the towel day trip to Ji Tong Xuan, a heavy border?This is more humiliating than to kill him!

"Ah! Ji-day trip! I will kill you!"

Hang Chen howling with fury, inspired the final power gladiatorial blood, the whole people into mad state, desperate rushed to Ji-day trip.

Seeing this, the discipline Sky slight frown, looking Sen Han said: "! Since you would not give in, I had to hit you get on the ground."

"Also happens to let you know, I really cards his secrets!"

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