192 Chapter majority start

192 Chapter majority start

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From the mountains to the foot of the mountain, there is a bluestone paved trail.

Although the trail is only two meters wide, but has been clean and available for everyone to pass.

However, this is the case when the previous management of the dyke were Yongsan.

When Han Qiao born with a crowd up the hill, the road becomes a somewhat rough rugged.

Not only no one to take care of bluestone trail, overgrown with weeds, covered with leaves.

Indeed, there are many places have caved in or were blocked by rocks.

Du Wu Han Qiao Health and walked two in front, looking at the miserable scene all the way on Yongsan, look more gloomy.

Before long, the crowd finally reached the mountaintop.

Yongsan highest point, there is a radius of hundreds of meters high tower, built by marble made, it is Wang Lung Taiwan.

The middle stone | Central, also stands a huge dragon statue, carved in the piece is the legendary dragon.

The year when the dyke management were Yongsan, Taiwan Wang Lung always clean and tidy, surrounded by exotic flowers have been planted with grass spirit, pleasant fragrance.

But now ...... Wang Lung table covered with mud and sand, surrounded by the rich spirit of grass has long been tapping up.

The whole look ryongdae are a bit desolate and dilapidated.

High-profile four weeks if not days stuck in the Gladius banner dozen surface, also stood on stage a dozen days Jianzong people, who believe that this is the venue of the Longshan majority?

Twelve of the high platform, where two old man wearing a purple robe, is the day Jianzong elders.

Three middle-aged man wearing a black robe, is the day Jianzong deacon, deacon Qi was among them.

Seven other young people, are the days Jianzong disciples.

In addition to Chen Hang, Yinfei Yang and ran east to wear Qingpao, four others were wearing white robes, apparently the Disciples.

See Han Qiao students, who boarded the mountain, a few days Jianzong deacons are Baoquan a ceremony, say hello.

Although the scores between the two factions difficult to clear, but superficial still to do.

Han Qiao students and Duwu also depressed wroth, deadpan hand salute, then took ten disciples boarded stronghold.

Day Jianzong people standing side Taipei Wang Lung, Atlas of people were standing looking south ryongdae.

Two factions of people across tens of meters away, looked at each other watching.

Hang Chen, Yinfei Yang Ran East and three are confident face, mouth hanging hint of joking sneer.

A few days ago when they were in the dyke, we have deliberately restrained proud of gas, disguised polite manners in there.

But now, there were not a dyke, but Yongsan, day Jianzong site.

Hang Chen trio certainly do not need to disguise the true colors have emerged proud of, look to Ji-day Bank and other people's eyes, full of contempt.

Before long, there will be a huge fire as red hills of birds, flying in the sky from a distance.

That red bird flew to the top of Yongsan, landing in sight dragon audience.

Bird back two purple man, leap, jump Long lookout platform.

Messenger is the dyke were the two elders.

Middle-aged man outside the door is the elder Chu Huai Shan, the other all white hair purple robe old man, is the great elders Muyun Hai.

See the two elders, your visit, Han Qiao students, who hastened to bend the bow.

Gladius day party elders, deacons and disciples, have also handed salute.Four elders were greeting each other with, Wang Lung stood Taichung | Central, talk about today's Yongsan majority.

Ji-day trip in silence listening to the elders of dialogue, before we know the identity of the two elders Jianzong day.

One of them is outside the door elders, surnamed Tang, the other precepts of the Church elders.

At this time, a majority of four elders talk things over.

Great elders Muyun Hai looked at the two elders Jianzong day, the look of awe and asked:. "When the door this year in charge of Yongsan, Longshan herb gardens around, beautiful scenery He Qixiu"

"In just three years, it was actually undermine the Yongsan into such appearance, want to destroy this treasure it?"

Two elders Jianzong day, apparently had expected Atlas will do this were to launch an attack.

They already prepared rhetoric, discipline Presbyterian Church of Muyun Hai immediately hand over a ceremony filled with emotion, said: "Please also appease Muslim elders, the door also have difficulties compelling ah."

"This door like you were both Millennium heritage, but also in control of the entire domain Tian Chen, sitting inexhaustible resources."

"This door heritage weak, with the spiritual pulse treasure scarce resources practice of annual output, is simply to make ends meet, it is difficult to ensure that the door disciples everyday costs."

"So, in order to practice the required maintenance of the door disciples, this door can only try to exploit resources, and also please the Muslim elders understand."

Tang also received words of elders aside and said: "Of course, Longshan turned out, nor today we wish if you were disgusted Yongsan, Yongsan is better to put this door."

"This majority also to quit, so they do not hurt the two factions gas ......"

Waiting for him to finish, then frowning Muyun Hai thundered: "!?! This door can not want to hand over the Longshan never expect."

"Even Yongsan been destroyed, but here is still the spiritual pulse treasure, took over until after this door, just 10 years before the project so that it can recover."

Tang Jian Zong-day elders and the precepts of the elders is not angry, but did not agree with a smile.

"Oh, if Muslim elders think that today will be disappointed."

"Naturally, there are words to say, please Muslim elders do not mind."

"Your disciples were to participate in a majority, it is a bit weak, three talented disciples want to beat this door, I'm afraid impossible and ah!"

Two elders echoed each other, filled with proud brow color, straight to Muyun Hai and Huai of Chu's face the cold mountain air.

Muyun Hai frowned, Chen Sheng said: "! This seat bother with you succeed tongue Lee, or let his disciples the ring pinpointing it."

When he finished, Muyun Hai waved his big sleeves, turned toward Han Qiao students and others.

Gladius day precepts elders returned to the ranks, leaving the field outside the door of the elders of the two factions.

Chu Huai Shan Tang Jian Zong days and elders, will jointly preside over today's Yongsan majority.

Don Elder to speak, said a lot of high-sounding words scenes to explain the origin and significance of the majority of Yongsan.

Until after he had finished, Chu Huai Shan was announced Shengruhongzhong of majority rule.

In simple terms, the majority is best of three games, are not allowed to use than fighting pet animals shall not be outside help.

In addition to not kill people outside the party to admit defeat before any disability can occur.

When Chu Huai Shan announced the rule of majority,Hang Chen Ji-day trip will be staring, eyes flashed a playful sneer.

Ji Chen Hang-day trip would have guessed ill, this time to see him look strange, I had no feelings.

He decided to attend anyway, from the moment a majority Yongsan, he wanted all the good consequences that may arise.

At the same time, Tang elders loudly declared: "The majority of this Yongsan started!"

"Please prepare two factions war disciple, decided to field first candidate than fighting the war!"

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