184 Chapter Hang Chen's threat

184 Chapter Hang Chen's threat

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Word Ji-day trip, so that quiet spot on the square.

Nearly 200 foreign disciples, have exposed complex expression, silently staring at him.

People are not stupid, no one could understand them, Ji-day trip this is an allusion to the three Yinfei Yang overwhelming and trespass.

Many disciples are in favor of Ji-day trip, then think Yinfei Yang three really too blatantly.

But a few disciples, some confused and puzzled, and my heart thought to myself, the situation of the hospital brothers so much anger?

Three days Jianzong pupil of course, understand the meaning of the line discipline day, looking slightly changed suddenly, the convergence smile.

Yinfei Yang Ji complexion looked calm day trip, a hand over ceremony: "I question how the brothers call?"

"Storm the hospital, Ji-day trip!"

Yinfei Yang slight chuckle: "Ji Young too serious, three brothers our division, this is the orders of the division from the door, came to exchange with your disciples to learn."

"We want to go to the hospital to visit you for the situation, exchange ideas with you Shidi Men Budo."

"But since all of you are busy practicing, disappeared, we do not rush to disturb the good, can only learn from each other to practice."

Although Yinfei Yang said, sounding, even a little aggrieved meaning.

But Ji-day trip, who could hear it, Yinfei Yang apparently mocking them behind closed doors but no one, fear fight shy!

At this time, Ran East also hand over a gift to Ji-day trip, went on to explain: "My brothers are obsessed with Yin and kendo, in addition to daily meditation practice, practice is the exchange that sword."

"Just did not expect the two of us just learn the recipe, it attracted many onlookers younger brothers and sisters."

"We did not want to cause misunderstanding, but of you Shidishimei too enthusiastic, have asked us to play more than a few strokes."

"As the saying goes off with the Lord, we can only respectful than from life, continue to show you Qisha sword."

"Hey, I did not expect Ji Young finally provoked misunderstanding, we abrupt!"

After much talking, Ran East and Yinfei Yang Ji-day trip also, who saluted expressed apologize.

How can discipline Sky They may believe a pack of lies?

Exchange that you both like to fall asleep, do not practice in the pine yard you? Have to go on the square outside the door of the practice?

It is not obvious to the outside door disciples to see it?

However, Yinfei Yang Ran East and the gesture more freely to low, superficial do very well, so that Ji-day trip a bad attack.

Many onlookers disciples who do not understand the situation, he felt fuss.

Some people even quietly talk with, and for the Yinfei Yang Ran East to feel aggrieved!

Ji-day trip slight frown, deadpan trio of Yinfei Yang said:. "If two like exchange that fall asleep, they can not practice in the pine yard"

"Although this door disciples dull, there are various hospital deacons teach, do not take the trouble to bother pointing two."

"In addition, the two need not be so eager to learn his disciples with the Court, after seven days Yongsan is a majority, we will pinpointing the ring, would it not be more simple?"

Yongsan majority hear the words, many of his disciples are surprised a moment, do not understand how it was.

Everyone immediately whispered voices, and the disciples had heard of a majority of Yongsan, immediately explain to others.In this way, soon we had many disciples, knowing the causes and significance of Longshan majority.

Look Yinfei Yang three people's eyes, it becomes strange up.

Even those who have also felt aggrieved as Yinfei Yang three disciples, also filled with shame and remorse.

At this point they did not know, the surface of a modest three Yinfei Yang of the state, but in reality to represent the days Jianzong play, and compete for the dyke were Yongsan.

Longshan produced resources, the present practice is supplied outside his followers to use.

Thus, Yinfei Yang is the trio stole the wicked of their resources, that they will feel how close?

Just a short time, nearly two hundred square disciples on the mentality has changed.

Many people are united in three glare of Yinfei Yang, Ji-day trip and others to hold to look forward to and support.

Yinfei Yang Ran and east, as one, felt Ji-day trip is a tough guy.

They do superficial leak, Ji-day trip puts They disguise spot tear, which makes the atmosphere very embarrassing.

Finally, he has been silent aloof Hang Chen, stepping come Yinfei Yang and ran to the front of the East.

Among the three disciples, obviously respect to Chen Hang, Yinfei Yang and ran east to know that he has spoken to, they immediately back half a step.

Hang Chen indifferent eyes looked at Ji-day trip, blankly and asked: "? Ji Young, it seems a majority of the war Yongsan candidates have you."

Ji-day trip without blinking an eye and said: "Yes."

Hang Chen nodded his head, mouth evoke a touch of playful smile.

"Since Ji Young is so unreasonable that these days we are not your hospitality."

"But I want to remind Ji Young, I have caused the setting sun epee, weighing more than 900 pounds, but conquering the magic weapon."

"Ji Young think the best way to get a masterpiece put on armor, to avoid being hurt by my epee setting sun on the Longshan majority."

"By the time the event thus hurt the harmony of the two factions, they are not my wish."

When he finished, he also hand touched the hilt of the setting sun epee.

The sun, the wide blade that thick, lit a touch of red carnage.

This is definitely a threat Hang Chen!

Although his tone calm, saying without the slightest anger.

But his condescending attitude, arrogant contempt of the eyes, let everyone feel the thick clouds hospital contempt!

Several hospital situation disciples are looking for a change, angry staring Hang Chen.

Ji-day trip is still looking calm, indifferent tone said: "Thank you, brothers remind Chen Hang, do not send good to go!"

Hang Chen eyes flashed a hint of sneer, with Yinfei Yang Ran East and walked away.

Soon, three will be through the crowd, leaving the square, pine returns to the other homes.

Storm crowd standing in the square in hospital, looking at the three of Chen Hang back away, faces are exposed wroth.

"Too much! Jianzong day disciples could be so arrogant!"

"In particular, Chen Hang, even publicly threatened Disciples, is simply arrogant!"

"Outrageous! Jianzong day disciples came to this door, not only do not know convergence, dare so through the streets, mad at me!"

"Hey, after all, it is a five-Hang Chen Tong Xuan territory of a master ...... until the majority that day, Ji-day trip afraid to suffer ah."

"Do not say these discouraging words, in any case, we can not be weak cases in the door of the Wal-Mart."

Several disciples were filled with indignation, but feel deep frustration.

Even if they looked at the three of Chen Hang swagger, but they do not powerful, can not beat the spot Chen Hang three, for the cases won in the door.

Ji-day trip saw a crowd around him, looking calm and said:. "We do not care, you go back."

When he finished, he will have to take the people to leave the square.

At this time, many of his disciples on the square, were crying loudly and said: "! Ji-day trip brothers, the Shan majority, you must defeat day Jianzong people ah."

"Ji Brother, you have to recapture for everyone Longshan ah!"

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