179 Chapter gladiatorial blood

179 Chapter gladiatorial blood

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Red Xiao Feng summit, Atlas temple.

At the moment it is early in the morning, head Chu Tiansheng elders are with you in the hall of procedure.

Chu Tiansheng sitting on top of the throne, looking dignified elders to listen to you for debriefing.

Church elders to be each report is completed, after careful consideration he gives appropriate advice, issued a few commands.

Before long, the rules of procedure will be the end, they leave you for elders who have to leave.

Many elders are to be left outside the door elder Chu Huai Shan was stayed.

Chutian Sheng's eyes fell upon him, said: "What Chu elders, leaving you alone, but there is something to report?"

Chu Huai Shan arch of the hand, nodded and said:. "It is, there are events report it under the head"

"This morning, the day Jianzong deacon outside the door, so it took three disciples arrived this door has been arranged for them to stay under the pine in other homes."

Chu Tiansheng pick pick brow, nodded slightly and said: ".. This is very good Chu elders, you are solely responsible for the matter, to take them to entertain, not weak we were Atlas's reputation"

"In addition, sent secretly to keep an eye on them and do not let them any trouble and sudden storm."

"! Yes, sir," Chu Huai Shan Baoquan kicked, after some hesitation, could not help but open asked:. "The sovereign Sword suddenly proposed to send his disciples into the door of this exchange."

"You obviously have guessed head, day Jianzong certainly ill, another attempt, why you have to promise it?"

Chu Tiansheng mouth evoke a touch of playful smile, the tone of dignified said: "Yes, the seat and hit a century Gladius day dealings, of course, know that he is not a small ambition, another attempt."

"But this is different from the past, and this day three years Jianzong occupied Yongsan, grab a lot of practice resources, grow very rapidly."

"Gladius day, those who went to Wing domain, the recruitment of entry-national genius, turned out to be rewarding, it is said again this year to tap into a top talent."

"Since the new Sword sovereign sent his disciples to swagger, that the seat was going to see, day Jianzong new recruit top talent, what sort of qualifications?"

Chu Huai Shan quickly come up with a roster from Paoxiu, presented to the Chutian Sheng.

"Master, this is day three talented disciple Jianzong information, please have a look."

"Secretly under observation in the door to this exchange of three disciples, they are excellent qualifications of youth, strength have reached the territory Tong Xuan, and comes from the Wing domain."

Scroll down to see Chutian Sheng roster, the initiative to introduce Chu Huai Shan said:. "The three disciples names were called Hang Chen, Ran East and Yinfei Yang"

"Ran east of strength reached double Tongxuan territory, came from a family of kendo Wing domain, qualification impressive talent."

"Yinfei Yang Tong Xuan strength reached triple border, was born in a royal domain Wing kingdom."

"As for the Hang Chen, who's strongest, has reached a five-Tong Xuan territory! His talent is most remarkable, is the day Jianzong tap into this year's top genius!"

"According to the survey under the, Wing Hang Chen this domain is a disciple of the door were third-rate, but not to be seen in the case of the door, always been marginalized and suppressed."

When you hear here,Chu Tiansheng pick pick brow, obviously to the interest.

He put down the hands of the roster, interesting to look Chu Huai Shan.

"Since the Hang Chen is leading a genius, why were placing him in third-doors, these doors are also not to be seen, being squeezed everywhere suppressed?"

Chu Huai Shan quickly explained: "The main doors were third-rate research Front Road, but since the door in strong dying, a lot of martial art is secretly exclusion and attacks, fewer and fewer owned territories and resources, on the verge of dissolution and perished. "

"The Hang Chen has gladiatorial blood, practicing kendo very outstanding talent, Front Road, qualification is very mediocre, or even be called dull. And his body with fighting killing of gas, extremely aggressive and fierce, often beat bullying door disciples, only to provoke exclusion and was suppressed with the door. "

"Can not insult door disciple, Chen Hang it outside to stir up trouble in the cases, killing more than fighting with the disciples of other sects. To this end, the third-Hang Chen to the door were attracted a lot of enemies, the major sects eventually find an excuse to join forces destroy the door were the third-rate. "

Hearing this, Rao is the supreme Chu Tiansheng faction head, can not help but frown, showing a touch of playful smile.

"Oh, a mere five-border Tong Xuan disciples, Daughter escape provoke disaster for the case door, this is a sub-Fiends ah!"

Chu Huai Shan but shook his head, looking awe: "The head, Hang Chen pregnant gladiatorial blood, but thanks to the third-Front Road martial art, which is Mingzhuantou, a great delay of practice time."

"In the third-rate small faction, he can not get to explore and develop talent, so he became the lead Fiends Daughter."

"But the day Jianzong powerful, unlike the third-rate small faction, Hang Chen will be able to accommodate the stars, and to develop their top talent."

Chutian Sheng smiled, nodded and said:. "Indeed, martial arts genius will always have a variety of quirks that are different, only the large doors to accommodate and manage."

"Chu elders, then you go on."

Chu Huai Shan continued: "After that third-rate small faction is exterminated, Hang Chen not only escaped the siege, were also stolen treasures door, fled in Yongan domain, running for cover to kill."

"Coincides with the day went Wing Gladius domain recruit new disciples, Hang Chen will find the opportunity to participate in a majority-day entry Jianzong, took first place thanks to the day Jianzong."

"After the child enters these doors, it was discovered the gladiatorial blood. Jianzong day to help him not only stimulate blood talent, but also gave him a lot of treasures and exercises."

"Even Sword sovereign also accept him as a disciple, he taught himself to practice kendo, is clearly high hopes for him!"

Chutian Sheng frowned, Chen Sheng said:. "Gladiatorial blood, is home to rare top-level mysterious blood, more powerful than the blood somewhat mysterious sword"

"Ten States Tianchen domain genius who almost worship into this door. Jianzong on the day, it has a gladiatorial blood of young Warrior, indeed worthy of focus on training."

Grade mention blood, Chu Huai Shan, thus revealing a touch of proud smile, nodded and said:. "Yes, most talented Tianchen domain in this door."

"The real genius is not much within days Gladius, a sword fight blood can make Sword sovereign personally experienced one, really funny."

"That gladiatorial blood, although rare, but it only mysterious blood level.This door's chief disciple cloud Yao, but pregnant day level of spirit days Eucharist blood. "

"Mysterious blood level, only to have a ninety percent chance to reach Hang Chen Yuan Dan territory. The cloud Yao's day spirit of the Eucharist, but she must become to make Tianyuan environment strong!"

"Up Within a decade, this door will appear Tianyuan strong third place, how Jianzong day compared with this door?"

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