Chapter VII of block 165 Atlas Order

Chapter VII of block 165 Atlas Order

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Ji-day trip followed the two elders, to the red Xiao peak of Atlas temple.

On the way, his heart was still speculating, head of what he would reward?

He helped the cloud Yao Ji Ling back the soul, hold the dyke were secret.

The credit for that big that small is not too small.

Ji-day trip with estimates, head probably will reward him some exercises and immortality, then encouraged him some.

A moment later, he followed the two elders into the dyke temple.

Head wearing a golden robe Chu Tiansheng, he was sitting on the throne of being the head of the North.

Ji-day walk to the main hall | Central to the Chutian Sheng line for a ceremony.

Chutian Sheng nodded slightly, gave a satisfied look, Shengruhongzhong, bearing majestic spoke.

"Ji-day trip, the cloud Yao help you perform a task, in-depth stronghold inferno, risking their lives to snatch away the soul Ji Ling."

"This is a great service, you are the hero of this door, take the seat to reward you!"

He spoke, he took out a vial of white jade ring from space, there is a piece of black diamond token.

"This is not a light stand to see you hurt, they reward you three Yulu pill."

"This drug but mysterious immortality top grade level, can help you quickly heal the injury does not affect the martial arts foundation."

"In addition, the seat should also reward you make this dyke!"

When he finished, Chu Tiansheng waved his hand, shot a crimson real dollars, wrapped in white vial and make Atlas, flew in front of Ji day trip.

Ji took a day trip to reach the white vial and make Atlas, the eyes reveal a touch of color doubts.

A small bottle of white pills Yulu, immortality is an excellent treatment of the injury, which he is very clear.

But he was puzzled why the head of this Atlas to reward him so?

Chu Tiansheng see his doubts, he explained kindly tone: "This dyke order, is the seat of keepsake tokens, only six disciples have in this door, you're the seventh."

"Your holding this token, you can free access to the territory of ancient stars, the doors inside and outside the door, Budo Club, the library and the elixir Church ...... and so heavily, you can free access."

Chu Tiansheng heard the explanation, Ji-day trip pick pick brow, eyes flashed a hint of surprise.

He was holding a piece token, have the status and privileges, almost on a par with the elders in the door.

Only six disciples were within Atlas Atlas has made.

He secretly guess, then, that his disciples should be six cloud Yao, white dust and Hao Meng et al., Are the doors of elite talent.

"Having said that, I am in the position and powers of the door, would not they, just like cloud Yao elite genius?"

"I was getting back to assist Yao Ji Yun Ling soul only, head of reward me three Yulu pill is enough, why make also reward me a dyke?"

"This award seems a bit heavy ah?"

Although Ji-day trip has been the dream of many disciples make Atlas, which is a great honor.

But how much excitement and a sense of excitement he did not mind, but it is more skepticism and doubts.

He can clearly feel, head of Chu Tiansheng he seems intent on carrying.

However, this is a good thing for him, and he does need to make the dyke authority brings,Convenient for him to walk in the door cases.

My heart silently speculation, while Ji-day trip quickly accept vials and white dyke made of Chutian Sheng salute Bese.

"Thank head of reward, will certainly disciple of hard practice, live up to the door were cultivated!"

"Ah, well." Chutian Sheng nodded, looking pleased and encouraged and said:. "Your real dollars to Habitat strength, can escape the cloud Yao help complete the task, but also to escape alive magic hole"

"This is rare, but also prove your superior qualifications, the future is good."

"You must not slack off in the future, will be to strive to cultivate the future into the door, the door became the mainstay."

"Only then will it live up to the expectations of the seat you!"

Ji Sky hear it, this is not the head of encouragement cliches ordinary disciples.

Head Chu Tiansheng apparently high hopes for him in the future he might even entrusted with the task.

Thought of this, Ji-day trip will be thanks again, and then left the dyke leave the house.

He later left the red Xiao Feng, looking at the weather earlier, they did not return the situation the hospital, he went straight to the library to the top of the hill.

After this mission, Ji-day trip only to find his other regions other than TIANCHEN domain is very strange.

In addition to Tianchen domain, he did not understand each other domains, as well as the entire continent.

Want to quickly understand a number of regions and the whole continent, of course, is the fastest way to read books, access to historical data.

The library is located in the mountains of the inner door, belonging to the privileged forbidden, before Ji-day trip are not eligible to enter.

Now it's different, he holds the dyke so, can wander in and out of the door were everywhere powerhouse.

Collection of buildings with different martial arts pavilion.

Budo Club in the store was full of martial arts exercises, as well as side door miscellaneous recipes and learn Cheats.

Collection of building no active Cheats, only various history books, biographies and literature books.

Atlas Millennium gouzon cases, the most emphasis on tradition and heritage.

So, it was the Atlas library building, called Tianchen region's largest, most comprehensive library.

The whole building has a collection of hundreds of thousands of books available, including the strange knowledge and information, from astronomy, geography, customs and so on to, nothing is there.

When Ji-day trip into the library building, was guarding the door of a black gown deacon stopped.

He took out a black robe and handed Atlas makes deacon, deacon spot shocked that black robe, revealing his face surprised with incredible expression.

Deacon black robes very clear that the whole door were disciples of the dyke has made only six are ranked in the door of the first few elite talent.

And Ji-day trip just outside the door disciple, actually also has a dyke so, this is really amazing!

If not there on the dyke make a special mark on the head, simply can not imitate, even to suspect that a black gown deacon true and false piece token.

After the release of the complex to be black robe deacon look, Ji-day trip will go to the library, the history books began to read various biographies.

He weaved in rows of shelves in a moment, we find two books, sit by the window in front of the desk, carefully read the.

Which one is the "continent Tianxuan history", focuses on the historical and geographical pattern changes Tianxuan continent nearly three thousand years.

Another book is "nine domain Tale," written Tianxuan nine southern mainland region of the millennium situation,And a variety of anecdotes.

On the other Disciples, the two books are very common, people simply uninterested.

But never touched Ji-day trip this information, but it is new and interesting.

Collection building is quiet, the sun shone through the window frames on the desk, illuminates his face goes serious and focused.

Just at this time, a gorgeous girl dressed in green dress, walked into the library building.

When she was focused glimpse of the window reading Ji-day line, I could not help a bit startled, then mouth evoke a touch of shallow smile.

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