Chapter 193 I will come against!

Chapter 193 I will come against!

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Lu Ji-day trip and famous looking one, do not rush the stage.

Gladius day party, discipline elders, deacons and disciples who are exposed face confident smile, look with confidence.

Hang Chen trio did not need to negotiate, already decided on the order of play.

When Don Elder's voice down, the lowest level of strength Ran East, took the lead out of the crowd, he went to Wang Lung Taichung | Central.

Don Elder immediately announced:. "The first field day Jianzong Ran East war."

Chu Huai Shan Ji then turned around to look famous day trip and land, they decided to wait for the order of play.

See the first appearance of the famous Lu Ran East, immediately revealing a touch of a smile, he spoke to Ji-day way street: "Let me first!"

When he finished, he and regardless of discipline-day trip do not agree, they look toward the central ryongdae.

Chu Huai Shan immediately loudly announced:. "The first field, Atlas of Lu famous war"

Than the first fight begins, Chu Huai Shan Tang and their elders moved away and stood looking ryongdae edge, staring at the two men in the field.

Ran East carrying a sword, standing calmly in the field.

He was smiling, joking eyes looking at the famous Lu, she said:. "Lu Young, we meet again."

"Oh." He is tightlipped about the famous land and forced a smile, too lazy to speak with Ran East, quickly took out a silver ball.

He will be holding a silver ball in the palm of your hand, entered, enter the majestic real dollars.

Suddenly, the lights dazzling silver ball silver into a shiny silver armor, wrapped up his body.

Not only this armor encasing his body, and a pair of boots and a helmet, his upper and lower body bag tightly.

Even the eye portion of the helmet, but also a layer of silver silk into shield to protect his eyes.

Blink of an eye, Lu became a famous giant Ginko, about two meters tall enough!

Seeing this, the hospital situation disciples did not feel powerful, but facial expressions are quirky.

For several days the disciples Jianzong, already laughing with delight.

And even a few deacons and elders precepts, some laughing, secretly laugh.

Ran East could not help laughing, joking eyes looked landing famous, quipped: "! Miss Young, you can be ready to be sufficiently ah"

"You see transformed into a giant armor, frightened by my brothers, you roll the dice to be deterred, can not help but want to throw in the towel ah! Ha ha ha ha ......"

Lu famous of course, know all the people laughing at him.

But he choked back humiliation, his hands holding a golden sword, his eyes cold wary eye on the Ran East.

"Ran brothers, the ring than fighting relies on strength, not by bickering!"

"Bring it on! Let me see exactly what you have capital, is so arrogant!"

Ran east to immediately convergence smile, hand pull out from behind a black sword, covered in war steadily rising, Bo issued a strong flavor.

"Miss Young, then I polite!"

"I play the same day in the square were seven killed your sword, but the entry moves it."

"Now, I'll show you a real Qisha sword!"

When Voice down, ran east toward the land famous Wojian hands, covered with Bo issued intended to kill the sky."Kill a broken bone!"

Ran rushed to the East Foreland famous body, soon as they thundered sword pixia.

Black sword burst out of nearly two meters long Jianmang, mountains off river burst-like power, pixiang land famous.

"Just come!" Lu famous to be outdone, the morale of rainbow Di heard, sword cut out three Jianmang.

Jianmang moment both sides of the collision, burst out, "bang" sound muffled.

Lu famous Jianmang cut out of the three, was hit by the East Ran a Jianpi broken two remaining Jianmang that did not happen.

Ran East to continue to charge, sword once again severely Pixiang famous land, covered with a rampant murderous almost cohesion.

"Three killed punish heart!"

Three great power, cold light flashes Jianmang spot the famous shadow enveloped the land.

That powerful and murderous power of terror, so violent land famous eyes wide open, exposing his face fear of color.

Unfortunately, he took his helmet, other people can not see his expression change.

Critical juncture, he retreated toward the rear side, waving the sword Jianguang cut out of the sky, to resist.

"Bang bang bang!"

Sky Jianguang fierce collision, broke again the muffled sound.

Lu Jianmang famous cast, who are all chop into pieces, fire in darting off.

Ran east murderous increasingly turbulent, strode toward the land famous, great indomitable, unbeatable posture.

"Four kill cut the soul!"

Black sword again cut out of the power of four terror Jianmang, enveloped the land famous figure.

Lu Ran famous East weaker the momentum from the fall of the first trick play against the wind.

He was to the east Ran shaken by the murderous rage, did not dare to positive Yingkang Ran East lore attack.

See four Jianmang head cut, he can only continue to retreat, and scenes cut out eighteen Jianmang, hard to resist.

"Bang bang bang ......"

A series of muffled sound, a land famous cast chop Jianmang are broken.

Ran east of the four Jianmang, also collapsed three.

The fourth Jianmang, and finally cut in a land famous, severely split in his armor.


Jin Tiejiao deafening song, the land is a famous Jianpi fly, fell to the ground three meters away.

On the left shoulder armor silver, exhibit a deep groove, obviously damaged.

Fortunately, armor blocked that sword, so famous land was not injured.

He scared pale, see Ran East and murderous rushing, can not help but back out of the cold sweat.

"Damn! Ran east of strength, how could so strong?"

"This is his real strength of it?"

At the same time, Ran East rushed in front of him, severely cut the sword again five Jianmang.

"Five fracturing kill!"

Lu famous again dodge, and sword to resist.

"Bang bang bang bang ...... clang!"

After a series of muffled sound, a land famous again Jianpi fly, rolled down to four meters away.

Armor at his chest, Pichu is also a deep groove.

Until the moment he came to realize that ran east to practice Qisha sword, but the sword Tough violent fight.

This murderous sword to cheer, do not pay attention to the tricks, it is indomitable rush, overwhelming destroy everything!

and,The more fierce rush of power and influence, the more powerful and murderous sword Italy, the power of the sword more and more powerful.

"Six kill jungle!"

Lu and other famous not get up, ran to the East again sword to kill.

There is no doubt that the land is famous not afford to stop, once again split to fly out.

This time, his silver armor and more out of the three grooves, has become ragged, twisted out of shape.

Although this is the mysterious armor top grade level, you can make Ran east to the sword, but also mysterious grade top grade weapon.

"Qisha collapse days!"

Ran east and thundered loudly, and finally resorted to the most powerful Sha Zhao Qi Sha swordsmanship!

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