164 Chapter head to reward you

164 Chapter head to reward you

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Since two days Jianzong disciples had knelt down and apologize, and Ji-day trip and no longer embarrass them.

He put away the Black Dragon sword, cloud Yao back side, carrying a coma cloud Yao turned to leave.

Gladius disciples two days filled with affronted eyes staring at him Senleng leave the back.

It seems a little lost in order to restore the dignity, the two could not help but put on the record day trip a few hard words.

"Boy, do not you proud! Japan, longer, one day I will personally wash the shame today!"

"Humph! Yongsan majority next month, the Disciples of you will be given the dyke were severely trampled underfoot!"

"Even if we were not your opponent, but we never Jianzong days were down to you dyke!"

Ji-day trip footsteps meal, puzzled brow furrowed.

"Next month? Yongsan majority? Between the door and the day this Jianzong than fighting it?"

He had never heard of it, nor understanding between the dyke and the days were Jianzong, what is resentment.

But he did not ask those two days Gladius disciples, these things silently in mind, flew the left.

After all, these little things he did not want to waste time, just with a cloud Yao back door were healing as soon as possible.

After the two hour, the time has come to noon.

Scorching sun in the sky, mountains in the air but also with a little dry and hot air.

Ji-day trip for two consecutive flying hour, not a moment stopped.

In the meantime, he has suffered several attacks Wicked, several times of danger.

Fortunately, he has a black dragon sword in hand, every time saved the day, with the attack on his sword Black Dragon Wicked beheaded, or repulsed.

Today, Ji-day trip has been running four hundred miles, tired sweaty, great physical exertion.

While passing through a mountain peaks, he had to rest for a while in the woods, out of immortality dose.

Shortly, halfway up came the 'bang bang bang' dull footsteps after his dose of immortality, it seems to have behemoths flying in the mountains.

Ji-day trip immediately looking for a change, it becomes solemn eyes, clenched hands of the Black Dragon Sword.

"Is there evil smell Xuexing Qi, coming to attack me?"

He listened for a while, we hear that coming from the hillside footsteps, obviously more than one.

"There are actually three evil, and they are moving in the mountains rushing!"

Ji-day trip probed clear cases, coma and immediately take up the cloud Yao, turned and fled toward the side.

However, that 'bang bang bang' dull footsteps getting closer.

Despite his heroic efforts in the hair enough to rush, the speed is not as good as that speed rushing three Wicked.

Span of a few months after breathing, there will be three different colors of the monster as fast as the blast rushed the mountain.

Ji-day trip did not have time to go back to that three monster looks like, clenching his teeth desperately ran forward.

But then, one full of anxiety and fear cries, came from behind him.

"Ji-day trip! Is that you? Quick stop!"

Suddenly heard the familiar voice Road, Ji-day trip immediately froze for a moment, and quickly stopped.

He looked back, only to find that the three rushed mountain monster, actually are riding someone they reveal.

The lead is silver on the other end they reveal wolf,Riding in the back of the wolf is the white dust, just that he cry.

With two they reveal in silver on the side of the wolf, it is the dyke were fed by two white lions.

Two people riding a white lion, are dressed in a purple robe old man, it is Atlas were the two elders.

One of them is the master of mystery pagoda, the two elders.

Another kindly old man, is the cure-all elixir Presbyterian Church.

Ji-day trip immediately understand, white clean back door were moved reinforcements to rescue him and Yao cloud.

He was a little relieved, mental let down.

At this time, the white dust and reveal the two elders rode as fast as the winds rushed in front of him to stop.

Yao saw him carrying a cloud, and the cloud Yao blood-stained clothes, is in a coma, suddenly surprised everyone.

"Ji-day trip, a big senior sister apprentice how? Why is she in a coma?"

White dust is most anxious, hurriedly jumped out of Silver Wolf, a stride rushed Ji-day trip around to see the cloud Yao's injury.

Two elders also came quickly, his face anxious inspection of cloud Yao.

Ji-day trip for two elders nodded, be met with ceremony.

Then, check the elder elixir of injury cloud Yao, exercise our powers to help her suppress the injury, the injury to avoid long delays, undermine the strength of her cultivation.

Two elders are clean and white can not help, we asked Ji-day trip, before what happened.

Ji Yun Yao day about to save him, the two things together to escape the magic hole, simple about it again.

Of course, about the mysterious black hole thing, he certainly did not say it concealed.

After listening to the white dust, that the cloud Yao to save him, he was seriously injured in a coma and ended up in the end, suddenly filled with sullen.

He stared discipline lookin anger a day trip, the tone of blame shouted: "! Ji-day trip, but the big senior sister apprentice of the body of the daughter, the future head of the heir to the door."

"You're so she was seriously injured, how can you bear? If I were you, it will definitely help to resist big senior sister apprentice, I'd rather seriously injured!"

In fact, Ji-day trip was even inferno killed, clean white not have the slightest pity, or even secretly chuckle.

But the result was a cloud Yao injured coma, which makes him very worried, but also to discipline Sky hated!

Ji-day trip is the presence of the elders of clean white face snapped, his face immediately darkened.

He glanced at the clean white look, sneered:. "Even so, I did the same with the big senior sister apprentice life and death, closely aligned, did not have a half a step back."

"Unlike some people, calling them Banjiu Bing, in fact, funk, timid as a mouse."

White dust choked by his complexion livid, furious, would suddenly attack.

But two elders frowned, majestic tone of the opening: "Clean, not reckless!"

"Ji-day trip is outside the door disciple to his true element of strength throughout, and can escape the cloud Yao teamed magic hole, he has been lucky."

"Moreover, he has been carrying cloud Yao Benxing more than four years, and now he really need to rest."

"In short, the successful completion of tasks you three are active people. After the return of these doors, head of fixed will reward you."

There are two elders to come forward to smooth things over, white dust were dropped, pushed back the anger and heart.

After a quarter of an hour, elixir Bangyun Yao elders temporarily suppressed the injury.Everyone will be riding the reveal, left the mountain, were returned to the dyke.

Reveal hurry speed several times faster than the natural Ji-day trip.

After a half hour, everyone will return to the dyke cases.

Back to the case of the door after the elder elixir elixir cloud Yao brought together to help her careful treatment of the injury.

Ji-day trip going back to the hospital situation, but was stopped two elders.

"Ji-day trip, head gave orders until after you return these doors, I would see the head of the house with the seat surface to Atlas, he would personally reward you."

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