Chapter 168 FY hospital first madman

Chapter 168 FY hospital first madman

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After the end of practice, discipline-day walk to the corner of the chamber, standing in front of psychic pillars.

Chamber of Secrets FY hospital disciple residence, the pillars are equipped with a psychic to detect weekdays strength level.

While Ji-day trip could feel that he had reached the pinnacle of real dollars environment.

His only a thin half-step, just grown up on the last sword pulse, Tong Xuan territory can be entered.

But he must be psychic pillars, in order to detect the real strength of the realm.

His eyes are looking contains color, slowly out of hand, pressing in on the psychic pillars.

Jian Bo fetal body issued a strong real dollars, through the influx of psychic stone in his palm.

Suddenly, the black lines on the stone pillars at once there was a reaction, several road lit up red red light.

"One, two, three ...... nine light! I really have reached real dollars throughout the seventh!"

"As I guess, as long as I put the last one of the main vein grown into a vein sword, we will be able to reach Tongxuan territory!"

Ji-day trip to recover the palm of your hand, pulsing with his eyes looking deep sense of joy and color.

Moments later, his emotions calm down, then murmuring and said: "!! I retreat practice nine days actually jumped from the seventh real dollars throughout the Seventh Yulu pill that's marvelous effect."

"However, Budo practice should be gradual and sudden big breakthroughs, it will definitely lead to martial arts foundation of instability, after a limited achievement."

"I'll have to take the sinking secret Hyun Kim Dan, to further strengthen and succinct my real dollars, so my martial arts foundation more solid."

While Ji-day trip only 17 years old, but his martial arts experience is good and will never Tangong aggressive.

Various recent experiences and distress, but also let him become more calm and reserved, did not mindful.

Next, take a day trip Ji Hyun Kim Dan secret, but also to exercise our powers to practice a few hours, a solid martial arts foundation.

Until the sun comes out, he ended practice, out of the chamber.

At this point, the situation of the hospital have been other disciples out of the room, is gathered in twos and threes in the yard, talk quietly about something.

See Ji-day trip out of the room, many disciples were all stunned for a moment, have a strange look to him to vote.

Everyone looked at him glances, then whispering sound of low voices.

Under a large banyan tree, and Ye Changsheng Gu Jianming, who, strange facial expressions of whispering.

"Ji-day trip this kid, really arrogant enough ah!"

"Tut tut ...... this guy did two weeks there, I thought he was out of the hospital situation of it."

"Hey, Han deacon repeated statements so that we practice hard, dare this kid disappeared two weeks, really audacious ah!"

"It's two weeks, the Korean deacon every morning in the hall where lectures, teach you the tactical deployment of the road. Ji day trip this kid, did not even to have heard day of school!"

Furui Shizhuo front side, easily and graphite inks are also competing to talk with his face sneer.

"He too arrogant! Thinks Dan Road last month got the first assessment, dare so inflated, arrogant really hopeless!"

"Well! Ji-day trip should be regarded as the backyard situation, the most arrogant disciple?"

"Today is the mid-quiz, a little later Han deacon to assess everyone, Ji-day trip matrix method lesson never heard a single day,I see how he ended today! "

"Oh, last month's assessment first, today to bottom fined, think about all exciting ah!"

Corner of the yard, land famous stopped sweeping, is leaning on a broom, playful eyes looked Ji-day trip.

"Ji Ji-day trip day trip ah! You're too carried away!"

"Today's mid-quiz, you will certainly suffered a crushing defeat, mockery, and I will be taking advantage of the fame, the first to win!"

"Well! Ji Ling was expelled although the number of doors, but I will not let you!"

Ji-day trip stood under the eaves of the entrance, watching the eight disciples complex expression, frowned.

"These people is crazy, right? I did not do anything, how all of a hate me so?"

At this time, the door opened next door.

Nie Hao out of the room, standing under the eaves stretched, apparently also just finished practice.

He turned to see a record day trip, he is not stunned for a moment.

Then, he went to Ji-day trip around interesting smile and said: "Ji Ji brother brother ah, you all go half a month did not reveal how once face??"

Ji-day trip pick pick brow, smiled and said: ".. Before too busy, dealt with some things, closed-door practice for a few days and did not think, even flash past two weeks."

Nie Hao wry smile and shook his head, his tone somewhat helplessly:. "Ji brother, which two weeks ago, you never heard of a Korean deacon of course, the other disciples were all talking about you behind it."

Ji-day trip to sweep the eight disciples a yard, contemptuous sneer, "Oh, are a group of dark villain, just behind the scandal, to fear."

Nie Hao nodded and patted his shoulder and said: "Chi brother know like, do not bother about them."

"But, today is the mid-quiz, Korean deacon school today to test everyone. Ji brother you have to be careful, those who are waiting to see your joke of it."

Ji-day trip frown slightly, mouth evoke a touch of contemptuous sneer.

"Relying on these sinister villain, I also want to see the joke? Dream!"

Nie Hao immediately 'ha ha' laugh, for he held out his thumb.

Although he did not say anything, but his gestures speak for themselves.

Soon, the hall rang the bell buildup.

Yard disciples of you, stop all the talk, one after another rush toward the hall.

Ji Hao Nie day trip also took to the hall, looking calm, the eyes contains a touch of self-confidence.

Although this fortnight, he never heard a single day battle formation courses.

But his foundation itself Front Road, and highly talented, and after pointing to the Promise, skills matrix method has been greatly enhanced.

Even if he has not really proficient in battle formation, but to be born by Han Qiao assessment, or no problem.

Of course, before he helped cloud Yao to perform the task, has experienced a series of life and death crisis, but also deeply appreciate the importance of the battle formation accomplished.

He also really understand the care and thought Han Qiao students, and tactical deployment of the Road Warrior does have a close relationship.

When Warrior career in the world, anytime, anywhere matrix method may be used, the key moment can save your life.

He had secretly resolved until after the quiz today, we will have to redouble our efforts to study the tactical deployment,Front Road lifting accomplished.

Moments later, Ji-day trip and will be grateful disciples gathered in the hall, Han Qiao also born with Duwu then entered the hall.

Han Qiao students come to the top, eyes swept the crowd dignified, solemn tone spoke and said:. "A half months passed, I believe we are through hard practice, have a beginning."

"Today, the seat you want to examine these two weeks learning outcomes to see if you really have no intention to attend."

"This assessment, the seat will not be a question to you, let you to answer."

"This seat has arranged a mysterious level beneath contempt trials large array, matrix method to assess with you!"

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