Section 124 is that you killed her

Section 124 is that you killed her

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Ji-day line speed as fast winds, blink of an eye rushed in front of Ji Ling.

His fists shining golden brilliance of real dollars, carrying sharpened overbearing power, mercilessly pound Ji Ling's side door.

Ji Ling has taken precaution, immediately sideways back, jumped out of the pavilion.

He escaped the attack Ji-day trip, jump tree-lined trail, also face joking sneered: "Ji-day trip, you will never get the better of me!"

"In the past, the present and the future, you will always be my underfoot! I will let you feel what is called despair!"

"To hell with you!" Ji-day trip Di heard angry, fists toward Ji Ling again.

Some narrow tree-lined trail, Ji Ling is difficult to escape his attack, then the head the law to resist.

"Tiger Leap palm!"

Ji Ling operating life of real dollars, covered with Bo issued a strong underlying strength, shock clothes fluttering agitation, violent shoot palms underlying strength.

"Bang bang bang!"

Suddenly, the two palm and fist attack will collide several times, he broke a few dull sound.

Ji Ling although real dollars throughout the Seventh strength, but not as good as real dollars Ji-day trip of more Kuangmeng overbearing, was hit Zhentui five steps away.

Do not wait for him to hold the pace, Ji-day trip again punched the man.

"Bang bang!"

But also several more muffled burst, Ji Hui Zhang Ling blocked three punches, but was Ji-day trip a punch in the chest.

He once again pushed back five steps, his face became pale, mouth also coughed up blood.

"Ji Ling! In the end who is more desperate?!" Ji-day trip filled with murderous thundered loudly, rushed to Ji Ling again.

Ji Ling gloomy face, did not speak of Shizhan Hu Yue palm, hard to resist his attack.

The two men fighting in the tree-lined trail, the figure continues to walk a fine line, dazzling.

Every Quan Zhang collision of the two, will burst fierce underlying strength, minced roadside flowers and foliage.

One hundred short period of rest time, the two have played against more than twenty strokes.

Real dollars throughout the six-fold Ji-day trip and called Ji Ling fight losing ground, pale forehead cold sweat.

But at this time, the tree-lined trail suddenly a slim figure appeared.

It came she hurried appointment of Ji Ke.

When she arrived near the gazebo, you can see Ji Ji-day trip and spiritual figure.

See the two are fierce fighting, she suddenly his face was downcast, severely frowned.

"what happened?"

"Sky brother asked me to come here, how Huang Shu has come? They also beat up?"

Ji Ke puzzled whisper a few words, and quickly rushed to Ji-day trip around, his face anxious shouted: "! Sky brother, Huang Shu, you quickly stop ah"

"No matter what you have resentment, which is in the case of the door, and you yourselves privately fighting, regulation will be punished by the door!"

Ji and Ji Ling two-day trip, Ji Ke suddenly heard the voice, are looking for a change.

Ji Ling eyes flashed a hint of sneer succeed, secretly proud.

Ji-day trip was a bit startled, turned around to look around Ji Ke, puzzled and asked: "Ke-ke, you came here to do?"

Ji Ke also shocked, puzzled and asked: "? Sky brother, not your messenger to me, about me coming here to meet you."

"You also said in the letter, to discuss something with me, rain or shine ...... so I quickly came."

Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, realizing that the situation is not good, "No! Keke, I did not give you a pass over the letter ...... You cheated!"

Ji Ke also stared after Lengzheng what they guessed, and certainly Ji Ling out of the ghost!

However, in line with Ji Ke Ji-day confrontation, when verify the authenticity of the letter.

Ji Ling took the opportunity to have rushed in front of Ji-day trip, reaching the belt off his waist, Doushou become soft-edged sword, grinning face of stabbing Ji-day trip.

"Ji-day trip, you are subject to go die!"

Ji Ke Ji Ling just turned around to look, they see Ji Ling, holds a soft sword, stabbing chest severely discipline day trip.

"Sky brother, be careful!" Critical juncture, she subconsciously emit cries, remind Ji-day trip.

However, Ji-day trip myself, want to escape too late.

Critical juncture, Ji Ke hesitate to come forward, rushed to the front of Ji day trip, physically blocked that sword!


Blade pierce clothes and flesh voice sounded slightly.

Ke Ji-day trip back to the discipline, length black blade pierced her right shoulder from behind Speranskia out.

Bright red blood from flowing out of the wound, stained clothes in her back.

Ji-day trip did not think how, Ji Ling is so despicable sinister, with a soft sword took the opportunity to attack.

He did not expect out of life and death in the occasion, Ji Ke even hesitate to sacrifice their lives to the rescue!

His anger canthus was killing, but also severely heart twitch a few times, came a sting.


Ji-day trip exclamation, and immediately rushed to Ji Ke, to attempt to save her.

But Ji Ling more responsive, long soft sword pull out the black and Ke Ji arm around the neck, she kidnapped.

Ji Ke sword in the body, pale as a sheet, there is no power of resistance.

Ji Ling constantly dragged her back, and with a sword rack on her neck, his face grim day trip to Ji shouted: "!! Ji-day trip you come back, I'll kill her sword."

Ji Ji Ke Sky concerns of safety, Interpreting Rufen, did not dare to act rashly.

He only stopped five meters apart confrontation with Ji Ling.

Unmatched anger so that he almost runaway, his eyes also became crimson as blood, hoarse shouted: "!! Ji Ling you bastard."

"Keke is your niece ah! You actually cruel to her start! Hello deceitful heart, simply pigs and dogs!"

Ji Ling blanket a grin, looking grim sneered: "Ji-day trip, you really laughable thing born in the royal family never to speak of!!"

"Ke Ji die today, that's because you died, you were killed!"

His voice thundered pernicious, and pizhong Ji Hui Zhang Ke's head, she knocked.

Then he dragged Ji Ke coma receding.

After ten steps, he retreated to the end of the tree-lined trail, is behind the cliff!

Yu Jianfeng steep straight, from a distance like a sword standing on the earth.

That cliff enough to have more than one thousand meters deep, dense jungle is the bottom of the cliff at the foot of the mountain.

Ji Ji Ling-day trip step by step approach, sternly shouted: "! Ji Ling What do you want?"

"You put Ji Ke! I promise not to kill you today!"

Ji Ling suddenly contemptuous sneer: "You do not kill me?Oh ...... but I will kill you ah! "

"Otherwise, you think, I deliberately lured you both here, for what?"

"What?!" Ji-day trip immediately eyes glared, intended to kill Bo whole body issued the sky.

"Keke is innocent, you are not even sparing her?"

Ji Ling face grim sneered: "!! She is to die for you is that you killed her."

When he finished, he severely beat Ji Ke shot in the back, push it to the next cliff.

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