Chapter 116 big senior sister apprentice looking for me?

Chapter 116 big senior sister apprentice looking for me?

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The next few days, black people there have not been, probably in the dark recuperate.

Ji-day trip per day during the day to go to the Palace too sweeping, incidentally thousand square set research, learning Denmark and pharmaceuticals.

At night he would concentrate on practice meteor jianjue, pondering the mystery of thousands of birds blade lightning and wind.

These days, the Promise to no longer been seen, Ji-day trip do not know what he was busy.

Since that evening, after the famous Lu met outside the gate, XuanXuan these days did not go over too medroxyprogesterone.

Unconsciously, five days later.

Today is the second week of the quiz hospital situation, Han Qiao school students to test everyone's learning outcomes.

Early in the morning, the hall of the hospital situation where they rang the bell buildup.

Ji Hao day trip and Nie, who have rushed to the main hall are set to accept Han Qiao student assessment.

The content of the assessment is on Denmark and dispensing.

Han Qiao per person born to a ten disciples Denmark, letting Duwu put on the table more than forty herbs.

Denmark and the hands of the people, after deletion of all, lack twenty-three kinds of herbs.

Han Qiao raw assessment content is to let everyone in half the time of incense, the careful study of Denmark, Fang Dan will complement the missing ingredients.

Eventually, ten disciples have completed the task within a half stick of incense, and the missing Dan prescription medicine complemented.

Han Qiao lived after examination, announced the results of the assessment.

Ji-day trip, Nie Hao, Ji Ling, easy and ink stone Jing Cheng et al., All accurate to complete the task.

Only a certain disciple with the wrong medicine, failed to complete the task.

The disciple Han Qiao was born a few reprimand and deducted monthly from a real dan example.

Each disciple Atlas cases per month can receive a certain amount of monthly cases, this is the door were granted subsidies to help enhance the strength of his disciples.

Common foreign disciples, every month only six real dan, five skill upgrading spiritual fruit.

The hospital situation ten talented disciples, every month to receive real dan ten and eight spiritual fruit.

Ji Hao Nie day trip and other personnel entry two weeks to wait until early next month, in order to receive monthly cases.

That did not complete the task of the disciples, it is so detained a real dan, it is very distressed.

After the assessment, Han Qiao students will be announced the next two weeks all tasks.

"Now Now that you know the herbs, but also to understand Denmark and dispensing."

"The next two weeks, we will study Dan Ling Yun, and Yang Xin jade Dan Dan Dan Square, and practice refining immortality. Dan exterior doors have room exclusively for disciples alchemy, we can go there to practice alchemy. "

"However, you have only three alchemy of materials per person, so you have to understand thoroughly, be sure to go try the alchemy."

"At the end of this month, the seat will be your monthly exam, the time to an award based on your performance!"

"This seat can be disclosed in advance that at the end of the assessment of the top three will have a reward, but reward the most generous first place, it will greatly affect the next six months of your practice!"

After much talking, Han Qiao students let Duwu to three per person paid alchemy materials.

Subsequently, Han Qiao born she took Duwu left.Grateful disciples are carrying the burden of containing herbs, after another out of the hall.

Ji Hao Nie day trip and a few pleasantries, the two are finally out of the hall.

When they walked into the courtyard, he saw several other disciples, gathered at the gate of the hospital situation, something seems to talk quietly.

He frowned, subconsciously muttered, "What are they doing?"

Nie Hao toward the gate to look at each other, nodded and said:. "Let's go over to see it."

They also move across the yard, he walked toward the front door.

I saw, was standing at the gate of a woman wearing a white dress.

Although people only see the silhouette of the woman, but also are showing amazing expression, his eyes showing admiration of color.

That woman dressed in snow white dress, slim figure rapid heart beat, beautiful cheeks suffocating, long black hair down to his waist.

She just stood quietly outside the gate, it kind of aloof, cold aloof elegance.

Storm House of talented disciples of you see her, will feel ashamed, not close to disturb her.

Several disciples together, but also excited face of whispered talk with.

"What a beautiful woman! Afraid of you joke, my life, I was the first time I saw such a peerless beauty!"

"Yes ah, I feel the same! So stunning beauty, temperament Chu Chen, like a fairy general heaven!"

"Hey, you are too ignorant, this white beauty is our big senior sister apprentice, the chief disciple cloud door Yao ah!"

"Ah? She is the cloud Yao? TIANCHEN domain first day?"

"God, I heard two years ago her reputation and deeds, did not expect to see the real Yan Fangrong today can escape, was so lucky!"

"Unfortunately, this peerless beauty only a distance, not profane, or I want ventured to the audience with big senior sister apprentice!"

Shi Jing also to ease ink together, eyes looked hot cloud Yao, further whispered talk with.

"I never thought, cloud Yao big senior sister apprentice turned out to exterior doors, also came to our hospital situation!"

"Yes ah! I do not know what the big senior sister apprentice to the hospital situation? It appears that she was like looking for people?"

"Hey! I do not know who the lucky escape and get to know the big senior sister apprentice, had her personally to find courtyard situation!"

"If people are looking for big senior sister apprentice I nice? I can tomorrow in the door were famous, do not know how many fellow to me jealous!"

While many people were talking about the occasion, standing at the gate of the cloud Yao, suddenly turned round to look to the yard.

Her indifferent expression immediately became mild, with a very nice voice call out: "! Sky Young, you look out."

Suddenly heard these words, the yard grateful disciples were dumbfounded.

And they were all shocked face, incredible look Ji-day trip, revealing a deep sense of jealousy and envy eyes.

Ji Hao day trip and Nie line side by side, just walked around the gate.

See Yao cloud stand at the door, he guessed those disciples must have been talking about her.

But he did not expect, cloud Yao turned out to come to him, but also take the initiative to greet him.

He hesitated for just walked outside the gate, walked in front of the cloud Yao.

"Miss Yun Yao ......"He nodded to the cloud Yao point, he was about to open inquiry.

"Ah?" Cloud Yao was embroidered wrinkled brow, eyes staring at him interesting.

Ji-day trip this wake up, quickly corrected himself and said: "? The big senior sister apprentice, you find me."

"Yes." Yao Yun looking calm and said: "I have something you want to say, you have a minute?"

"Of course." Ji-day trip without hesitation nodded.

Cloud Yao nodded, turned outwards around, "Follow me."

Yard grateful disciples saw Ji-day trip followed the cloud Yao to leave, suddenly exposed both envy and jealousy of expression, and whisper together against it.

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