Cap 161 Star five swords

Cap 161 Star five swords

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There is no doubt that this woman dressed in white dress, it is a cloud Yao!

Ji-day trip did not think how, obviously have fled magic hole cloud Yao, even back!

"Great senior sister apprentice! ...... how do you back?"

Yun Yao to see him safe and sound, cold face was eased fears.

"I come back to save you!" She had no time for anything, just a short five words to say, it took a day trip out of the closet century.

Ji body startled day trip, walk through the hearts of a trace of warmth.

He and cloud Yao is very clear how dangerous this magic hole there.

Cloud Yao obviously has escaped the claws, and it was covered with injuries, suffered heavy injuries.

In this case, the cloud Yao also rushed back to save him.

True friendship, so how can he not moved?

He could not believe he could be so important in the cloud Yao mind, it is worth risking their lives to rescue her.

As he followed the cloud Yao out of the prison room, the shuttle in the dark passage, did not forget the sincere thanks of the cloud Yao.

"Great senior sister apprentice, thank you!"

Road cloud Yao calm tone: "I ask you to help me complete the task, I certainly will not leave you."

Moment, the two men rushed out of the dark passageway into the empty huge cave.

Yao Yun identify the direction, he was about to take Ji-day trip ran towards the exit.

At this point, not far from a Shimen opened.

Wearing a black robe Blood Moon Princess and the high priest, he came out from the Shihmen inside.

He was about to go to prison with prison discipline room day trip, but suddenly saw a cloud Yao and Ji-day trip.

Suddenly looking for a change, in the eyes of the beholder and strobe coldness.

"Damn darn, even dare to come back to save? Court death!"

The high priest of rage burst drink soon, the figure turned into a blanket of darkness, and asakumo Yao Ji-day trip sprang.

Blood Moon Princess followed suit, turned into a shadow, sharp as a disease of electricity rushed Ji-day trip.

"Boy, would like to escape into the magic cave? Dream!"

She wanted to set Ji-day trip to death, now that Ji-day trip beads associated with the Star, not to let Ji-day trip.

"Shua! Shua!"

Blink of an eye, the high priest, and the two Blood Moon Princess, rushed in front of Yao and Ji Yun-day trip, cast Arcane Magic attack.

Yao Ji Yun-day trip and face, has become extremely ugly, look dignified.

Critical juncture, do not hesitate to beat Yao cloud push discipline-day trip, he will push the magic cave exports.

"I block them, you go!"

While he was talking, she cut out scenes Jianmang sky, like flying all like the high priest sprinkling the blood and Princess month.

Qiqi forty-nine cold light flashes Jianmang, the radius of tens of meters are illuminated, rolled up a terrible hurricane.

Black Snake whip off his waist high priest, cutting edge dance sky black light, it will forty-nine Jianmang all Dangxia.

Black light with razor Jianmang collision, broke a series of "bang bang bang" a loud noise, intense in the open cave echoed.

Yao Ji Yun-day trip was pushed to the magic hole at the exit, he did not hesitate to rush turned back to her.

"Great senior sister apprentice, go go together!"

"You will not leave me, I will never desert you and flee!"

When he finished, he 'Clang' came out of the Black Dragon Sword,Full sword Zhanxiang Bloodmoon Princess.


Snow Bai Jianguang three meters long, carrying overbearing matchless power, Zhanxia from blood moon princess head.

Blood Moon Princess Road to Xuemo arcane condensed out of one pair of huge bloody hands, to ward off the blow.

"Bang bang!"

Snow Bai Jianguang collapsed, her two hands the blood of the beheaded fragmented.

But she was unharmed, to display their magic power again, and also embodies a pair of bloody hands, severely beat the record day trip.

Ji-day trip quickly cast shadowless step after the retraction, while waving black dragon sword to fight back.

Not far away, the cloud Yao is working with the high priest grappling Battle, also a battle and retreat.

She did not recklessly with the front of the high priest, make every effort to avoid the high priest of the attack, it can not escape when we come to fully resist.

After a short period of 10 interest, and Yao Ji Yun-day trip will have to retreat to the exit of the magic of the hole.

At this time, the left-hand pinched jianjue cloud Yao, such as cold waving hand sword youthful flagrant cut out five great Jianmang.

Each Jianmang has more than five meters long, carrying collapse days fracturing the power of terror, blood and severely Zhanxiang month high priest Princess.

When resorted to this trick sword, her skill is pushed to the limit, white dress without wind drums, fluttering flying.

She was white as a sheet Qiao Lian, also has displayed unusual red tide.

Obviously, this is her bottom pressure stunt Sha Zhao, after using the skill will crash, so never easy to play.

"Star five swords!"

Five shaking Jianmang pierced the dark night sky, like five thunder lightning, the power of violent peerless.

Blood Moon Princess did not dare Yingjie, immediately retreat to escape.

Even the most powerful high priest, but also look dignified, go all out waving black snake whip, hit several hundred black Jianguang, trying to resist.

"Bang bang bang bang!"

Numerous road Jianguang black chop broken, burst into a ball cloud of black fog, so too black fog rolling in within a radius of ten meters.

Shaking Jianmang cut in the ground, trying to shift the rock cut out of the ground more than ten meters long and half a meter wide gully, splashes and dust filled the gravel!

Cloud Star Yao do not expect five swords to beat the high priest and Blood Moon Princess, but only temporarily push back them to win the chance to escape.


Taking advantage of the high priest withstand Jianguang, she immediately pulled Ji-day trip Chong import and export, fast running in the dark passage.

Both broke out last potential, with the fastest speed through the passage, at the entrance of the monastery and rushed outside.

Less than half a quarter of an hour, cloud Yao Ji day trip and it has out of the dark hole, back to the jungle at the foot of the mountains.

However, the two front foot just out of the magic cave, the high priest and the blood moons Princess rear foot chase out.

"Little beast! You'll never escape!"

The first to catch up with the high priest Ji-day trip, waving the hands of the black snake whip, hundreds of black light hit a sharp knife, put Ji-day trip enveloped.

Seeing this, the cloud without hesitation rushed in front of Yao Ji-day trip, sword to help him resist the attack.

"Bang bang bang!"

A burst of muffled sound, the cloud Yao bombers flying out, vomited blood drop in the bushes outside in ten meters.

She just was seriously injured, just another loss to the three succeeding Lustran Star five swords.

Now she is a spent force, extreme weakness, and even the high priest of a move will stop the attack.The high priest recruit bombers fly a cloud Yao, waving black snake whip again, very aggressive to kill Ji-day trip.

Blood Moon Princess also rushed over, raised her huge bloody hands toward Ji-day trip severely photographed.

Face of the siege throughout the two dan strong, with strength Ji day trip, there is not the slightest resistance to the force.

Life and death, he was filled with anger and unwilling, as well as monstrous murderous!

He broke out of the life force, all-out play groups of step, after the retraction dodge.

Even if it is futile, he will never give up resistance.

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