Chapter 131 Chapter underground brothel

Chapter 131 Chapter underground brothel

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Chu Tiansheng practice ended, walked out of the chamber.

A moment later, he entered the house of Atlas, let's build-guard sounded the bell.

Before long, many dressed in a purple robe elders, have arrived at the Atlas Hall.

Within Atlas were a total of twelve elders, in addition to the three elders something out, the other nine elders of all in attendance.

After the crowd into the hall, he saw Chu Tiansheng somber brow hidden touch of anxiety.

Several elders are aware of the bad, quickly asks.

"If there is no event on weekdays, Atlas temple bells are not ringing the emergency assembly!"

"Master, you're so hastily convened to come, but something big happen?"

"Is it under the guise devil red Xiao Feng, to break the seal a big fuss of it?"

"It is possible! Now this can be a threat to the door, only that respect guise devil!"

Nine elders face have become dignified, filled with anxiety and fear.

Chu Tiansheng virtual lift hand, motioned the crowd to quiet down, this deep voice said:. "Gentlemen elders, the seat Jizhao to come, there are indeed a big deal to be solved."

"This thing is indeed associated with that matchless devil!"

"Just now, destiny star map has changed, that after the seat observation chart, were inside the door there was breath inferno!"

"There are people who sneak into this inferno door! The seat doubt, those inferno to rescue the guise devil comes!"

Hear these words, several elders mood was a little let down, secretly relieved.

"So not unrivaled devil to come out, the wife of a white worry!"

"Fortunately, as long as it did not break the seal K-Swiss devil big fuss, we still have time!"

"That matchless Satan was sealed for thousands of years, people have always refused to give up the inferno, every few decades will sneak into this door in an attempt to destroy seal a big fuss, rescue devil."

"Yes ah, we have told the inferno played against the overt or covert, threw them back every time, do not worry!"

Chutian Sheng nodded, looking awe said:. "Yes, that unrivaled devil of fans and descent, has been lurking deep below the ground, did not dare show their faces."

"In recent years, they have always wanted to destroy seal a big fuss, let unrivaled devil brought to light. Fortunately, destiny star map can probe into the inferno of the atmosphere, so that every time they have all failed."

"But this is different, a big fuss seal has been loosened, the devil is awake. Situation is very critical, we must not be taken lightly."

His eyes swept nine elders, before Chen Sheng ordered:. "This command your seat, each led by a team of security guards were immediately launched a search in the door."

"We want to be sure to find the door to sneak into this inferno, kill them on the spot! Even if not kill, they also want to set repulsed, out of this door!"

Nine elders are hand salute, a cry obeyed.

Immediately, everyone left the dyke leave the house, do the task, went to search the inferno.

Chu Tiansheng sitting alone on the head of the throne, frowning in thought for a while, whispering to himself.

"The situation is critical, seal a big fuss on this dilapidated, if people let inferno of destruction, given that K-Swiss devil to break the seal ......""Originally, I reward Ji Ling Ling two blood red, want him with the drug refining mysterious sword blood, higher sleepy magic array Kowloon restart success rate."

"But now it seems that the matter can not be delayed, Kowloon sleepy magic array must be turned on as soon as possible, to avoid dark and dreary!"

Made up his mind, he heralds go, let the cloud Yao Ji Ling to the dyke to the house.

After the orders, he flew Atlas Hall, personally went to the Palace too.

Restart Kowloon sleepy magic array, no small matter, he must consult a person.

Only get this man's help, will it be possible to open a big fuss.

Chu Tiansheng covered with crimson fire lit, behind condensed into a pair of huge red wings, like a bird, like flying in the sky.


Flash fire, he landed outside the gates of the Palace of PETN.

Entrance stone house, middle-aged face scar Jianhen dumb came out.

His face looked calm Chutian Sheng, bow line of a ceremony.

Chutian Sheng had to stoop to hand over to salute him, calm voice said:. "Sword slave, you take the trouble to report it Shishu heard, his disciples said to have asked to see something important."

Middle-aged mute point called the sword slave nodded, turned and ran into the palace PETN, a few flickering shadow disappeared.

Chu Tiansheng in interest rates outside the gate waiting for a hundred times, it would be like a shadow sword slave-like rush back.

He nodded to Chu Tiansheng, please make a gesture.

Chutian Sheng's looking to ease this many, quickly followed by the sword slaves into the PETN Palace, went straight to the depths of the palace.

Moments later, Dan Chu Tiansheng in the third tier hospital room, saw the Promise covered Smell.

Promise is to alchemy, staring eyes focused bronze Dan furnace slag stained herbs also unaware of the hair and beard.

Chu Tiansheng quickly bowed respectfully said: "The Promise Shishu disciples there are events report it!"

Promise to still staring at Dan furnace, and constantly waved play real dollars, manipulation of real fire Dan furnace.

He glanced Chu Tiansheng look, without looking back: "There hurry say, the old lady busy alchemy of it!"

In the outside world like a lion, so that hundreds of millions of domain Tianchen weapons are revered worship Chutian Sheng, at the moment in front of the Promise, as well-behaved like a respectful disciple.

He did not dare to waste time, quickly said:. "Promise Shishu, just destiny chart a difference, detected the smell of the inferno, the inferno had sneaked into this door."

"The disciples had ordered, so that nine elders to search trail inferno, but the disciples worried dark and dreary, with Ji Ling intends to immediately enter seal a big fuss, restart Kowloon sleepy magic array."

Paused to action Promise hand, frowned and asked: "?? Is the cloud Yao Ji Ling Qingyun country girl looking back from that, destiny chart indicates the person Guards change it."

"! It was his" Chutian Sheng nodded and said: "This child, like the autumn senior sister apprentice, also has a mysterious sword blood, should be able to successfully open the Kowloon sleepy magic array."

The Promise turned, looking dignified and asked: "?! Matter of relationship golden secrets behind this door, Chutian Sheng, are you sure"

Chutian Sheng frown thought for a moment, before solemnly nodded: "! Disciples OK"

"Good! That old lady now accompany the den to take a trip!" To the Promise regardless Dan furnace has not mastered immortality,With Dan Chu Tiansheng out of the room.

Both real dollars to unite one pair of wings, flew across the sky like a bird-like, and soon arrived at the red Xiao Feng.

When the two men entered the house of Atlas, also with cloud Yao Ji Ling arrived.

After Chu Tiansheng to cloud Yao retire, so she took the two men to Promise and Ji Ling, enter a secret room inside the palace.

Chamber of Secrets has a strong protective matrix method, as well as an indoor Chuansong Zhen, Chu Tiansheng only can be opened.

When open Chuansong Zhen Chu Tiansheng use arcane, secret room appeared in a blazing white light door.

As long as the three door across this light, red Xiao Feng underneath, deep underground den away.

Where there is repression unrivaled devil!

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