Chapter 155 was captured

Chapter 155 was captured

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In these circumstances, Yao and Ji Yun three-day trip, there is no need to exchange, but also know how to do.

Inferno face two strong, they can do only hard to break!

After all, the high priest who inferno in several hundred years, sneaked into the dyke cases, even the doors of many elders have let him be.

Yao and white dust cloud, although elite talent in the door, but only the younger generation, how can we beat the high priest inferno?

At the same time, the high priest and the blood moons Princess while Midon the pace, the whole body filled with murderous approach towards the three.


They stepped foot on the grass slight noise, but it sounded like a death bell, it heartstrings tight.

Finally, cloud Yao 'Clang' sound drew his sword, looking toward the freezing cold of the high priest, sword even cut forty-nine Jianmang.

"Shabu shabu!"

Each Jianmang are up to two meters, forty-nine the same time cut out, and instantly enveloped the priest figure.

This is a cloud Yao Kendo secret, she apparently spent fully, without reservation.

She did not seem to expect the high priest dared to take the initiative, his eyes showing a touch of playful sneer.

From the moment he reached for his waist unwound the black as ink, glowing bullwhip breath of death, whiplash overwhelming shadow play, resist Jianmang sky.

"Bang bang bang!"

A series of muffled sound, the cloud Yao play Jianmang have collapsed, turned into little pieces dissipated.

High Priest easily blocked her attack unharmed.

Moreover, the high priest blanket a grin, revealing a touch of silent sneer, again waving like a bullwhip black snake, asakumo Yao roll over.


That Zhuangruo bullwhip black snake, projection out of hundreds of black Han Xing Road, Yao cloud enveloped from head to toe.

Clean white complexion immediately become mad, his eyes gush deep concerns, do not hesitate to rush to the sword, Bangyun Yao resist the attack.

They both wield the sword, dance out of the sky Senleng Jianguang, resist are hundreds of black Han Xing.

"Rattled" in a burst of sound Cui Xiang broke, back ten steps far both collapse, officials, pale forehead sweat emerged.

"Oh, come now, we have left it!" The high priest heard grinning, waving black snake whip again, asakumo Yao and white dust attack.

They can only go all engaged, cast secret sword, fight together with the high priest.

Three are Wu Daoqiang who exceptionally fierce fighting, flash turn maneuvers of approaching the ultimate speed, people could not see.

Ji-day trip can only see a radius of ten meters are Jianguang enveloped, like a light group coldness radiance.

Light group is constantly moving, and rushed toward the jungle, along the trails, grass and trees are the mountain of debris, fire in darting.

This level of fighting the battle, even if the territory is a master of Tong Xuan, could not have qualified to intervene.

At this point, Blood Moon Princess also turned into a blanket of darkness, out of thin air across a hundred paces away, in front of Ji-day trip.

Her eyes staring Senleng Ji-day trip, lift Paoxiu palms, huge play two bloody hands, head towards Ji-day trip to catch.

"Damn demon!" Ji-day trip immediately looking cold, eyes become thickened, heart cursed loudly."Is this vicious witch! Is this trick!"

Initially in black wind hole, he was in that room a small stone room, there is nowhere to hide, the Blood Moon Princess to play almost died.

Today today, he once again clash with the Blood Moon Princess, but in the jungle at the foot of the mountains.

Here the terrain is more open, and his strength even further, there are also Black Dragon sword in hand.

This time, Ji-day trip finally have a life insurance capital!

"Damn witch, eat my sword!"

Ji-day trip thundered loudly, and instantly drew his sword Zhan Xiang Blood Moon Princess.


Black Dragon sword turned into a white Jianmang three meters long, carrying unparalleled overbearing, violent exquisite power, severely Zhanxiang blood moon princess.

Blood Moon Princess immediately looking for a change, not Yingjie sword with bloody hands, quickly turned into a black fog dissipated.

"Oh, Terran reptiles, the last time did not kill you, you lucky!"

"Today, you will die!"

When her voice down, she appeared out of thin air behind Ji-day line, easily survived the Black Dragon sword beheaded.


Black Dragon Sword severely cut in the jungle, on the spot out of the earth cut a 500-meter-long ravine, darting countless clippings soil, shook the ground trembling.

However, Blood Moon Princess launch attacks from behind him, waving bloody hands severely beat him on the back and head.

Critical juncture, Ji-day trip to perceive death crisis came, suddenly the whole body tensed nerves.

He did not have time to turn around, play directly shadowless step forward desperately to escape.

But he eventually slow step back "bang" was hit bloody hands.


He immediately mouth emitting a blood, body roll the cast fly out, hit ten meters away in the jungle.

Fortunately, he fled enough in time, only to withstand the power of the bloody hands of Liu Cheng.

He was wearing ice dragon treasure, and as he blocked most of the power, and that makes him saved their lives, but it neifu concussion.


He just returned from the ground up, Blood Moon Princess and rushed in front of him, raised her hand severely beat to blood.

The nick of time, Ji-day trip can only play cards trick.

"The wind struck by lightning!"

He pushed a half a meter long Jianqi two, doing all Zhanxiang Blood Moon Princess.

Two Jianqi lights dazzling golden light, rolled violent hurricane, turned into a half-meter-long lightning crashing pixia.


Violent power of lightning on the spot split a pair of bloody hands broken blood monthly Princess of.

She was Zhentui three steps away, his eyes revealing a deep sense of surprise of color.

Take this opportunity, Ji-day trip did not go on fighting, do not hesitate to display their shadowless step to escape.

Unfortunately, the gap between him and the strength of the Blood Moon Princess is too great, a difference of at least one big state.

Blood Moon Princess recovered, the figure of "shabu" flash, then catch up behind him.

Yet he could react, Blood Moon Princess will palm shoot in his back, his shot fly out.


Ji-day trip vomited blood again, tumbling fall to ten meters away in the jungle.

This time, his injury worse, neifu injury heavier.

His mouth constantly dribbling out of the blood, internal organs such as the knife-like pain,Not even the slightest real dollars.

But his consciousness still awake, clearly feel terrible sting, covered with cold sweat.

Blood Moon Princess came, contemptuous eyes looked at him, two fingers on his chest and abdomen disease points four times.

Suddenly, Ji-day trip orifices are sealed, stiff body lying on the grass, no longer move.

In addition to speak but also that he should not do anything, completely lost control of the body.

Apparently, he was a blood moon princess sealed acupuncture points.

Blood Moon Princess did not kill him, then beat him stunned, put him on his shoulder, walked into the cave.

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