117 Chapter target of public criticism

117 Chapter target of public criticism

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Ji-day trip followed the cloud Yao left the hospital situation, walking down a tree-lined hillside trail.

This place is located deep in the tree-lined trail, no silence, and very few people pass by on weekdays.

Two out of three miles away along the tree-lined trail, this standing under a century-old trees struck up a conversation.

Ji Yun Yao looked calm day trip, asked: "Now you started already and a half months, this time may also adapt?"

Ji-day trip smiled, nodded and said:. "Thank you, miss big senior sister apprentice, I have to adapt to the rules of these doors, these doors also have become accustomed to life."

Yao Yun nodded his head, then said: "? XuanXuan small junior sister apprentice before I heard you mention that you broke the door rules, was sent to the palace PETN sweeping"

Ji days Xinglue a little embarrassed, Samsam smile, "Yes ah, Korean deacon fine me to sweep the floor a month, but fortunately is over a half months."

Cloud Yao slight frown, his tone of awe: "The PETN palace that place, Dengxianzhibei simply get in."

"Apart from a small junior sister apprentice free access, even I want to go, Father who had to consent to it."

"Young-day trip, you are given too medroxyprogesterone be careful when doing things, must not offend the Father who, or even if I want to help you immune, the identity of who Father ......"

When you hear here, Ji-day trip can not help revealing a hint of a smile.

"Great senior sister apprentice, I seem to have offended the Father who, but also not to offend the light."

"Ah?" Cloud Yao corrugated embroider eyebrow, eyes flashed a hint of concern, "You done wrong?"

Ji-day trip not look directly at her clear eyes, she looked away, with a wry smile: "I inadvertently expose the roof of his old, also destroyed his old Bi soul nurtured grass and blue ling tree ......"

"You ......" cloud Yao got a little laugh and cry, looking at the expression of complex discipline-day trip, a long time after only shook his head, sighed and said:. "Hey, you hope for the best of it."

"Bi soul grass and blue ling tree, the entire dyke cases, only have a Father who, before I would like to ask a blue aster, have had begged the Master to come forward to fight for the job."

"You ah, to be alive in front of me, is not very easy."

Ji Yun Yao-day trip listening to that voice full of frustration, look at her look of concern, mind a slight movement.

"Great senior sister apprentice, you do not worry about me, I know the sense of proportion, and who seems to have Father ...... did not you say so cruel ah."

Yun Yao Meimou a turn, glanced at him, some strange tone: "I can not worry about you!"

"I just think, you young age, if under Father who is angry and killed, and more pathetic."

"......" Ji-day trip is quite silent, do not know how to pick up her words.

Moreover, he always felt Yao cloud high above, do not dye Qian Chen's holy fairy, normally cold aloof.

I do not know why, cloud Yao in front of him did not reject the kind of people thousands of miles outside the atmosphere of indifference.

His heart thought to myself, what is special about it themselves? Yao pleasant escape from the cloud to get treatment and care?

In his cranky the occasion, there was a tree-lined trail white youth, is quick footed running.

That seems to be what is looking for white youth,Yao suddenly saw the shadow of a cloud, suddenly speed up and ran.

"Great senior sister apprentice, I can count found you!"

A clean white look hurried look, walked to the cloud Yao's side.

When he saw rows Ji-day side, suddenly he frowned.

Clean the cold white eyes glanced discipline a day trip, it seems a bit unhappy.

Yao Yun looking indifferent, tone calm and asked: "? White Young, you find me something."

White looked clean recovered Ji-day trip eyes, cloud Yao quickly smiled and said:. "Big senior sister apprentice, adult head back, Atlas is the temple, messaging let you in to see it."

Cloud Yao's eyes softened a lot, "Master back? Well, I went to the house of the dyke."

When he finished, she turned around to look Ji-day trip, told:. "Young-day trip, just what I say, you have to keep in mind."

"Of course we dare not forget." Ji-day trip Baoquan hand over, revealing a hint of a smile.

Cloud Yao nodded, this white with dust and walked away.

Before leaving, also turned away and looked clean white lines a day century, the eyes of some indifference.

Ji-day trip is always looking calm, I do not see the expression changes.

However, the clean white look and demeanor, he is clearly distinct look, my heart has been a fuss.

"The white dust, since the first time I saw him in Qingyun country, he seems to be some prejudice against me, I do not know where to mess with him?"

After the tree stood for a moment, before he turned to leave.

After a quarter of an hour, Ji-day trip back to the hospital situation.

Several disciples that has not returned to his room, still in the yard, in twos and threes together, talk still whispered something.

See Ji-day trip back, a few disciples spontaneously quiet, all he cast towards complex eyes.

People are very understanding of quiet, eyes staring at him across the yard.

Until he returned to the room, and everyone continue this discussion, but also increasingly look wonderful.

"Well do not know what that guy is gone dog |! Feces |! Movement, can escape to get to know the big senior sister apprentice"

"An outrage! Big senior sister apprentice angel that kind of beauty in general, how to be friends with him?"

Shi Jing and easy to ink two jealous eyes almost red, deeper hatred of discipline day trip.

The other two disciples gathered under a big tree, but also face jealousy and indignation expression.

"No! I have to put that kid stole the fruit of the Spirit told big senior sister apprentice, can not let that villain Ji-day trip near the big senior sister apprentice!"

"Ahem ...... you know with the big senior sister apprentice? You appear with her? Put it on him?"

The man had spoken earlier fell silent, a look of awkward silence receded.

Ji Ling sitting on a stone bench under a large banyan tree, holding ancient books, pretending to read a book.

Heard the buzz grateful disciples indignation, he sneered put a sentence.

"Ha ha ha, had Albatron country, if not the big senior sister apprentice to help, that guy even attend an introductory qualification majority are not!"

In addition there are a few disciples gossip, conspire Ji Ling quickly all around, looked at him helplessly.

"Ji Ling, you just said that Ji day all right?"

"Specifically how ah? You should know, right?"

"Quick told us about, do not guessing ah!"

Ji Ling seems to be around people like this, feeling like Zhongxingpengyue.

Sneer on his face even more color, glanced discipline Sky room, only a low voice began to tell the majority of entry-thing.

Several disciples in a circle, with all listened, occasionally talk a few words.

Invisible, Ji handy with a few disciples stood on one front, are very hostile to Ji-day trip.

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