145 Chapter Kodama large array

145 Chapter Kodama large array

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Sky Dragon century accepted the sword and thousand months, the Talia are put into a treasure in the kit.

Of course, the ebony table left dozens of pieces of fruit spirits and immortality, he also put into the kit together.

Promise to see him do it, frowned, but did not say anything.

He sat in the armchair, carrying a gourd peel drank wine, casually asked: "? Boy, you Fengyun hospital this month to learn what"

Ji-day trip truthfully replied: "This month, Professor Han Zhishi our tactical deployment, will still end assessment."

"Matrix method?" Promise to a bit startled, eyes flashed a different color.

He was also carrying wine gourd drinking his head, the heart is secretly thought to myself:. "Tuer autumn this year was the most outstanding door Front Road genius, look at the entire domain Tianchen also no one can."

"Ji-day trip brats, if this were the descendants of the disciples of autumn, should be able to inherit some talent Front Road autumn disciples, right?"

Thought of this, to lay down their Promise wine gourd, leisurely day trip Ji asked: "?? Boy, you should be secular in a wealthy young master it your family is doing."

Ji-day trip do not know why he would ask that, but still truthfully replied:. "Back then their predecessors, the younger family proficient blocker, out of business."

"? Blocker" to the Promise frowned, was secretly muttered: "Naturally, I thought it was the Front Road family, did not expect to actually blocker for the industry."

"However, forging is also detached with the Front Road, Front Road with autumn disciple of talent, even over the blocker for the industry, but also be able to create huge family business."

He paused, he was to discipline Sky asked: "Boy, have you ever seen your great grandmother?"

Ji Sky shook his head, looking calm and said: "Today I am the only father and uncle were still alive, my grandfather passed away early, high-grandmother but never seen."

"Oh." I nodded to Promise point, what did then asked, frowning lost in thought.

"Even the disciples of autumn Front Road Tian Chen amazing talent domain, the old lady is most proud of."

"This kid is autumn disciple of future generations, the wife will be a good tune | to teach him not to allow his disciples to autumn shame!"

After made up his mind, then he got up to the door to the Promise.

He went to the middle of the yard, stood still in the midst of quartzite paved the ground for discipline Sky beckoned.

"Boy, come here!"

Ji-day trip uninformed, quickly went to the yard, stood in front of him.

Promise, pointing to the foot of the quartzite ground, looking awe and asked: "Do you carefully look at the ground, and then tell the old lady, what do you see?"

Ji-day trip looking down at the foot of the ground, watching carefully.

This piece of bluestone-paved ground, about six meters radius, at first glance seem mundane.

He glances carefully observed, it is seen that quartzite sizes, the order and orientation vary.

Stone gap of the splice, as a plurality of lines, it seems also contains a certain rule, a structuring of a strange pattern.

Ji-day trip frown pondered for a moment, he looked up impressively to Promise, very positive: "The older generation, the younger generation if not wrong, then this should be a battle formation!"

Promise nod to the point, his tone calm and said: "Yes, count your kid a little vision, and actually be able to see that this is the seat matrix method."

His heart is thought to himself:. "Front Road qualified ordinary disciple, it can only be seen on a good pattern, Front Road qualifications disciples to see that this is a method"

"It seems that this kid surprisingly Front Road qualifications, the wife and then observe the observation."

His face looked calm Ji-day trip, asked: "Generally speaking, divided into four matrix method, magic array, the storm front, killing array and the secondary array."

"Another look at you, this is what kind of tactical deployment? If you are not sure, the wife allows you to use real dollars exploration."

Ji-day trip nodded and continued to bow to the foot of the observation matrix method.

Front Road he had a beginning, of course, know that there are four types of matrix method.

Magic array, and the array trapped kill array Needless to say, as the auxiliary array, are generally used to assist practice, cultivation or herbs.

For example, in the closet of his room, there is a poly-element array, used to gather the world of strength aid practice, which is the auxiliary array.

Carefully observed a moment, Ji Sky heart has a preliminary answer, guessed at the foot of this matrix method is a secondary array.

But he dare not rashly replied, holding out palms pressing ground quartzite, releasing real dollars, further exploration of this matrix method.

His true element influx of bluestone floor, soon to exploration, underground soil warm and moist, there are majestic Aoki breath in the surge.

Frown thought for a moment, he was sure that the tone of the Promise, said: "The older generation to the younger generation can see, this is a secondary array matrix method should be used to grow herbs."

Promise to showing a hint of a smile, nodded and said:. "Yes, you are quite right kid, this is indeed a spiritual matrix of wood to cultivate herbs"

"If your kid some talent Front Road, the old lady today will have to test you."

When he finished, he waved play a dark blue light beam real dollars, influx of bluestone floor.

Bluestone floor suddenly lit up glaucoma, the gap has become a slate blue lines, Bo issued a mysterious force.

Blink of an eye, a dark blue mask appeared.

This photomask is like a bowl upside down, the discipline Sky enveloped.

Ji-day trip looked around and found around the scene has changed.

Yard disappeared.

He actually living in a radius of kilometers, lush dense jungle.

At the foot of the green soft grass, surrounded by towering trees, boundless side.

He could not see the situation outside of the woods, only to see over the heads of his head, is a dark blue light wall.

Obviously, to start a wood Promise spiritual matrix, put him in a large array.

As he looked around, Promise to appear out of thin air at his side, hand stroked his white beard, smiling and said: "Boy, you are now within the large array of wood spirit."

"If you can crack the matrix method, out of this large array, went to the lobby to see the old lady, the wife will reward you."

"Otherwise, you will stay here forever, to the old lady farming weeding it!"

Then, the Promise 'Hey' grin or two, figure out of thin air disappeared.

After he left the wood spirit a big fuss, hands behind back to the lobby, lying rattan wood large chair, leisurely drinking wine,Humming a ditty.

Silent yard, only one radius of six meters blue mask.

That's what Kodama big fuss.

From the outside it seems, this large array only six meter radius, in fact, Jinnai another world, very mysterious.

Promise to carrying wine gourd swig of the two, glanced at the yard of the blue mask, smiling whisper: "Hmmm, this old lady wood spirit array, although only a large array of mysterious stage product, but only through Warrior mysterious territory in order to successfully break. "

"If your kid in a day Destroys, is inherited autumn disciples of Front Road talent, the wife will be on your purse. Otherwise, you do not deserve the old lady to waste time ......"

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