Chapter 174 completely served

Chapter 174 completely served

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Backyard situation in the hospital, Han Qiao Wu Du students and talk with what is being whispered.

Suddenly, mysterious array flashed white picture.


A teenager wearing a big fuss out of Qingpao, came to the front two.

"There are two quarter of an hour to the time, and finally by the disciples."

Han Qiao Health and Duwu Li engraved stopped talking, turned around to look that qingpao teenager.

They see when Qingpao juvenile appearance, have startled a little, his eyes flashed a hint of astonishment and surprise.

"Ji-day trip? How is he?"

"He actually first came out? How is it possible?"

Du Wu Han Qiao students and hearts are flashed the same idea, quite incredible.

At this time, Ji-day trip stepping out onto the front of the two of them saluted hand over the identity token pay out.

"The two deacons adults, this is a disciple of the identity token."

Han Qiao Health and Duwu as one, this depressed hearts of surprise, took the hand of the identity token Ji day trip.

Han Qiao raw eyes of some complexity, cheeky joy when nodded and said: "! Ji-day trip, you are very good."

"But you have to be prudent, diligent practice to continue efforts to win honor for our situation the hospital!"

Ji-day trip showing a touch of a smile, hand over and said:. "Thank you for reminding Han deacon"

Han Qiao students also smiled and nodded his head, so that he stood by waiting.

After about a quarter of an hour, and finally there is a second big fuss out of the disciples, returned to the backyard.

This person turned out to be Nie Hao, Han Qiao letting students and Duwu bit surprised.

Nie Hao Han Qiao had submitted to the identity token, I went to Ji-day trip around, smiled and say hello.

"Chi brother, I never thought ah, you turned out to be the first out of the large array!"

"Dan Road test of your first, is the first assessment of Front Road, Ji brother ...... you are so perverted, so that other people how to live ah?"

Nie Hao smiled and quipped, his voice filled with envy.

But Ji-day trip can feel, Nie Hao sincere admiration and happy for him, not the slightest intention of jealousy.

The last quarter of an hour, the seven other disciples have mysterious picture out front, in the back yard.

When people learned that the first out of the large array of people turned out to be discipline-day trip, the spot was shocked, I think that's incredible.

There Han Qiao students and Duwu present, several disciples are fighting back the hearts of shocked, eyes quietly looked strange Ji-day trip.

Otherwise, they would have opened the discussion.

Especially easy to competing as ink and stone, when They learned discipline Sky won the first prize, he is shocked stunned.

Before they always thought, Ji-day trip is bound to fail assessment, not out of the picture mysterious array.

However, ultimately it is discipline Sky won the first, the first out of the large array.

This is how they think, could not believe the miracle.

Both feelings have become extremely complex, look to the eyes of Ji-day trip also some dodge, afraid to look Ji-day trip.

Soon, an hour's deadline arrived.

In addition to the Health and Han Qiao Wu Du, the yard only nine disciples, alone but not famous land appear.

This result, let Du Wu frowned, could not resist opening: "how is it not a land famous proficient Front Road, it??Why not come out? "

Other disciples were also found famous land is yet to come, suddenly are showing a playful smile.

There is a disciple quickly spoke and said:. "Du deacon, I was just in a large array, saw the famous land trapped in the desert."

The other two disciples quickly echoed: "Yes, I have seen."

"Lu famous seems to have suffered light injuries."

Han Qiao Health frowned, seems to inadvertently glanced discipline a day trip.

Obviously, he knows very well how it was.

Ji-day trip but pretended not to see Han Qiao raw eyes, still looking calm, standing in the crowd calm and quiet.

Han Qiao raw waving hands played Cn real dollars brilliance, picture start manipulating mysterious array.

Shortly after, picture mysterious array will be closed.

A radius of ten meters of white mask disappeared, revealing a silver and black slate floor.


Covered in blood, injured coma land famous, in front of everybody, he was lying on the stone.

Askew embarrassed to see him miserable appearance, several disciples could not help laughing up, and his gloating expression.

If there were two deacons present, they will certainly be laughing, but also to talk together.

"Du deacon, take him down to heal." Han Qiao born blankly told a cry.

Du Wu nodded, and quickly the injured coma famous land away.

Subsequently, Han Qiao raw publicly announced the examination results.

"The Front Road assessment, land famous failure, nine disciples successfully passed the examination, which Ji-day conduct first!"

"Assessment losers punished, the situation continued to clean the hospital for two months!"

"Ji first day trip, will receive five bonus Aquarius spiritual fruit."

So to hear the results, several disciples are showing a complex expression.

Some of the famous land of punishment gloat, secretly giggle.

More people are nothing but look Ji-day trip, revealing a full envious eyes.

Han Qiao looking awe of Health and then said:. "Before entering the picture-Hyun front of you, this seat has reminded everyone of the"

"Hidden in the picture mysterious mystery array, the array has array, we not only want to use Front Road, half a month what they have learned, but also to think more research and have a chance to win first."

"Although you are very diligent to half a month and, indeed, through the assessment, but you did not think more, we can not judge the whole, to truly comprehend the essence of Front Road."

Although the assessment is over, but Han Qiao raw or in accordance with established practice, to admonish the crowd and guidance.

Otherwise, what is the point of this assessment?

Han Qiao born to do this, not for a ranking to his disciples, to prove who is superior.

His intention was through a time of assessment, methods church disciples to learn and progress!

Give a man a fish, as delegate to fish, that is, Han Qiao students taught his disciples the way.

He not only taught his disciples Dan Road and Front Road, but also to teach people how to learn, research Front Road and Dan Road.

As long as these disciples are not idiots, later will be able to comprehend by analogy, it will be used in military trail that learning the law, the future will have a big achievement!

See grateful disciples are all ears, he taught a modest appearance, Han Qiao students went about the road."Ji-day behavior can win the first of what?"

"Because he did not even use seven mysterious tactic to break the first hurdle, he looked through the appearance of nature, know how to observe more thinking."

"He cracked the matrix method first off, find a secret hidden secret passage directly into the second hurdle, so to find an identity token faster than you!"

"Only the mediocre who will step by step break array, geniuses are Unfogging truth, to take a shortcut to reach the end!"

"I hope you keep this in mind, it later used in military trail, the only way you can become a real strong!"

After listening to Han Qiao living at it, several disciples who are benefited, but also I understand his good intentions.

Easy ink stone and competing as the two men, but also face shame, shame shame.

They could not understand before Ji-day trip has been, for him jealously, so for him everywhere, always criticized him behind.

And now, after two months of evaluation, discipline Sky won two first assessment.

They are proficient in alchemy, but Ji-day trip in a more dazzling achievements beyond them.

This half month, they both devote themselves to learning Front Road.

Ji-day trip class have never heard a single day battle formation, was able to win the first assessment Front Road, also received praise Han Qiao born!

Ji-day trip so outstanding talent, did you can compare?

I recall those words before mocking Ji-day trip, how can we not ashamed?

From that moment on, the two-day trip to discipline be completely served, there is no longer afraid to challenge and ridicule his ideas!

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