Revenant Chapter 157 hundred years ago

Revenant Chapter 157 hundred years ago

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I do not know how long, lengthy awoke Ji-day trip.

He slowly opened his eyes, only to see himself lying on the cold ground.

This is a dark and light, full of corruption and Xuexing Qi Chamber of Secrets.

By the faint light of the corner stone lantern, he looked around four weeks, only to look around the scene.

Secret room only he and arranged a powerful matrix method.

Organs came the sting, let him breathe feel burning pain, mouth and nose still remained in the blood, there are shares of thick smell of blood.

He wanted to exercise our powers to heal, but since several acupuncture points of the body is sealed and can not use real dollars.

Although he can move freely, but his true element was sealed, we can not crack the tactical deployment of the Chamber of Secrets, impossible to escape.

He sat on the cold ground, frowning whisper: "?? Abhorrent witch did not kill me, even to me in this chamber where she wanted to do."

Ji-day trip to calm down, silently observing the chamber, and listened outdoor movement.

However, the closet was empty, without any clues, outside the chamber also silent.

Darkness and silence, let Ji-day trip surprisingly calm, silently mused.

"Do not know what time it is now? Yao cloud of white dust and no escape?"

"They are the elite of this door genius, the strength of high-strength, should not be something, right?"

"No, I can not sit still, must find a way out of here!"

Want fled the chamber, first of all he had to unlock the seal of acupuncture points, restore real dollars and strength.

Then he had to crack the tactical deployment of the Chamber of Secrets.

However, the first hurdle will be difficult to live with him.

Witch seal his acupuncture points with Arcane, let his true element can not operate.

He racked his brains for a long time, tried several re-opened the way, but failed to unlock the acupuncture points.

No way, witch seal his acupuncture points of strength is very strong, even if it is Tongxuan experts are inextricably linked.

Ji-day trip can only hope sword child, pray sword fetal miracles.

He tried pushed Jianqi, after repeated efforts, finally pushed the two toothpick-like Jianqi.

Although his acupuncture points is closed, not real dollars flow in the meridians and orifices.

Na Liangdao Jianqi but was able to swim slowly toward the seal of the orifices to flow.

Next, Ji-day trip began manipulating Na Liangdao Jianqi, carefully impact was sealed orifices.

Although this process is very painful, as he takes the knife to cut his own flesh as ever.

But his strength was low, can not be directly re-opened acupuncture points, this is the only way.

Unconsciously, half an hour later.

Ji-day trip endured great pain, the first line of orifices finally solved.

"Great! I really Jianqi acupuncture points can be re-opened!"

His spirits, and continues to manipulate Jianqi, the impact of the second track was sealed orifices.

Half an hour is past, and the second channel orifices also been solved.

Although the consumption of mind Ji-day trip great, great pain to let him out covered in cold sweat.

But he did not stop, they began to unseal the third channel and the fourth channel orifices.

Soon, the two hour later.

He was witch sealed four orifices, and finally all solved!When all the orifices untied, like a clogged pipe is clear, like, Ji-day trip in vivo real dollars flow resumed.

He stood up and got about some body tingling, physical examination of the injury.

He took tips from a treasure in a dose of immortality, to exercise our powers refining the drug, silent treatment injuries.

Then he carefully observed the closet matrix method, you want to crack a big fuss.

But then, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a corner of the chamber, the floating wisp of fog.

Light dark secret room, he does not look real, they did not care, continue to observe the tactical deployment.

However, a faint voice suddenly sounded old man, clearly imprinted in his mind.

"Boy, you are the sons of discipline at home?"

Ji-day trip immediately froze for a moment, impressively turned around to look at the corner of fog.

He went near to look, only to find that road with fog souls was sealed in a crystal ball of the same.


Fog crest of a few, it will immediately become a palm-sized blue robe old man, suspended in front of him.

Ji-day trip can not help but frowned, puzzled murmuring: "The?? Big senior sister apprentice than to those souls have been sealed yet how there is a rescue here."

He suddenly remembered, then clean white crystal ball is the last one to rescue the soul of the inferno guard rushed into the chamber.

Then, they fight with the demon guard up, hurry blaze chamber.

The last rocket FIGHTING crystal ball, white dust seems only to break in half.

Thought of this, Ji-day trip suddenly understood everything.

He looked at the old man in front of a blue robe, whispered: "? Predecessors, since you have escaped the instruments used seal, why not reincarnation"

Blue robe old man stared at him, looking awe said:. "The old lady did not go to reincarnation, is a special trip to come to you, the old lady would like to ask you some things."

"Boy, you're Qingyun Guoji family descendants?"

Ji-day trip do not know what he wanted, but he guessed that no malice, he answered truthfully:. "It"

Blue robe revealing a touch of the old man lit up, continue to ask: "The? Is the Imperial family of four, with the blocker for the industry of home discipline."

. "Of course," Ji-day trip nodded and asked: "The older generation, do you know that discipline at home or discipline at home and what is the origin??"

Blue robe old man smiled and nodded: "Yes! Naturally, I am with the Ji family has its roots far more than accurate to say that the old lady who was also a discipline at home."

"Ji family?" Ji-day trip brow of a challenge, exposing his face surprised expression, "I ask the older you are?"

Blue robe old man sternly said: "The old lady is the Ji family first generation master of the house cronies followers, but also Ji family housekeeper of the year."

"Originally, the old lady is the same surname, family suffer God's grace, grant me the discipline name, so the name of the old lady surnamed Ji Wen Xiang."

Ji Wenxiang suddenly heard the words, Ji-day trip more surprising, revealing his face incredible expression.

"Ji family first generation master of the house? That is not our discipline family ancestors do?"

"The older you are my ancestors trusted butler? But my ancestors had been missing for a hundred years ah!"

Ji Wenxiang nodded: "Yes, the old lady to follow the master of the house to leave the country Qingyun, met the inferno ambush, died in that war and in the inferno."

"Master of the house missing, and I was drawn inferno strong soul, not reincarnation."

"By now, the old lady's soul was imprisoned here, one hundred twenty years!"

Ji-day trip on the matter already a hundred years ago do not understand, only know the old Zuming Jiao Jiyuan Long Ji family outside, others are ignorant.

Today, we heard Ji Wenxiang's remarks, his heart shocked, but also more puzzled.

"The older generation, inferno why people attack you? Why your soul has been imprisoned more than a century inferno?"

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