Chapter 180 active Qingzhan

Chapter 180 active Qingzhan

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As long as the clouds Yao, Atlas were the deacons, elders, all the color is beaming with pride.

After all, she is the undisputed domain Tianchen first day.

She was pregnant with the day level blood Eucharist legendary!

She will reach only 19 yuan Dan territory!

She had the stars on stage, sword beat seven elite genius!

She also ......

Yao hit a cloud of the honor and glory, even to say the three days and nights would not be enough.

All in all, she is a genius make all Tianchen domain can only look, feel super genius despair!

Although the recruitment of a new day Jianzong outstanding talent Chen Hang, martial arts qualifications excellence.

But he compared with the cloud Yao, it has a cloud of mud, can not be compared completely!

Chu Tiansheng also be proud.

But he frowned, Chen Sheng said:. "Chu elders, that of course can not be compared with the Hang Chen Yun Yao"

"But this cloud Yao is the chief disciple of the door, just days Hang Chen Jian Zong new recruitment of outside Disciples."

"The majority Yongsan, the situation only hospital disciple war can and must be defeated Hang Chen et al., Yongsan-oriented recapture door!"

"Tian Shan Jian Zong has been occupied for three years, three years of their rapid development and growth. The majority Yongsan, the door can only win, must not lose!"

Chu Tiansheng looking awe, dignified tone, this is for pregnant Chu mountain death order.

After all, this is not only related with the Yongsan Yongsan majority ownership, and also on the face Jianzong day!

Chu Huai Shan suddenly frowned, some screenwriters.

"Master, the situation of the hospital ten new disciples, although excellent, but compared with the Hang Chen ...... I'm afraid to be somewhat more fragile ah."

"Storm the hospital in the strongest land famous, and only a heavy Tong Xuan territory. Not to mention that beat Chen Hang, and he can cope with Yinfei Yang Ran East, are not yet known ah."

Chu Tiansheng understand this, look increasingly solemn, eyes flashing naked.

"FY Institute of Korean deacons, candidates may have decided the war's disciples?"

Chu Huai Shan shook his head, face expressionless and said: "not yet decided, I do not know what the head of instructions?"

Chu Tiansheng tone of awe and said: "Let students decide Han Qiao war candidates as soon as possible!"

"Yes, sir!"

Chu Huai Shan only Baoquan a ceremony, leave leave, back to the outer door to convey orders to go.


FY courtyard.

Ji day trip sitting room, the fourth layer being thinking of practice exercises Kim channel.

Now he reached the territory of a heavy Tong Xuan, want to continue to enhance the strength, then only grown seventy-two orifices point.

There are nine major meridians of the body, like the channel connected to nine, for running real dollars in circulation.

On each meridian there are eight orifices point, like a node on the channel.

If damaged or seal orifices point, will plug the turn, affect the flow of real dollars.

If the orifices point been grown and strengthened, will be able to further strengthen the meridians, to accommodate more real dollars and real dollars flow to accelerate and enhance power.

Ji-day trip to understand the truth, but also clearer, grown orifices point more difficult than grown meridians.

After all, the very small orifices point very subtle, more vulnerable than meridians.

Want grown orifices point, must reach nuanced realm of manipulation of real dollars.Just Ji-day trip deep in thought on the occasion, I heard the hall came the build-up of the bell.

He recovered, and quickly convergence thoughts, rush out of the room into the hall.

FY hospital several disciples have awakened, have rushed to the assembly hall.

Soon, ten disciples of all in attendance.

After eight days of the crowd closed-door practice, the strength has improved significantly.

As we all know, today Han Qiao students gathered in the hall where the crowd is definitely to decide a majority of the Longshan war candidate.

Thought of here, all my heart is full of confidence and expectations.

Soon, Du Wu Han Qiao students and into the hall, stood in the first place.

Two deacons are some solemn face, forehead also bears a touch of anxiety.

Grateful disciples observed this in mind, the hearts were some doubts, bad feeling faint give birth.

Han Qiao Health calm eyes swept the crowd, the tone of awe and said: "We come to convene today to announce a message."

"Gladius three-day disciples have come to this door, and now you do not live in the pine yard."

"That's the strength of three disciples have reached the territory Tong Xuan, a disciple but also the weakest Tong Xuan Habitat II heavy strength."

Hearing this news, several disciples suddenly shocked, shocked expression on his face exposed.

The hearts of everyone's confidence and expectations, and immediately vanished, into shock and disbelief.

Several disciples could not help but talk together, but someone asks Han Qiao students.

"Korean deacons, how could this be?"

"Sword to sectarian three disciples, all Tongxuan territory? That we also how to fight?"

"I can never be defeated Tong Xuan Yuan territory territory, and that this door would not lose it?"

"Tong Xuan disciples should not the territory into the door? How will also remain outside the door?"

"Korean deacons, the day Jianzong not let the Disciples posing outside the door disciple?"

And they were all puzzled, my heart still some anger.

Duwu raising his hand to quiet the crowd schematic, filled with sullen, explains: "We have this doubt is normal, this is indeed a day Jianzong suspected of cheating."

"That's three disciples, indeed a day Jianzong new entry-disciple. They should have direct access to the inner door, but the days of Gladius to the Longshan majority, deliberately so they stayed outside the door."

Han Qiao students nodded, dignified tone: "This thing, contrary to expectations the seat, the seat did not think could be so despicable Jianzong day, this means."

"Originally, this seat today to be selected to participate in a majority of places, but this is the case, the toilet seat is not selected, we voluntarily decided that the seat is not forced."

"Who is willing to represent the hospital situation, the door to participate on behalf of the majority Yongsan, please stand up!"

Clearly, the days of practice so that Han Qiao Jian Zong students by surprise, and very helpless.

Several disciples were indignant face color, cursed day Jianzong ignoble, who did not come forward.

Even the clear surface and most powerful land-famous, but also hesitant, weighed the complex expression.

At this time, Ji-day trip looking calm came up two steps, to come forward.

"Han deacon, disciple willing to fight this door!" He Baoquan a ceremony for Korean students chiao, said a firm tone.

Han Qiao born yet speak,Several disciples see him take the initiative to battle assignment, suddenly all talk together.

"Ji-day trip, but real dollars throughout the five-fold when you started, even if you penance for two months, and now up to real dollars throughout the Seventh just how engaged the master Tong Xuan territory?"

"Hey, although I admire your courage, but you is not heroic, completely disgrace ah."

Several disciples have repeatedly shook his head, to discipline Sky does not hold a little bit of hope.

Nie Hao also face concerns, quickly opening discouraged:. "Ji brother, do not impulse, the matter needs to long-term perspective ah"

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