Chapter 133 to the bottom

Chapter 133 to the bottom

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Promise to face that question stormy, Chu Tiansheng immediately reveal the color of shame.

After he bent his head down, silent for a moment, before Chen Sheng said: "Shishu, this is indeed a disciple of negligence, the disciples will certainly find a way to remedy!"

"Although Ji Ling already know the secret, but he was still outside the door disciple, I will let clouds hospital deacon secretly staring at him, he never let the slightest leak secret!"

Promise nod to the point, the Chutian Sheng default approach.

He frowned, anger still lingers said: "Chu Tiansheng, since you must first decide what worked on my mind, not autocratic!"

"Although you are the head, but this is not your dyke were one-man! Even then, you're in the strongest fellow peers, when you were not the best person to be the head!"

"It's like the old lady, in a few fellow is also the strongest. But the old lady have self-knowledge, never do the head, so bad Millennium Foundation this door!"

Introduction to punish these words can be described as the heart of Promise, mercilessly criticized Chu Tiansheng plenty powerful force, but do not have the talent.

Chutian Sheng's face burst blue burst of white, but only teachable, not the slightest intention to refute it.

The Promise is a promise to say too much, but also the hearts of irritability or, pull that begins with black and pulled out a jug of wine, sitting in the hall where just keep drinking.

Chutian Sheng did not dare to discourage but to come up with a mysterious piece of ancient shells, watching silently.

He Shi Zhanxuan Road Mystic, injected into the shell element force, silver shell light spot on an immediate change.

After a while, a lot of silver several curves are arranged in the light spot, formed a mysterious patterns.

Chu Tiansheng see those patterns, and the spirit suddenly startled, his eyes showing a trace of surprise of color.

"Shishu! You look, I guess the results chart with destiny!"

"We're looking for Niming person, even still in this door!"

Positive upward, carrying the jug to Promise big mouth to drink, suddenly heard these words, a wine almost erupted.

He turned and stared at Chu Tiansheng impressively, snappily shouted: "!? Chu Tiansheng you are a pig brains do."

"You did not put Ji Ling were driven out of the door, of course, he is still in this door ah!"

Chu Tiansheng quickly explained: "! Shishu, Niming the destiny chart shown in people, not Ji Ling, but someone else."

? "Someone else" to Promise also a bit startled, puzzled and asked:. "Before Star Figure destiny, Niming person comes from Albatron country"

"Since Niming of people are still in this door, are not Ji Ling, it is easier to handle."

"You go check out this door Qingyun how many disciples from the country, and then carefully screened."

Chu Tiansheng quickly put away destiny star map, nodded and said: "! Disciples obeyed."

He did not think the result could be so, God could be so favored dyke cases.

Although not restart Ji Ling Kowloon sleepy magic array, Niming not a person, but in the real Niming people were still in the dyke.

Chu Tiansheng finally relieved, hearts give birth to a deep sense of anticipation.


The next morning, Chu Tiansheng Atlas will be in the house, called the nine elders come procedure.

He sat on the head of the throne, looking calm swept the house nine elders,Chen Sheng asked: "Yesterday the seat let you survey the inferno invasion, may have the results?"

Chu Huai Shan elders outside the door immediately before stepping a few steps, respectful hand over intrinsic reports:. "Qibing head, last night we found the inferno invasion, there is a little old and two"

"That old man is the high priest of the tribe inferno, as he brought the young woman, unidentified, should be a powerful tribe of the children of the inferno."

"After the case was undoubtedly find their trail, they teamed up with the two elders laid siege to them. Unfortunately, they spent umbrella Tobacco Law, once again escaped."

Chu Tiansheng slight frown, then thought for a moment, then nodded and said:. "That was the high priest of this door rival, has sneaked into this door three times within a century, an attempt to rescue the devil."

"But since he has a holy inferno smoke Lo umbrella, even personally shot the seat, it may not be able to catch him."

"You have worked hard, do not blame the seat, able to drive them out of this door, they expect short term, did not dare to attack!"

Until after he finished, Chu Huai Shan This hand salute, and returned into some of the elders.

Then, elixir church elders came forward two steps, to hand over Chu Tiansheng intrinsic reports: "Qi Bing head, under the there are events report it."

Chutian Sheng nodded slightly, and asked: "? Anything"

Presbyterian Church elixir calm tone: "The exterior doors and Towers hospital who called Ji Ke female students through under treatment, was awake last night."

"That's a struggle within ten cases occurred three days ago outside the door, there is also the result of."

Originally, like the outer door disciples fight this thing, no need to deal with Chu Tiansheng, he would never interfere.

But that thing with the outer door disciple Ji Ling to link the relationship, therefore, outside the door elder Chu Huai Shan him early on and report the matter.

Now hear elixir church elders publicly report it, Chu Tiansheng pondered a moment, then nodded and said: "Well, later on you go with this seat, this seat to ask her face to face."

Next, there are two elders were some cases in the door to announce his things.

Some of these doors are ordinary things, Chutian Sheng made a decision on the spot, to the elders of you perform.

After half an hour, the minute it ended, the elders of you who have quit Atlas temple.

Chu Tiansheng also followed elixir church elders, after leaving the house dyke, rushed to the hall on the elixir elixir peak.

Elixir Church is located in the mountains, is a powerhouse in the dyke were ordinary disciples can not close.

Block hundreds of towering tall palace, surrounded by all surrounded by lush towering trees.

Palace was shrouded in clouds over the fog, making the elixir in the hall like a wonderland.

Church of the elixir of a palace, there are hundreds of bright and spacious, and the layout of the room matrix method, designed to give the door disciples infirmary injury.

Chu Tiansheng Presbyterian Church followed the elixir into a filled with herb-flavored room, we can see the room there were two women.

One of the girls is the Ji Ke, pale lying in bed, eyes some dim atheism, apparently not recover.

Another young woman, it is the elixir maid arm of the Church, being taken care of Ji Ke, holding a bowl of stew feed her to Yao.

Church elders and Chu Tiansheng see the elixir into the room, then quickly maid respectful salute,Down Yao Wan retire.

Ji Ke can not get up salute, then nodded say hello.

Church elders looking kind of elixir said to her: "Ke Ji, who is the head of this door adults, came to visit you, you asked about the occurrence of the day."

"You start to finish, to make things complete and detailed to say again, we must tell the truth, there must not be false to hide the last part!"

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