Chapter 163 good dog out of the way

Chapter 163 good dog out of the way

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Two young men stopped his path Ji-day trip, Ji eyes looked interesting day trip.

After Ji-day trip frowned, his face indifference, looked at the two one, they have to bypass leave.

However, the two young men was stopped either side of him, his face showing a playful sneer.

"Yo, this guy is a dyke were the disciples, right?"

"This kid wearing Qingpao, should be outside the dyke were the Disciples."

"What a coincidence, we are actually here to meet the dyke were disciples!"

"Hey, look at this guy was also carrying two female students ...... yo Oh, what a beautiful female students ah, but was seriously injured, still in a coma."

"Boy, Hello Yan Fu ah, so female students carrying a hurry, hurry to find local wedding is it?"

Two young man in white echoed each other laugh Ji-day trip, tone and expression is very insignificant.

Ji-day trip filled with anxiety on this, just want to return as soon as possible with cloud Yao Munekado healing.

Somehow stopped by two young man in white, also other unscrupulous ridicule, anger Kuangyong his mind, his face became darkened.

"No matter who you are, good dog out of the way, right away at once!"

Ji-day trip of the awe-inspiring voice thundered loudly, carrying a cloud Yao immediately went to the pediment.

Two young man in white looking sudden change, are showing a face the color of anger.

"Oh, your kid is crazy ah, really act recklessly!"

"Dyke were a mere disciple of the outer door, so even dare to speak to us, Atlas of people were really getting arrogant!"

Both men pulled out a sword sneered behind, sword stopped Ji-day trip.

"Boy, looks like you are a new entry, right? Not even our day Jianzong people do not know!"

"We are days Jianzong Disciples, How dare you insult us! If not today, beating up your meal, would not let others think we are afraid of the day Jianzong Atlas were you?"

Two young man in white is a look of anger, since the reported identity, it is holding a sword toward the approaching Ji-day trip, as if to attack.

Sen Han Ji-day trip immediately complexion, his eyes gush deep anger.

"It seems that you two are sincere to finding fault?"

Although he did not know why the other disciples were hostile to the dyke.

But the other obviously malicious, mean to be against, making things difficult for him, naturally he will not be patient.

He gently coma cloud Yao on the grass, holding a sword Black Dragon, looking awe-inspiring to two days Jianzong disciples.

Two days Gladius disciples see him so reaction, his face suddenly exposed contemptuous sneer.

"Oh, dyke who were really very arrogant ah, a mere outer door disciple dare arrogant?"

"Boy, you were just occupied Millennium Atlas bulk of Wal-Mart, was dominated Tianchen domain only. Or how long we will replace Jianzong day!"

"Today we give you an unforgettable lesson, your kid will remember, to see our day Jianzong who had to sidestep!"

When Voice down, two days Jianzong pupil scenes simultaneously, cut out several coldness flashing Jianmang, Ji toward attack about day trip.

They see the sword shot, Ji-day trip will see the clues.

Jianzong these two days of the Disciples,Tong Xuan, only a maximum strength around the triple border.

His disdain sneer, 'Clang' came out of the black dragon sword, sword cross cut out.


Black Dragon sword turned into a three meters long white Jianmang, Bo issued a very Fengrui overbearing toward two days Jianzong disciples swept away.

Jianmang with white lights, as well as a translucent ghost dragon, claws Teng sky.

"Bang bang!"

Dull loud sound, display two days Jianzong pupil Jianmang, Dragon sword instantly cut into pieces.

Black Dragon Sword of violent power and influence, a huge white Jianmang appalling, as well as into the sky dragon ghost, the two men suddenly scared looking upheaval and desperate retreat.

Black Dragon Sword can be too fast, they perceive is not good, it was too late to think of retreat.

Only to hear "bang bang" muffled twice, two days Jianzong disciples was Jianmang cut, the inverted vomit blood back, hit ten meters away in the grass.

They roll in the grass a few laps before I stopped lying on the floor like Shaikang body trembling, his face pale.

Bright red blood, pouring from the mouth of two drops in their white robes, particularly shocking in the sunshine.

Both men bowed his head, abdomen look incredible.

I saw, they have a deep Jianshang abdomen, wound gushing blood.

Originally the two-stage wearing a mysterious treasure, but had been Black Dragon sword cut open a crack, a treasure almost scrapped.

This result, none of the two is think of them filled with horror.

They can not believe how, outside a dyke were the disciples, so much as the strength of terror, they both sword will cut into serious injuries!

If there were mysterious treasure-level body care, just cut into two pieces was a sword down the middle.

"Falling ......"

Ji Sky Dragon holding a sword, looking awe-inspiring stepping from, feet stepping on soft grass, make a slight noise.

His face was cold, covered chill filled with rich and murderous.

Two days Gladius disciples, slumped sitting on the grass, watching him step by step approach, we have revealed the panic and confusion of expression.

"Boy! What do you want? Do not you dare kill us?"

"We are days Jianzong Disciples, if you were to kill us, the door will certainly crusade dyke were, as we seek justice!"

Obviously, the two-day trip was defeated Ji sword, have lost their fighting spirit and elan, filled with fear.

Here is a remote Barren, if Ji-day trip really killed them, they also die in vain.

However, Ji-day walk to the front of the two of them did not immediately shot to kill.

His condescending looked at the two, his face showing a deep contempt sneer.

"Oh, I thought how good day Jianzong disciples, how chivalrous of it."

"Unexpectedly, two Disciples together, not even my sword will not catch! This shows you how unbearable Jianzong day, nothing but rubbish!"

"You two waste, claim to want to teach me, the opportunity to do now? I'll give you a survive, knelt down and admit apologize!"

Ji-day trip sword standing, looking chill Lenghe heard.

Two days Gladius disciples immediately rage like mad, you have to sword fight back.However, Ji-day trip to hand sword cut out, cut the two men out of the inverted again, the injury is more heavy, more than lying on the grass vomiting.

"Kneel down to apologize! Or die!"

Ji-day trip Lenghe heard the tone of awe-inspiring, surging in the eyes of the beholder.

Two days Gladius disciples, he was completely overawed.

They did not know Ji-day trip, but did not know his mettle.

Look at this piece posture Ji day trip, they will have no doubt that if they dared argue again, fate will die!

After hesitating for a moment, two days Jianzong disciples under death threats, can only tolerate the humiliation, knelt down and apologize to Ji-day trip.

"We are senseless, not to offend you!"

"If you could spare, spare us a life!"

They tolerate the discipline-day trip to see the humiliation of his knees to apologize, even more contemptuous sneer: "! Oh, you both so afraid to die, for the sake of survival, even for people kneel for mercy."

"You two such cowardly cowardly waste, are there any face claiming to be disciples Jianzong day? Jianzong day even shelter you this garbage?"

Two days Gladius disciples, suddenly gas vomiting blood, his face ashen, get it all Tremble.

They do not kneel down to apologize, Ji-day trip will be beheaded on the spot.

Now they knelt down and apologize, and Ji-day trip but was so insulted.

They are filled with regret, a process, not as a desperate battle!

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