Section 169 Picture mysterious array

Section 169 Picture mysterious array

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Han Qiao students hear the words, several disciples are face was downcast.

They all thought, Han Qiao life will be like as quiz last month, so that we answer questions in public.

For this reason, this fortnight they are serious lectures every day, the two thick matrix method sets are memorized by rote down.

They think well prepared, determined to win today's quiz.

But they did not expect, Han Qiao students did not even ask questions directly with the tactical deployment of field assessment!

This is simply bolt from the blue, so are the hearts of a few disciples panic.

Fortunately, Han Qiao Health changed the subject, and exclaimed:. "However, we do not worry, as long as you carefully study these two weeks, and basically be able to pass the examination."

"This seat arrangement which Dogen grade large array, the array is a sleepy, called picture-Hyun array, among the large array also another small array, we need to give more consideration to crack."

"This seat in front of the mysterious picture, put a ten identity token, have your own name on each token."

"You need to do is enter the picture mysterious array, to find their own identity token, and smooth out the big fuss!"

Everyone listened Han Qiao living at it, this heart settled, silently speculate TV drama picture mysterious array, what mystery.

Subsequently, Han Qiao students and Duwu with everyone to leave the hall, into the backyard of the hospital situation.

Among the backyard, there is a radius of ten meters of open space, the ground was covered with silver and black slate, depicting a variety of lines and patterns.

Ji-day trip at a glance, and that area arranged matrix method, it should be said that Han Qiao raw picture mysterious array.

Sure enough, Han Qiao students waved play round after round brilliance of real dollars, not into the ground slate, start mysterious array of picture.


Bo on the stone suddenly issued a strong vitality, lit a dazzling white light, forming a radius of ten meters of white mask.

Everyone stared at the road white mask, simply look at the scene in less than a big fuss, I do not know what they are waiting for the test.

"Gentlemen, the assessment period of an hour."

"You must be within an hour of finding your identity token, and successfully opened a big fuss, considered by!"

When he finished, Han Qiao students make ten disciples loosed into the picture mysterious array from different directions.

"Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!"

After the burst of white light flashed through all ten white pupil mask to enter the picture black matrix.

Quiet courtyard, only Han Qiao students and Duwu two.

Du Wu frowned, whispered to Han Qiao Health said: "Han Xiong, do you think this assessment, who won the first?"

Han Qiao mouth evoke a touch of raw smile, confident tone: "I think it probably is a land famous!"

"Although this two weeks ago, this child has been unknown, not somewhere, but the seat has long been seen, in fact, before he started, the road had been proficient in battle formation."

"He was the seat fined a month to sweep the floor, the heart has long been filled with anger and hatred, determined to win the first month evaluation, wash the shame."

Du Wu apparently aware of this, immediately nodded: "Yes ah, there is this famous land territory Tong Xuan strength, but also proficient in Front Road,The first assessment, must go to him. "

"However, Ji-day trip that guy, it does have some Jiaokuang two weeks, and even one not to lecture."

"Jiaokuang?" Han Qiao students pick pick brow, revealing a touch of playful smile, "This kid seems obscure, but in reality calm and cool, is not Jiaokuang person."

"A few days ago I asked the elders too, that kid did not mean it does not come to lectures, but Yao assistance mission to go out of the cloud."

Du Wu suddenly realized, Samsam smiled and said:. "Oh, I had misunderstood him, or you're more concerned about his ah Han Xiong"

"But, after all, this kid delayed for two weeks, and today I am afraid to bottom, right?"

Han Qiao students frown thought for a moment, shook his head and said:. "I do not think this kid has got to know who the Father with PETN Palace"

"Father is how people who? Just a little something pointing Ji-day trip, enough discipline-day trip through the assessment."

Du Wu thought for a moment, that some truth, they did not say anything.

Now, he, like Han Qiao raw thoughts, feel hopeful Ji-day trip through the assessment.

As for Ji-day trip to win the first place?

They really thought this problem, it is impossible to believe.


Ji-day trip looked a sight, in no hurry to act, keen eyes watching.

After entering the mysterious picture front, he appeared in a stone platform.

The audience has nine steps stone steps, stairs is the end of a ten-meter-wide bluestone path.

Leiqi channel is a huge bluestone, exudes old vicissitudes of breath.

The whole channel hundred meters long, at the end is a black Shimen up to ten meters.

No dark matte channel, right and left sides of the walls, every ten meters will have a strength stone lamp, lit dim light.

Ji-day trip to observe a moment found, lined with tactical deployment of lines and symbols on the bluestone walls.

Obviously, this seemingly quiet and flat channel, is certainly full of bodies hidden weapon and tactical deployment.

Want to pass meter long channel, arrived at the opposite door black Shimen, will go through some tests.

"I was the only one channel, evidently, we have ten disciples alone past the bluestone path, open the door black door."

"Since Korea deacon arranged this road picture mysterious array, it is used to assess our ten disciples, must not be too difficult."

Ji-day trip murmuring a few words, then move down the steps, he walked toward the bluestone path.

When he set foot on the feet bluestone floor tunnel, the examination began.

Bluestone bluestone floors and walls on both sides of his feet, and all the sounds of the "rumbling" sound dull, it seems that what authorities opened.

His cautious alert ahead, and constantly feet across a quartzite and a blink of an eye out three meters.

But at this point, mutation Dousheng.

Ji embark on a day trip right foot quartzite, quartzite piece suddenly sank, revealing a bucket thick black hole.

Caught off guard, with his right foot quartzite fall down, also followed the body leaning forward, coming down to the ground.

Critical juncture, he suddenly waist force, immediately straightened up, abruptly withdrew his right foot.

Almost as soon as he recovered right moment,That black hole "shabu shabu" cropped up three sharpened spear.

"How dangerous! If I receive foot speed and then slow down a bit, it was certainly a spear pierced!"

Ji-day trip frowned, bypassing that three spears and move on.

After five steps, his left foot stepped on a piece of bluestone suddenly sink.

This time he had to prepare for, recover immediately left foot, stood firmly Dangdang.

However, the left and right sides of the cliff suddenly exposed several black holes, holes emitted racing dozen or lever.

"Xiu Xiu call out!"

More than a dozen sharp arrow roaring, with a sharp piercing sound, sharp as a disease charged towards him shoot.

Ji-day trip calmly after the jump five steps, escaped the Xisha those of a lever.

More than a dozen sharp arrow and brushed past him to the least bit of difference come to nothing, carrying sharp arrows underlying strength, cut his skin raw so.

However, he hurried back time and trigger the organ.

Battle formation on both sides of the wall started, flying six red red Jianmang, carrying a blaze of glory flame, stabbed at breakneck speed towards him.

Each Jianmang has more than one meter long, lifelike, like a fiery sword, power is also very violent, comparable to a master of Tong Xuan border attacks.

Critical juncture, Ji-day trip into anti-refundable rushed forward, trying to escape the flames that six Jianmang.

"Shabu shabu!"

Six Jianmang from him grazed, flames leapt to his curly hair tip hot, sleeve gown was also burned one.

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