Chapter 190 outside the door of the man

Chapter 190 outside the door of the man

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Hang Chen Qi with three deacons, walked away from the hospital situation.

Back to pine after other homes, people will enter the secret room, apparently have something to discuss.

Qi yard just deacon in the situation, to publicly concede Ji-day trip, which makes three-Hang Chen Some are not convinced.

When he first entered the Chamber of Secrets, Yinfei Yang will open asked: "deacon adults, you just deliberately throw in the towel, we are not afraid of the limelight too quickly, the weight of the Storm hospital suppressed, were angered dyke?"

Qi deacon shook his head, looking dignified said:. "This seat back is not intentionally throw in the towel, the boy called Ji-day trip, experience extraordinary experience, really simple."

Yinfei Yang slight frown, silent for a moment, just nodded and said:. "Deacon adults are right."

"I secretly observed and investigated ten disciples Ji-day walk in the situation in the hospital, it should be the most outstanding outstanding."

"A few days after the Yongsan majority, who were the war on behalf of the dyke."

Qi deacon nodded slightly, the tone of awe-inspiring and said: "It seems that Sky should be discipline cases dyke focus on training, the future is likely to become the dyke were the elite talent."

"The majority Yongsan, the three of you give me keep an eye on him, destroy him if the opportunity, then of course better!"

"Otherwise, after this child to grow into strong, it is a stumbling block this door!"

Hang Chen blanket a grin, revealing a touch of awe-inspiring sneer, "Oh, I had been the intention, since the adults told the deacon, then I will rest assured!"

Then Ran east then asked: "Qi deacon, is now three days Yongsan majority, and we have talked to, to find out the ins and outs of the situation of the hospital, is not it go back?"

Deacon was waved Qi, Chen Sheng said:. "No hurry, and so on to the seven-day period we'll go back."

"This seat's task has not been completed, the need to seize the time to exploration."

"These days, the seat has traveled the dyke were the nine peaks, Kowloon preliminary understanding of this spiritual pulse."

"Oh, no wonder the dyke were able to stand on top of Tianchen domain, the prosperous years without failure."

"Atlas mountains were the ancestors to nine peaks planted a big fuss, the formation of a Kowloon spiritual pulse, only half of the stars brought together the ancient territory of Reiki, more majestic Atlas were accumulated gas transport."

"There is this air transport plus body, but also has numerous resources treasure, how dyke were not strong?"

Hang Chen and Yan Feiyang three understand that a martial forces want focused, not only have the strong support and shelter, but also atmospheric transport and rich resource.

Most importantly, these doors can continue to attract new blood, has a lot of talent pool, to make the door were strong men, real prosperity going.

Although, in recent days Jianzong grow fast, but the day after Jianzong created only a few hundred years, far less dyke were deep foundation.

Even the gate and the pattern of day Jianzong, not as Atlas were the towering gate more domineering.

The gap between the two factions, not only is the number of strong differences in the number of talented disciples also there is a huge difference.

Qi deacon frowning, whispered: "Atlas were people who had been secretly watching us."

"Every day when I act, there is a master secretly follow, only at night have a chance.Even if I can how covert action, or let the dyke were suspicious. "

"The next few days, you will not stay in the pine yard, do not go out blatantly."

"After I complete the task, we were left dyke as soon as possible."

Hang Chen Qi three deacons did not ask, what exactly do these days.

They all know, Qi deacon in the task execution sovereign exhortations requires extreme secrecy.


The next three days, the hospital finally quiet the situation.

After the end of martial arts will exchange small, three-day disciples Jianzong did not come jumping tap too.

Lu Ji-day trip and famous, who has been in penance to exercise our powers, silently enhance the strength.

It touches the outer door of the hospital and Towers Jiang Liu hospital, still the buzz these days.

News about martial arts exchanges in the two courts spread, prompting numerous disciples eager to talk.

Ji-day trip earlier remarks shaking speech, so that more than a thousand foreign Disciples are an eye-opener, shocked.

For a time, discipline became a day trip outside the door of the man, described as well known.

Many of his disciples were curious heart, shop around to find his deeds.

So, Ji-day trip into the door were fined a few days to sweep the floor, he has been framed by two weeks off things, and soon spread outside the door.

Of course, he won the first assessment Dan Road, Front Road deeds they get the first appraisal, but also spread.

He is so bizarre twists and turns, ups and experience will occur naturally provoked a number of topics.

This has also allowed many foreign disciples, who troubled him, but talent Smirnov genius, more interested!

Soon, the message came outside the door, even the Disciples who knew.

Disciples few in number, only a hundred people, but all of them are master Tong Xuan territory.

Weekdays, the Disciples of the basic things very concerned about the outside door.

However, the day Jianzong disciples were to Atlas AC, the first time such a thing, so the Disciples attracted attention.

For three consecutive days, many are talking about the Disciples Ji-day trip.

Everyone most discussed, or his remarks uttered in public remarks.

Even some disciples disagree, to argue about it, deacons and elders also went to verify the true and false.

All in all, Ji-day trip has become the dyke were the topic character.

Three days will soon be over.

That day in the evening, the situation of the yard rang the bell assembly.

Ji-day trip ended practice, quickly rushed to the hall.

Soon, ten disciples were all in attendance.

Han Qiao students into the hall, looking awe of announced: "Gentlemen, today is the end of the last day, tomorrow Yongsan majority is about to begin."

"I invite you to check all the possibilities for tonight, tomorrow morning, we went to the seat belt will be Yongsan, oriented door cheer!"

Eight disciples do not need war, also revealed the look in the eyes.

Han Qiao students look discipline and land famous day trip, Chen Sheng asked: "These days you have been in closed-door practice, a large majority will begin tomorrow, how are you going up?"

Ji-day trip these days, closed-door practice, has been pondering the meaning of the fourth floor exercises Kenshin road, wondering grown orifices point thing.

He just reached a heavy Tongxuan territory soon, the short term is very difficult to increase its strength, just a few days retreat solid martial arts realm only.He looked calm nodded and said: "The disciples are ready, please rest assured that the Korean deacon."

Han Qiao Lu Chan also look famous, famous land immediately revealing a touch of self-confident smile.

"Qi Bing Han deacon, his disciples have already reached the pinnacle of heavy Tong Xuan, a territory, since the majority decided to participate in Yongsan, is feeling the pressure, nose to the grindstone."

"Fortunately, these days the disciples retreat penance, finally broke through the state, successfully reached the border Tong Xuan double!"

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