Chapter 186 Yongsan Secret

Chapter 186 Yongsan Secret

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Although Lu famous to conceal, but Ji-day trip and Chu Huai Shan can tell, he was filled with fear.

Because of fear and fear, he will pick so many mysterious is equipped, armed to the teeth can not wait to put up their own all-round protection.

Eventually, the land famous or failed to do so.

In Chu Huai Shan's command, he had to put those mysterious devices and equipment are put back, leaving only a sword, a set of armor.

After all, before entering the treasury Chu Huai Shan said that once, allowing them to choose two pieces of equipment.

After out treasure, the three stood at the gateway.

Chu Huai Shan earnestness told: "These days, you should strive to cultivate and enhance the strength as much as possible, in preparation for the majority."

Ji Lu famous day trip and nodded that he understands, only to leave Chu Huai Shan, left the treasury.

Way back to the hospital situation, Ji-day walk in front of famous land unhurried behind him.

Looking at the back of Ji-day trip by land famous eyes pulsing with a hint of sneer, the heart is quietly contemplating.

"Humph! Damn Ji-day trip, let you arrogant a few days, until after a large majority, there is a time you cry!"

"Although I beat Yinfei Yang and Chen Hang, but I'm about to heavy promotion Tong Xuan Habitat II, to deal with the weakest Ran East should be no problem."

"When the majority wait, let me play beat Ran East, has won a victory. The remaining Yinfei Yang and Chen Hang everything to you, you will be lost!"

"In this way, even if this door lost, lost Yongsan, I am also a hero-oriented win a victory in the door, and you're losing a majority sinner!"

Lu famous has made up his mind, to borrow the famous Longshan majority, and let Ji-day trip outside the door to be sinners, who later ashamed.

Back to the hospital after the Storm, famous Lu entered the closet, can not wait to closed-door practice, the impact of efforts to re-Tong Xuan Habitat II.

Ji-day trip also did not waste time, into the back room to exercise our powers practice went.


Pine other homes in the Chamber of Secrets.

Hang Chen holding arm stand in the corner, looking indifferent, silent waiting for something.

Yinfei Yang Ran East and the two get together, being whispered talk with.

At this time, the chamber door opened, and a thin build, long goatee middle-aged man walked in.

See this person, Yinfei Yang Ran East and to stop talking, quickly respectful salute: "The Qi deacon, you are back."

"Qi met deacon."

Hang Chen is not alone salute, his eyes look Qi deacon, asked: "Qi deacon, let us wait for you in the closet, but what important matter?"

Men in black robes Qi deacons some gloomy temperament, a pair of narrow his eyes, flashing sharp cleaners.

He nodded to Chen Hang point, low voice said: "This seat called you, naturally there are events of."

"Today you do very well, successfully attracted attention outside the door disciples. The next few days, you three tasks or to attract attention outside the door disciple."

"Of course, after what happened today, Atlas were the disciples seem to have some of you disgusted. So, you want to change the location, for a way to attract their attention."

"Specifically how to do it,You do not need the guidance of the seat, right? "

Yinfei Yang Ran and east are some screenwriters, hesitating did not speak.

Only Hang Chen nodded and said: "We understand."

"However, we do what is the meaning? Please also Qi deacon for our doubts."

Qi deacon stroked his goatee, revealing a touch of enigmatic smile, "these doors were arranged for us to Atlas, nature is something of great significance, but also to the great cause of this millennium door."

"As for you three tasks is to attract outside attention Disciples eyes and let them attend to the seat, so it is convenient for the seat action."

Hearing this, Yinfei Yang revealing a touch puzzled look, his face looking forward and asked: "I dare Qi deacon, after we were into the dyke, you did not show up all day, I wonder if you ......"

Qi deacon obviously not disclose specific actions and purposes, just smiled and said:. "Oh, we come to the dyke were exchange of learning came to the seat Millennium gouzon, admired Wal Millennium gouzon, of course, to four in the door walk and enjoy the scenery and the spiritual pulse pattern Atlas were the thing. "

"However, it you do not ask, know no benefit."

"This seat dedicated to the completion of the task of the sovereign account, you should try to complete your task."

Hang Chen nodded and did not say anything, his eyes showing a touch of wistful look.

Yinfei Yang and Ran East but do not quite understand, eyes still confused, but did not dare go into questioning.

Silent for a moment, and then said Qi deacon: "Today we are in the dyke cases, you have to act carefully and try not to conflict with the dyke were disciples."

"Even forbear moment nothing, as long as you can win a large majority, to hold Yongsan-oriented door is big credit!"

"The majority Yongsan, in any case you have to win!"

Hear his voice so solemn, resolute, Ran East can not help but ask: "? Qi deacon and Longshan really so important to you."

"Even if there is a cure-park on Yongsan, under the veins, but the territory has many ancient stars like treasure ah! Why so high aspirations of these doors?"

Qi deacon glanced at him, then at Yinfei Yang and Chen Hang.

See all three of them wonder on the matter, he had explained:. "You listen, the seat can tell you, but this is the secret of this door, you must not leak out."

"This door Longshan occupied the three years of the Yongsan development and mining were extreme, almost eighty percent in Yongsan grab the resources."

"Two months ago, the door of a visiting Huangfu who, in the deepest exploration to Yongsan Tianyuan large array of breath."

"After exploring every possible way and HUANGFU a visiting sovereign, and ultimately the deepest underground in Yongsan, Tianyuan found a large array of a thousand years ago."

"In the tall Tianyuan large array, there is a mysterious tomb, the atmosphere is very grand, majestic and impressive."

"So tall majestic tomb, there are Tianyuan large array guardian, must be strong before the tomb of the millennium, in which there must be a rare treasure, and even may have a strong martial tradition!"

"This door should grow, dominated Tianchen domain, not only need to practice endless resources, but also need collecting a variety of powerful martial heritage and the occult!"

"So, sovereign aspirations of tall tomb!"

Hearing this, Hang Chen and Yan Feiyang three, are exposed surprised expression on his face, his eyes full of anticipation.

Qi deacon tone dignified said: "Unfortunately, a large array of tall tomb guardian it is inscrutable, even to Huangfu a visiting talent, two months can not break."

"You must not lose the majority, this door will never be able to return to the Longshan dyke were!"

"Otherwise, the one that will be owned by Atlas strong tombs were all, you understand?!"

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