Chapter 175 how come you got into?

Chapter 175 how come you got into?

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People are to be so.

When Ji-day trip performance, better than competing as easy to ink and graphite.

They will deny his outstanding, for him jealous, slander and even talking about him behind.

And when all aspects of discipline than their excellent day trip, even when they are full beyond.

They even qualify jealous Ji-day trip are not, and can only admire and look up to.

Of course, easy ink stone and competing to be the top talent from various countries.

Even if they are repeated against Ji-day trip, you have to admire the discipline-day trip, but they will not this depressed slumped.

Excellent day trip discipline and excellence, which will arouse their fighting spirit, so that they are determined to work harder in practice.

At the same time, Han Qiao students had finished speaking, and looking awe announced one thing.

"Gentlemen, learning and assessment Front Road stop here."

"The next two weeks, please practice hard, and strive to enhance the strength."

"Next month, the door and there will be a day Jianzong than fighting, held at the Yongsan summit."

"Longshan majority of the outcome, the relationship between ownership of the piece of Longshan spiritual pulse treasure, it is essential."

"Because, if you can win the majority, the next three years, all the resources of this treasure Yongsan, the property outside our door all."

Hear 'Yongsan majority' words, several disciples have been looking slightly changed, whispering talk together.

Everyone entering the dyke were already a half months.

Several people are aware of the situation of these doors, heard Yongsan majority, know that this is very important than fighting.

Han Qiao student continued: "After two weeks, the seat will be based on your performance in these two months, pick out the five most outstanding disciple."

"By then, five disciples to expand the contest, winning the best of three, on behalf of the door to participate in Yongsan majority."

"If faith who won honors door, the door will heavily reward him!"

Several disciples have been infected his words, covered with blood rushing, his eyes looking deep emission color.

FY hospital ten disciples, and participate in Yongsan majority of places there are three.

Everyone felt a great opportunity, as long as the re-performance hard efforts, it is very likely to win a majority of eligible!

Although, the first assessment and Dan Road Front Road assessment, have been Ji-day trip took.

But this time Yongsan majority rely on real strength, in order to win a majority of the eligible.

People do not consider themselves worse than others, there is enough confidence on behalf of the hospital situation, representatives of the dyke were played!

After completion of the Longshan announced a large majority of things, come up with five Han Qiao born Aquarius spiritual fruit awarded to Ji-day trip, and then left.

Grateful disciples in twos and threes talk for a while, also have dispersed.

We all realize the importance of a majority of Yongsan, know that this is a good opportunity for war instead of fame were the door to play.

So, people did not dare to waste time, then returned it began intense practice, and strive to enhance the strength.

Ji put away the five-day trip Aquarius spiritual fruit, also returned to the living room.

He also intends to retreat practice two weeks, the last sword vein grown successfully, Tong Xuan efforts to impact the environment.

But before the closed-door practice,He wants to go to visit two people, and Ke Ji Yun Yao.

Ji-day trip leaving the hospital situation, after two quarters of an hour to enter the elixir Church.

When he entered the room Ji Ke lived, we can see Ji Ke was standing by the window, looking out at the towering trees in a daze.

"Ke-ke!" Ji-day trip greeted with a smile, and walked towards Ji Ke.

Ji Ke answered a God, he looked to Niutou Zhao, Qiao Lian suddenly exposed a delighted smile.

"Sky brother, how do you come?"

Ji-day trip to see her action and some inconvenience, it helped her back to the bed and sat down.

"I have been busy before closed-door practice, no time to see you, too empty today, take a look."

"Keke, you finally up and about, how the injury recovery?"

Ji Ke nodded his head, a slight chuckle:. "Do not worry brother-day trip, exquisite elixir medicine elders, gave me a lot to take panacea, my injury has recovered more than half."

. "That's good," Ji-day trip this assured, gentle tone told: "Keke, you will feel at ease here to heal, not be long before the injury can be cured."

Ji Ke nodded politely, after some hesitation, just whisper asked: "? All the days my brother, I Huang Shu Ji Ling ...... how is he I heard that he was expelled from a number of doors."

Ji-day trip not hide her, truthfully he said:. "Ji Ling is dead."

Ji Ke startled a little, face some complex and emotion, "is dead ...... good, he ends justify means, becomes inhuman, death is deserved."

Ji-day trip nodded and said:. "Yes, ah, Ji Ling heart malicious Henla, alive only harmful to others, death is his fate."

He saw Ji Ke mood a bit low, then with Ji Ke we chatted for a while.

Half an hour later, he waved farewell to Ji Ke, boarded the palace of the second layer.

The palace is the door to the wounded recuperate live, live ordinary disciples inside and outside the door in the first layer.

The second layer of the palace rooms, more spacious, refined and elegant, only elite talent, deacons and elders to live.

Meanwhile, on the second floor there are two security guards guarding the entrance, ordinary people can not close.

Ji-day trip was stopped by two security guards, they would make two guard produced a dyke, this is allowed inside.

He found room cloud Yao lived, had just reached the door, he saw two men in the room.

Su Yi white dress cloud Yao, is a quiet resting in bed, beautiful cheeks somewhat sickly pale.

Another person in the room, a shocking white dust.

Clean white standing by the bed, holding the two full aura, flashing element brilliance of real fruit spirits, is to persuade cloud Yao.

"Great senior sister apprentice, this two Guiyuan spiritual fruit, when I set a credit ago, the head of the Master award for my treasure, I have not been willing to take."

"Guiyuan spiritual fruit of excellent results, it can help you heal the injury as soon as possible to recover."

"Great senior sister apprentice, this is my mind, you do not refuse, and quickly accept it."

However, cloud Yao always looking calm, do not see what the mood changes.

Her injuries healed, but also dust-free dialogue Guiyuan no interest in spiritual fruit, then gently shook his head, weak voice said: "Young white,You come away. "

"I have taken a lot of panacea, just quiet rest, do not need any spiritual fruit."

White dust appears to be some unwilling, frowned, still want to persuade a few.

At this time, Ji-day trip into the room, smiled and say hello.

"Great senior sister apprentice, I came to see you."

Suddenly hear his voice, clean white body a stiff, look to him immediately Niutou Zhao.

"Ji-day trip? How do you come?" White clean frowned, eyes some doubts.

Ji-day trip smiled, his tone calm asked:. "White brothers knew to see the big senior sister apprentice, of course I have to care about the big senior sister apprentice"

He spoke, he went to the cloud Yao's bedside, greeting her concern of injury.

Cloud Yao's looking to ease many, his voice weak and Telling a few, it represents a uneventfully.

White dust frown staring Ji-day trip, asked again: "Ji-day trip, here is forbidden, you must be the head or elder's permission to enter."

"You are how entering into the past?"

Ji-day trip glanced at him, revealing a touch of playful smile, he took out a dyke order.

"I have a token in hand, why not come?"

"Atlas make?!" Recognized the token white dust, suddenly pupil contraction, exposing his face incredible color.

"This door, only a few elite big senior sister apprentice disciples and we have to make the dyke, how could you have?"

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