Chapter 130 of the Blood Moon Princess and the high priest

Chapter 130 of the Blood Moon Princess and the high priest

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The wind is the strongest lightning Sha Zhao Ji day trip.

Use this trick sword, he can Jane Yu Tong Xuan territory seriously wounded.

However, the blood of the electro-optical dark golden hand shot pulverized instantly dissipated.

That huge bloody hand is intact, lightning-fast to catch his forehead.

Black robe woman's strength is too tough!

Powerful let Ji-day trip heart of despair, there is no room to fight back.

Seeing wind lightning strike was broken, he did not hesitate sprang left five meters, desperate to escape the bloody hands of the catch.


Black robe woman's bloody hands shot in the dark brown walls, the spot will shoot a huge rock wall of fingerprints, darting out numerous gravel.

"Humph! Damn fleas, but also wanted to hide?"

Women in black robes contemptuous sneer, waving palms, with two huge bloody hands, footed grip to Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip mad fled to avoid, in the stone room suddenly left and right, the figure is very embarrassed.

Women in black robes pair of bloody hands, pat on the rock continuously fall, issued a "bang bang bang" muffled, leaving several road Mahamudra.

Whole stone chamber trembled shake up, burst open a road crack on the rock wall, spraying the countless stone chips.

Unfortunately sarcophagus is too small, there is no room for maneuver.

Ji-day trip mad only escaped four attacks, but ultimately could not escape the fifth attack of bloody hands.


Muffled sound, he was shot in a huge bloody hands back, was immediately shot fly, severely hit the rock wall.

He vomited blood in the corner of the fall, has been the spirit of Weidun, eyes closed, was beaten seriously injured in a coma.

Women in black robes carrying step went up to him, his eyes flashed a touch of coldness contempt.

She raised her palms, huge bloody hand contains violent matchless power, severely beat his chest to record day trip.

If this beat hit, Ji-day trip scheduled to the spot to be made into a pate, must not live.


Muffled sound, Ji chest day trip huge blood fingerprints.

However, his mouth out with a slip Xue Jian, the body has not deformed.

He was wearing ice dragon treasure, at the critical moment bloody hands blocking the power of eighty percent, so lucky he survived.

But black robe woman frowned, glanced at his Qingpao inside the ice dragon treasure, his eyes flashed a hint of sarcastic sneer.

She raised her palms again, Shi Zhanshuo big bloody hands, forehead towards Ji-day trip to the beat.

His head did not ice Chi Bao armor protection, we should be seeing the looks pulpy.

At this critical juncture, the abdomen at the pubic region Ji-day trip, but suddenly Bo issued a black light.

It contains a black light icy breath of death, and instantly form a huge black hole, the black robe woman enveloped.

Women in black robes caught off guard, was immediately stunned.

Blink of an eye, her bloody hands will be huge black hole swallowed.

Her whole body strength is also quickly pulled out, like flooding into the black hole.

Mysterious and powerful phagocytosis, firmly wrapped around her, so she could not move, his eyes revealing a deep sense of fear of color.

"Damn! What the hell!"

Women in black robes uttered exclaimed, struggling like mad.

But she resorted to the power of life, can not break free of the shackles of the black hole.The more she pushed the majestic power of resistance, and that the power of the black hole faster.

Filled with horror at the same time, the black robe woman eyes gazed at the black hole.

She vaguely see the layers of fog, there is a huge figure of an indomitable spirit.

But she Wuxialihui these, but I do not have time to explore the huge black shadow road, what it is.

"The high priest, help me quickly!"

Black robe woman panicked call for help.

As she Carter, stone chamber door "shabu" and emerge a cloud of black fog, condensed into a tall, burly man.

This person up to more than two meters tall, burly general tower, hands and feet at the neck skin and also purple.

He also wore a black robe, his head purple hair tied into a few root long braids and red with a pair of palm-leaf fan like Bigfoot, it will look hard to forget.

The old man with the black robe woman, just as the smoke coming from under the cliff.

Ji days before the black robe woman against a row, he was lurking in the dark not far, secretly alert.

Black robe woman heard cries for help, he quickly came to the rescue.

His eyes were cold through the iron gate, staring so long at the mysterious black hole, a pair of blood-red eye exposed deep fear of color.

"Blood Moon Princess, you should not mess with this man!"

Priest look dignified Di heard, off his hand from his waist up to three meters of a black bullwhip.

I do not know what bullwhip material, whole body suffused with dark purple, covered with fine scales, like a black snake.

High priest wrist flick, let the cold whip through the iron gate, whipping wrapped around the waist of the Blood Moon Princess.

He gave Di, blooming power of life, pulling a pull fiercely whip.

Purple light illuminates the bullwhip, burst out powerful matchless power, suddenly unable to move the Blood Moon Princess, from the black hole out of the lira.


Blood Moon Princess severely hit on the cold iron gate, even the cold slap thick iron gate, hit a pit of depression.

She looks sluggish collapsed to the ground, severe breathing, revealing a lingering fear in the eyes.

"It was horrible! I was hit engulfed Liu Cheng skill!"

"That black hole is what it is? So much as the power of terror?"

She looked at the mysterious black hole filled with fear, voice hoarse whisper.

The high priest stared at the mysterious black hole saw his eyes, whispered cautioned:. "Blood Moon Princess, just sudden movement, we have to get out, or to be people who were found in the dyke."

Blood Moon Princess was not willing to stare at a record day trip, it turned into a shadow, drilled out from the railing of the cold iron gate.

Blink of an eye, and the princess monthly blood are a heap Mist Priest, into a dark, black fly toward the outside wind tunnel.


Chek Xiao Feng dyke cases, the head of the red Xiao palace residence.

One full of colorful brilliance, rich world of strength such as the Chamber of Secrets clouds, the Chutian Sheng is sitting practice to exercise our powers in battle formation.

In front of him off the ground a half meters in the air, suspended in a large basin black shell.

That ancient and mysterious shell, lined with intricate lines above, there are thousands of silvery spot.

At the very edge of the shell edges and corners are rounded and smooth, apparently often been holding in the palm of play,And there is not short years.

Suddenly, the light spot on a black silver shell change, fast moving, become aligned blink several odd silver wire.

Chu Tiansheng eyes practice sensed abnormality, quickly opened his eyes, glued to the silver shell.

After a moment, he was looking for a change, severely frowned, murmuring and said: "!! Star map appearing ...... is there inferno inferno breath sneaked into this door."

"Is inferno of people come to the matchless devil?"

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