Chapter 121 of glory came so suddenly

Chapter 121 of glory came so suddenly

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Long before entering the dyke cases, Ji Ling vaguely that some news.

He knew he was dyke were looking for people, it seems that the relationship with a very important thing.

So he knew that once he entered the dyke cases, will be subject to re-use and cultivation.

He may have been the entry two weeks, it has not been reused.

He was secretly anxious, but can not find someone to ask.

Now he knows that the time has finally arrived!

Cloud Yao heard the words, his heart beat a bit, deep eyes flashed lighted.

He did not think, turned out to be the head of the dyke were personally interviewed him.

The attention and honor, just let him excited excited!

But his face still calm, respectful hand and said: "Jinzun big senior sister apprentice teachings!"

Cloud Yao did not take it, with his calm looking into the hall where.

Silent hall where, on only the first throne, sitting with a figure.

It was a middle-aged man dressed in a golden robe, face Kong Gangyi handsome, sporting a snow-white hair, the momentum is very strong dignity.

Ji Ling astute mind, of course, recognize them, that is what Atlas were contemporary head!

He entered the hall with the cloud Yao stood still, along with cloud Yao bowed together.

"The disciples see the head of the Master!"

"Meet the disciples head!"

Chu Tiansheng head sitting on the throne, condescending looked Ji Ling.

He could see at a glance, Ji Ling has real dollars throughout the Seventh strength, is about to be advanced to real dollars throughout eight heavy.

Moreover, he saw Ji Ling fine appearance, temperament and demeanor are very gentle conversation hearts they secretly nod, with care.

"You called Ji Ling? Prince Albatron country the royal family?"

Chu Tiansheng watching Ji Ling, calm tone asked.

Ji Ling was staring at his wise and calm eyes, just feel slightly cold transparent, as if seen through a general.

He quickly looked down and hand over Hui Bing said: "! Head back, then, is the case."

Chutian Sheng nodded, and asked again: "? Ji Ling, you too can be seen your grandmother or great-grandmother."

The problem, suddenly Ji Ling stunned.

Great-grandmother, referring to his grandfather's mother.

The grandmother too, is his grandfather's grandmother.

Albatron royal family in the country, today's grandparents are still alive, only a man ancestors Himekami night.

So, Ji Ling answered candidly, shook his head and said:. "Back to the head, the disciples did not seen"

Chu Tiansheng deep eyes flashed a touch of disappointment, but not by anyone perceived.

He looked calm and nodded and said: "worth mentioning, that are the ancestors a hundred years ago, you have not seen is normal."

"Ji Ling, you come here, let stand a good look at this."

Ji Ling Chu Tiansheng though not understand the meaning, but still obeyed stepped forward, head bowed respectfully, standing in front of Chu Tiansheng.

Chu Tiansheng out big hands, holding the wrist Ji Ling secretly released a powerful spiritual knowledge, probing the case of Ji Ling body.

Ji Ling know why, only stood in quiet, looks neatly.

In fact, his mind flashed all sorts of positive thoughts, secretly thinking: "head to spiritual consciousness probing my case, is it to see my talent qualification it?"

"Fortunately, I have won the Pearl of thorough refining, pubic region with ordinary weapons, as head certainly do not see abnormal."

Shortly after, Chu Tiansheng what seems to exploration, eyes suddenly flashed a shirt.

"Really is a mysterious sword of blood!"

His spirits Di Hu a, this withdrew his right hand and spiritual consciousness.

He turned around to look cloud Yao, looking pleased and said: "! Yao Yun, you do well."

"The three of you established the power, Japan Ming seat to winning three of you!"

Yao Yun looking calm hand salute and said: "! Thank head Master"

Chutian Sheng Ji Ling and look, smiled and said:. "Ji Ling, you return to the situation and trying to hospital practice, later in this seat for the deacon Korea will send you two days Pill, two blood Ling Dan"

"With the help of immortality, so that you can get the mysterious sword blood refining, power surge!"

"After you pass pending examination into the door, if you correct character, good, this seat might receive on your qualifications for the pro-disciple!"

Suddenly heard this, Ji Ling shocked at the time, revealing a touch of disbelief expression.

How he did not expect the surprise came so suddenly.

Warriors honorable head of adults, even personally speak to accept him as a pro-disciple!

Ji Ling is very clear, cloud Yao is the head of the pro-disciple, and it is the first day Tianchen domain, recognized head of the bit successor.

A few decades time, such as after head Chu Tiansheng abdicate, cloud Yao Dawei will inherit head, were in charge of the dyke and the entire TIANCHEN domain!

If he is also head received as a disciple, the future will have the opportunity to compete with the cloud Yao head of the place!

Tian Chen in charge of the entire field, it was his lifelong wish!

He never ventured to imagine that he can escape from life-long pursuit of the goal so close!

The thought that he trembling hands suddenly excited, excited even voice a tremble.

He bowed deeply, sincerely intended Road out: "! Thank head of adult guidance and help."

"Students will be given practice hard, never let adults head down!"

Cloud Yao has not yet speak, but the eyes flashed a hint of surprise of color.

She did not expect, head of the Master himself even said that sentence.

She is very clear, to become head of the pro-disciple, it means that in the future be eligible to compete head of the place, this is how amazing opportunity!

However, she vaguely guessed the reason, they did not say anything.

Chu Tiansheng smiled and nodded, waved and said:. "Well, you go back Ji Ling"

Ji Ling again thanked Chu Tiansheng, respectful salute to leave, turned and left the house Atlas.

After leaving to be Ji Ling, cloud Yao this slight frown, the Chutian Sheng asked: "? Master, you just promise to close Ji Ling is pro-disciple, if this gift is too heavy."

"Is it only because he was pregnant with mysterious sword blood, will be able to receive this special treatment?"

Chu Tiansheng mouth evoke a touch of playful smile, nodded and said:. "Yao Yun, as a teacher to do so, promising natural division of truth"

"Seal a big fuss about things, you still something not clear. In fact, the repression unrivaled devil seal a big fuss, a total of two!"

"The first seat seal a big fuss, is thousands of years ago who beat sword unrivaled devil of the world outside expert,Readily cloth under a big fuss. "

"After years of the millennium, the one that has broken a big fuss, the power of the weak. However, in addition to the world outside expert or who his successor, no one can manipulate the tall seal a big fuss."

"This door predecessors had expected, the one that seal a big fuss will be maintained up to the Millennium failure, so every two hundred years a large array will be reinforced."

"But this is still not a permanent solution, the door predecessors have long struggled to find ways."

Here, Chu Tiansheng revealing a touch memories eyes, deep voice tells road.

"One hundred years ago, this door has elders proficient in battle formation, pedantic Heaven, deals with tactical deployment of the road, look to the south land nine field is also hard to find opponents."

"She thirty six years of painstaking research, and finally laid out a Kowloon sleepy magic array, used to suppress unrivaled devil red Xiaofeng under."

"If start Kowloon sleepy magic array, you can increase the first seat seal a big fuss, so that K-Swiss devil can not break the seal. But unfortunately ...... Kowloon sleepy magic array before construction is completed, the elders who then left this door, from whereabouts unknown. "

Chu Tiansheng smile and shook his head, his voice low and said: "! All in all, still the seat of the elders who do senior sister apprentice"

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