Zhang Jian Shen 160 heritage secret

Zhang Jian Shen 160 heritage secret

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Hear the words of the high priest, Blood Moon Princess empathy, nodded agreement.

Her practice Xuemo Road Mystic, it requires phagocytosis and blood creatures ethnic groups, and power draw fine element therein.

Although her strength fast growth, let her mere twenty years of age, he has become a strong dan territory.

But every time she exercise our powers to practice the suffering, but also others unimaginable.

Each month there is always one day, her body uncontrolled upheaval, so she became very grim, ungainly monster!

Her back and spine, will bulge in a row with sharp spikes, shoulders will grow wings as black ** bone.

Indeed, her head also becomes several times larger, facial appearance becomes large teeth!

Whenever the body upheaval, she was piercing unbearable pain, he did not look at his ugly hideous appearance.

Many times, she can not help but imagine.

If her strength after some more powerful, to Tianyuan territory, turn into what look like?

Does will be like her father, the devil, as adults, become dark hills like a monster do?

I think of his father's hideous appearance, perennial entrenched in Dong Fu, rarely go out to the scene of action, she was appalled.

So, she often wears a large black robe, covered himself completely, revealing only the eyes.

She did not want to make their ugly side, exposed to other people eyes.

At this time, the high priest of deep tone, it becomes high-pitched, full of excitement and hope.

"Although I had Jian Shen blood feud with the family, but have to admit, Jian Shen Wu Daoqi was indeed the best in the world!"

"Arcane Magic drawbacks and hazards, since ancient times has plagued my family."

"But just before the millennium, Jian Shen own martial arts secret, I was able to solve the problems of the perfect family!"

Hearing this, Blood Moon Princess filled with doubts, could not help but ask one.

"The high priest, Jian Shen We are not inferno, he created a martial arts secret, how could solve the problems of my family?"

The high priest got into blind eyes, playful tone said: "! Legend, Jian Shen created by a martial arts secret, must self-destruct pubic region to practice"

"In other words, no pubic region's people can practice his martial arts secret, there may even reach the environment of God!"

Hearing this, Blood Moon Princess filled with shock, can not help but stared, revealing a deep sense of incredible colors.

"So! My family was born without pubic region, it would be the most suitable for cultivation secrets Jian Shen?"

"The world so much as strange martial arts? Terran all have pubic region, pubic region who would self-destruct to practice his inheritance secrets?"

High priest nodded, meaningful said: "Yes ah, Jian Shen of his secrets is the world's most exotic and unique."

"If I was able to get his family heritage secret, disadvantages and problems can be solved, we can have a more powerful."

"And, when I no longer practicing family Gorefiend Road, Shura Road and Road Shimo these cruel secret law, will not suppress anger angered ethnic groups."

"If we practice Jian Shen secret, can appear openly on the mainland, the major regional domination,Never siege of all ethnic groups, not holed up in a dark underground! "

"By that time, my family does not worry that the rise of revival?"

"With my family qualified talent, all his secrets practice Jian Shen, will be able to rolling ethnic groups, dominate the entire continent!"

High priest emotions become high-pitched and excited, passionate blood, his eyes shining too dark carnage.

Blood Moon Princess hearts, but also set off a storm, both shocked and excitement.

She legendary Jian Shen secret, full of anticipation and longing.

She can not help but imagine that, when she was practicing Jian Shen secret, not only stronger, but also honest walking on the continent, it will not turn into ugly hideous monster.

But calm down, she could not help but ask: "High Priest, we have been investigating the whereabouts of the Star beads, beads do with Star Jian Shen secret relationship?"

High priest nodded, dignified tone: "The Star Jian Shen beads are thousands of years ago left a treasure."

"After the fall of Jian Shen, his heritage Jian Shen secrets in the tomb, the world is looking for the numerous strong nearly a thousand years, but no one can find."

"However, just find the Star beads, whereby objects can be induced to fall Jian Shen tomb."

"Jian Shen tomb only to find, to get Jian Shen secret, let's inferno reborn again monarchs of the continent, governing the world!"

Hearing this, Blood Moon Princess finally understood why.

No wonder her father spent hundreds of years, vowed to find the Star beads.

She frowned pondered a moment, then sternly said: "! High Priest, in that case, I'll temporarily regardless of JI spiritual soul, we went to investigate that person race kid it."

"I hope he really can help us find the Star beads!"

The high priest smiled and nodded his head, the tone Senleng said: "?! You imprisoned him in prison room in which we are now going to torture him, certainly there will be harvest"

"Just between the fifth prison room, I seal his acupuncture points, prison room also planted a battle formation."

Blood Moon Princess spoke, followed by the high priest to leave the blood pool, headed for the door.


Ji-day trip is the dark secret room, waving his hands hit the golden real dollars, break the seal on the tactical deployment of Shimen.

This chamber seal matrix method is very powerful, is best for a large array of mysterious, and only the strong can be arranged throughout dan.

With the strength of real dollars throughout the day discipline of the line, almost impossible to crack the matrix method.

Front Road, but he was highly talented, it does not completely break a big fuss, just put on the tactical deployment broken Shimen, it is enough for him to get out of.

From an hour before, he had been in Destroys rapt.

Now, he has groped Destroys law, the matrix method on Shimen break open a gap.

Although this is an hour, his mind and great consumption of real dollars, making him pale and covered with sweat.

But his spirits, filled with anticipation, did not feel tired.

According to his estimates, up to four hour and then, he will be able to rip tactical deployment on Shimen, escaped from the Chamber of Secrets.

However, at this time.

He suddenly felt seal tactical deployment on Shimen occurred volatility.

Shimen dark brown, dark red actually lit the carnage.Ji-day trip to understand, so the situation, either someone started the matrix method, matrix method or is under attack.

But he is more willing to believe the former.

"Oops! Certainly damn witch, found me quietly Destroys restart matrix method!"

Ji brow furrowed day trip fiercely, unwilling to give up Destroys filled.

After a few breathing, the carnage Crosscut dark, even 'bang' bang dissipated.

Then, Shimen was opened from the outside, a slim white figure, and instantly burst into the chamber.

When Ji-day trip to see her appearance on the spot stunned!

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