138 Chapter oblique accusations

138 Chapter oblique accusations

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While the Promise of poor tone, Ji-day trip also scolded.

But Ji-day trip found the old man does not seem to deter and blame him.

He recalled the old man said before, then suddenly understood the key reason for the failure of alchemy.

"So I do not have a good grasp of the furnace, and only then immortality Tempered gray."

Then, go to the corner office to the Promise, sitting at the table condescending look at Ji-day trip.

"A mere one Dan Ling Yun it, your kid today, if not out of practice, they could not be too out of the Palace!"

"Boy, you better listen to this! Refining Dan Ling Yun to half an hour, of which there are four stages to control the fire, slow fire when Xuanming sub-control into the furnace, when Wu Huo Yi Songzi control into the furnace ......"

Although the Promise attitude is very tough overbearing, contemptuous tone and banter.

But Ji-day trip is still grateful to him, listen carefully to his advice.

After listening, he put Dan furnace cleared, resumed refining.

This time he especially hard, keep in mind every step of alchemy, and in accordance with the guidance of the Promise, at a critical time period to control the furnace real fire.

Unconsciously, is half an hour in the past, the Dan Ling Yun released.

Mood Ji-day trip of some apprehension, slowly reached for Dan opened lid.

A hint of medicine aroma floating out, suddenly made him spirits.

He looked down and bottom lines tactical deployment of Dan furnace, impressively lay a pale green immortality.

"It is finished! I finally Make up!"

Ji-day trip exposed face smile, whispered whispering.

After the Promise positive upward, carrying a drinking gourd Peel, hear him, can not help but Pieliaopiezui.

"There is a large master pointing the old lady, if you still refining not, it is better to kill myself."

While he was talking, he reached toward the brass Dan furnace false catch it and then separated by more than ten meters inside the furnace Dan Dan Ling Yun caught my hand, get in front saw two.

"Ah, really is the best meta-level, and there are three red lines, be barely qualified."

When he finished, his thumb on a black pull that flashed a white light, gave Dan Ling Yun loaded into it.

Ji-day trip stunned for a moment, puzzled and asked: "? Predecessors, you just said three red lines, what it means."

Promise to glanced at him, not salty not pale and said: "Well Dan pattern, only Danwan transparent, high potency cohesion immortality appear, the more Dan pattern, the higher the quality of immortality."

Ji-day trip suddenly understood why, nodded and said:. "Disciples understand that this truth like a blocker, higher quality sword, the blade will appear on moire smooth blade but those who, without the slightest texture of the sword, usually just ordinary stuff. "

Promise This hint pleased to smile, nodded and said:. "Ah, your kid is not too stupid, a little on through."

Ji smiled and did not speak day trip, the heart is secretly thought:. "Having said that, our assessment Deacon Han alchemy, the key point is that Dan pattern"

"We basically can succeed three refining immortality, they are also meta-level best, you want to separate the level of the pros and cons, depends on how much the number of red lines."

Next, he tried again refining Dan Ling Yun, alchemy process more focused and serious.After half an hour, Fengyun Dan Ling Yun Tempered, Dan actually had four lines.

Promise to reach a virtual catch, caught the palm of immortality saw his eyes, and put into the finger pull it.

"Ah, good good, your kid alchemy of great talent, do not return to the hospital situation, after leaving the old lady in a red room here when the boy ......"

Ji-day trip did not speak, pretending not to hear his words, he went on to try refining Sapphire Dan.

With previous experience of alchemy, his first refining Sapphire Dan will be successful, but only one red lines appear.

Promise pointing to the side a few words, he second attempt refining, Dan finally will increase to three lines.

Seeing, the window of the sun had set.

By convention, this time Ji-day trip that left the Palace of PETN.

But Promise not to take him away, he would not leave this, they continue refining Yang Xin Dan.

The first time refining Yang Xin Dan, there is some question his tactics, failed alchemy, medicine became a furnace black and gray.

He embarrassed to face wroth Promise scolded him up.

But Ma Wan, he pointed out the error to the non-polar or he has committed, and pointing him a few words.

Ji-day trip and second try refining, finally succeeded in refining a Yang Xin Dan, and Dan prescribe pattern.

He was not satisfied, and re-refining, spent nearly an hour, finally developed a new one there are four lines of Dan Dan Ling Yun.

At this time, night had come, the time is late.

Ji-day trip some enough, still want to practice a few times to ensure that the assessment can be passed tomorrow.

However, the Promise snappily call him up and put him out of the red room.

"You kid play is not addictive? The old lady of the red room as your driving range it?"

"You waste so much medicine the old lady, old lady feel the need to punish you then sweep a month to ......"

Promise not wait to finish, Ji-day trip will hand over to him to leave, and ran quickly ran out of PETN Palace.

Etc. When Ji-day trip back to the hospital situation, it is already late in the night.


Early next morning, the hall of the hospital situation where they build the bell sounded.

Ji-day trip has ended the practice out of the closet, hear the bell ringing they quickly rushed to the hall.

When he entered the hall, Han Qiao Wu Du students and not in the main hall, does have a few disciples first arrived.

Those few disciples for more than ten days have not seen Ji-day trip, and had heard of the issue within the fight with Ji Ling Ji-day trip.

Although the matter has come to light yesterday, Ji Ling doors were expelled, while Ji-day trip to get the innocent.

But a few disciples, eyes to see Ji-day trip, still filled with a sneer of contempt and joking.

Especially competing as stone and easy to ink two, early on Ji-day trip feel resentment, but this time no one else to talk together.

"Oh, Ji-day trip that boy imprisoned in a dark and stormy cave ten days, the estimated gas brain is not normal, right?"

"I say, ah, people from this country Qingyun dilapidated small country, we are determined to stay away from."

"They came to the door were thousands of miles away from home, not only solidarity, but also infighting framed ...... these sinister villain only internal fighting each other, let's be sure to beware ah."

Easy ink side of the cynical saying,Also face sneer staring Ji-day trip, his eyes full of contempt.

Shi Jing Cheng also endorsed nodded, his face contemptuously said: "! Yes ah, especially the Ji Ling, not even his niece to be murdered, really vicious ah"

"Fortunately, he was expelled number of doors, or else we have to live in fear."

"The ancients said Badlands and more trouble-making, I think this is true, Albatron country who is despicable sinister, hypocritical disgusting!"

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