Chapter 191 Jinxi contrast, Yongsan tragic sight

Chapter 191 Jinxi contrast, Yongsan tragic sight

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Lu famous words, so Han Qiao students revealing a touch of happy eyes.

Although Tong Xuan Habitat II heavy land famous, Hang Chen is still impossible opponent.

He strength to the next level, at least to increase the fraction hope of winning.

Several disciples also looked at the land famous, admired expression, whispered talk with.

"When Brother is Getting Lu Tong Xuan, a heavy border, and now only two months in the past, he even reached Tong Xuan Habitat II heavy!"

"Tong Xuan Wu who want to improve throughout the realm of a heavy, tough times better than real dollars throughout his two months to lift a heavy state, which is amazing!"

"Ji-day trip out of the hospital this genius, we have made a lot of pressure, and I did not expect such a powerful land is also famous ...... we have to work hard ah!"

Lu famous people hear the buzz, the hearts become more contented.

He turned around to look Ji-day trip, his eyes showing a touch of pride of color.

He was looking forward to, Ji-day trip at the moment what expression?

Jealous? envy? Or alert alert?

However, Ji-day trip, as always, calm look in his eyes, can not afford the slightest waves, it seems that this matter is no sense.

Lu famous little disappointed, frowned, recovered of his eyes.

Han Qiao students encouraged the crowd a few words, let everyone step down tomorrow morning in this collection.

People have to leave the hall, to return to their residence.

After Ji-day trip back to the room and continue to exercise our powers to practice, try refinement orifices point.

Although Lu Tong Xuan famous successfully break into the double border.

But in his view, it did not use any eggs, the land is still not famous day Jianzong disciples opponent.

Not to mention the five-border Tong Xuan Hang and Chen Tong Xuan triple Yinfei Yang, Tong Xuan Habitat II even heavier Ran East, famous land can not overcome.

Ji-day trip Muguangruju, has long been seen to the east Ran Tong Xuan territory has reached double for a long time, about to break into the territory Tong Xuan triple.

Want to Atlas were to win a majority Yongsan, Yongsan and regain honor, land famous is certainly unreliable.

At that time, only so he can complete the task!


The next morning, new day, a new month begins.

Grateful disciples already ready, have rushed to the hall.

Han Qiao Health and Du Wu had arrived at the scene, waiting for the crowd in the hall where.

After see everyone in attendance, Han Qiao students loudly announced: "! Today, the triennial Yongsan majority will be held, this time in relation to the door of honor"

"They reveal the Church has given us a horse ready, the seat will take you a little later, rushed together Yongsan."

"In addition, the two elders supervise this door will go, hope that the two disciples of war, the glory of war-oriented door!"

Han Qiao students took only three sentences, they aroused the crowd's blood, so that everyone morale.

Subsequently, Han Qiao students and Duwu situation with everyone out of the hospital.

Outside the gate, they reveal hall disciples led to a twelve horse by the wind, it is quiet and waited.

Those horses are fed by the wind in order Wicked, size larger than normal horses, faster, and more abundant physical strength.

Han Qiao born with everyone step onto the horse by the wind, out of the Atlas mountain peak along the road, and ran all the way toward the north.Yongsan is located north of the dyke were three hundred years, at the junction of the dyke and the days were Jianzong.

Of course, Longshan were closer to the dyke, from the days Jianzong enough to have more than five years.

Longshan were previously owned by Atlas were all, Atlas were a lot of manpower, will build into Yongsan drug picturesque park, the scenery is very pleasant.

Unfortunately, later clashes and conflicts between the two factions, had to ring than fighting form to determine the ownership of Yongsan.

Ji-day trip and gentlemen disciples, recently has been talking about Yongsan, Yongsan has never seen.

On the way to Yongsan, people still fantasize, prompting the two factions fight for the Yongsan, what it looks like?

On their way by the wind speed is very fast horse, facing the sun in the mountains between flying, fast like an arrow.

Less than an hour, everyone will arrive at the foot of the Yongsan.

When dismount people standing on the grass, looked close Yongsan, they are suddenly exposed a complex and strange expression.

In front of a piece of up to 30 kilometers, towering majestic mountains, it did not look like everyone imagined green green.

Some large trees towering mountain only sporadic, and a few slices of useless jungle, and many messy wasteland.

Most places, are showing a dark brown ground and rock layers.

Only a few places, but also grow some herbs seedlings, but also a lethargic look, there is no sense of vitality.

Yongsan in the foothills, there is a river, meandering along the foot.

To which the river in the river, even stale, full of yellow | colored sand.

There are many places in the river, they have been blocked huge rocks, river bank also scattered in many drab ore and gravel.

Everyone can tell, this is obviously a day Jianzong veins in Yongsan in the over-exploitation.

And, the day after Jianzong lode mining, for the easy way to save manpower and called rocks and ore slag waste, dumped in nearby rivers in the foothills.

Han Qiao Health and Du Wu's face, immediately become somewhat ugly, his eyes blaze with anger.

"Damn the day Jianzong! Is simply a bunch of bastards and bandits!"

"This year when management Yongsan door, everything in perfect order, the Yongsan build a beautiful, beautiful scenery."

"Yes ah, when we come Yongsan supervision when the mountains and plains are towering trees, flowers and a seat herb gardens greet people, even the air is fresh and sweet."

"Foot of the mountain river, like a pearl jade-like bright and crystal clear water, many fish are clearly visible ......"

"In just three years, even the day Jianzong Yongsan damage to such a tragic story! One can imagine that these three years, how they plundered resources Yongsan!"

Han Qiao grateful disciples heard students talk with Wu Du, take a look at Yongsan badly today, they are gloomy face, filled with anger.

Lu famous frowned, tentatively asked: "? Deacon Korea, Yongsan days Jianzong to be destroyed so the appearance of resources certainly been looted, and this door is also necessary to fight for it."

He heard these words, and Du Han Qiao raw Wudu frowned.

Silent for a moment, Han Qiao Sheng-Cai Chen Sheng said: "Even Yongsan been destroyed to such a tragic story,Today, a majority of you still want to go all out. "

"After all, this is not only a majority decision Yongsan Yongsan ownership, or wash the shame of this door, the opportunity to regain honor!"

Lu famous silently nodded, did not say anything, but my heart is obviously a little disappointed.

Everyone stopped for a while at the foot of the mountain, then under the leadership of Han Qiao students, ran to the mountains.

Each session of the Yongsan majority, are held in the mountain of Mong Lung stage.

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