Chapter 195 Lung nine days

Chapter 195 Lung nine days

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"Ji Young, bring it on!"

Yinfei Yang revealing a touch of contemptuous sneer, leisurely standing in the field, did not mean sword.

He said to let Ji-day trip two strokes, they will resist and escape, not proactive sword.

"Take that!" Ji-day trip Di heard, his eyes flashed a hint of joking coldness.

At the same time, he resorted to the shadowless step, the pace of marching the foot of the mysterious, fast as lightning rushed Yinfei Yang.

His speed is too fast leaving behind a few blur.

Only for a moment, he rushed out of ten meters, came Yinfei Yang's.

He pulled out of the Black Dragon lightning sword, to the sword chopping off.

"Lung nine days!"

When the Black Dragon sword scabbard, lit the brilliant glare of coldness, like a thunder tearing the night.

When the majestic true element perfusion Ji-day trip to the Black Dragon sword, the sword Black Dragon immediately turned into a huge Jianmang up to three meters.

Jianmang like Bo issued an epoch-making power of heaven Zhanxiang Yinfei Yang.

Jianguang dazzling, condensed into a nine-meter Black Dragon ghost, and ice cold biting chill.

The whole look ryongdae have been shocked power of the sword, slightly shaking up.

In the center of the behavior record days, twenty meters radius area, a space air is squeezed, issued popping crackling.

This exquisite horror sword's power, so that the two factions disciples are exposed face horror of color, incredible issued exclaimed.

Black Dragon Sword has not been cut in Yinfei Yang, he was the suppression of terrorist sword Italy, unable to move, his eyes revealing a deep sense of horror and despair.

The moment he just said forget about it, subconsciously holding the hilt, I want to sword fight back and resist.

However, it was too late.


Loud sound deafening, three meters long and nine meters long Jianmang huge black dragon ghost, spot inundated Yinfei Yang.

Jianmang severely cut huge dragon in sight stage, the spot will cut the ground out of a huge gully, darting out numerous gravel.

The whole look ryongdae have trembled violently, as if a major earthquake occurred in general.

So amazing destructive power, so that people are showing incredible expression.

Gladius day is filled with more people worried, staring chaotic scene Feishazoushi field, guess Yinfei Yang fate.

After ten full rate, and brilliance true element Heilonggang ghost was dissipated, blowing dust and gravel filled also subsided.

This look at the situation in all field.

I saw, Ji-day trip, holds a black dragon sword, standing proudly in the field in the body, exude confidence, indifferent atmosphere.

On the stone floor in front of him, there is a half a meter wide, huge cracks up to five meters.

Yinfei Yang edge was lying in the fracture, body rustled trembling, Manlianshixue, disheveled appearance is extremely awkward.

He apparently was seriously injured, the desperate Xiangpaqilai, but simply can not do.

"Ji ...... days, OK! You ...... Damn! This ...... ...... not possible!"

Yinfei Yang raised his head hard, raised covered with bloodstained face, crimson eyes staring Ji-day trip.

His voice hoarse, the voice also intermittently, when mouth to speak, the mouth also continue to gush blood.Apparently, his injury is not just trauma, neifu also been hit.

Ji-day trip blankly at him, indifferent tone, said: "Yin brother, you just let me say clearly two strokes, so my chances are not even the sword."

"This first one only, please true to its word, then my second trick."

With these words, he again raised his sword Black Dragon, covered with soaring war, about to play second measure.

Yinfei Yang suddenly scared filled with fear, humiliation extreme grief!

A moment before, he also filled with proud, contemptuous disdain for Ji-day trip, publicly released raving lie.

And now, he was seriously wounded Ji-day trip sword, sword chance to even fight back at all, and almost killed on the spot.

This is how ironic, how ridiculous!

With his injured hindquarters of today, how might take second measure is maintained discipline day trip?

It is not obvious to his life?

Under Yinfei Yang grief stricken, even mouth emitting a Xuejian.

Ji-day trip but turned a blind eye, raised his sword Black Dragon, as if to Zhanxia sword.

Critical moment, day Jianzong Qi deacon quickly jumped out, rushed Yinfei Yang side.

He glared fiercely at Ji-day trip, Chen Sheng shouted: "Ji-day trip, you want to do do not you want to publicly kill it??"

Ji-day trip indifferent eyes looked at him, deliberately quipped: "? Yinfei Yang said that to make me two strokes, how, Qi deacon you want to interfere with a large majority."

"Also, or, deacons to help Yinfei Yang Qi deadbeat, do that does not count villain?"

Qi Deacon gas suddenly livid, eyes surging in the cold.

But the two factions of deacons and elders are present, he can only be endured not attack, teeth cold shouted: "! This game, we throw in the towel."

Ji-day trip to recover this black dragon sword, joking eyes glanced a deacon Qi, contemptuous: "The early opening throw in the towel much good, why wait until the dead dog was labeled only surrender?"

"You!" Qi forehead red with rage jump deacon gas, surging deep in the eyes of the beholder.

If another occasion, he will certainly shot to kill Ji-day trip.

But the sight dragon on stage, under the watchful eyes, even then how Ji-day trip to humiliate him and Yinfei Yang, he can only be endured.

Soon, they hold the deacon Yinfei Yang Qi, dingy exit of the injured.

Gladius day people are gloomy face down, his face staring hatred Ji-day trip, hated.

And Atlas were the disciples who were filled with shock, exposing the excitement smile, fists shouting.

"Great! We won!"

"Ji-day trip, good job!"

"Really worthy of the man of this door, that sword is too gorgeous, pomp horrible!"

"Ha ha ha! Jianzong day clown who continue to crazy ah?"

Great elders, Chu Huai Shan and Han Qiao students and others, apparently did not expect this result, we are exposed face of comforting smile.

"Not bad!"

"Oh, a good move nine days Lung, Lung nine days really have potential!"

"This seat really did wrong this child, alone in this battle, he would be sufficient to famous ancient territory stars!"

"This kid is only Tongxuan territory a heavy strength, can escape such a terrible play fighting, really incredible ah!"

"Before this seat also felt throughout the day Jianzong have five-Tong Xuan Hang Chen, the door no slightest chance of winning. It now appears that Ji-day trip might be able to work miracles ah!"

Ji-day trip listening to all the discussions and praise, but not arrogant proud dry, still look indifferent composure.

Although he did not use black dragon sword, its own power alone can defeat Yinfei Yang, but not with such astonishing results.

Black Dragon in the Palace too small for a month, eat a lot of fruit spirits, to restore the strength of two percent, which makes the power of the Black Dragon sword so powerful.

Because of this, he did not choose weapons before Ji-day trip, only took a soft armor.

Exterior doors mysterious treasure trove for those in grade sword, how can we be compared with the power of the sword Black Dragon?

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