Chapter 109 of the mad dog biting people?

Chapter 109 of the mad dog biting people?

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Heard these words, several disciples are showing a gloating smile.

Shi Jing Cheng Ji Ling and two, and even chuckled opening ridicule Ji-day trip.

"Han deacon, can you forget? Ji-day trip this guy was your penalty to sweep the floor, which is seven days from dawn to dusk every day cleaning it."

"Yes ah! Korean deacons, your question, Ji-day trip is definitely not the answer, he certainly is now head is full of sweeping and weed it."

Ji-day trip look cold glanced Ji Ling and competing as a stone, eyes flashed a hint of contempt of color.

Then he turned around to look Han Qiao born, his tone calm: "! Korean deacons, this strain of the herb is not sealed Ling-lan, but back to the days Que"

To hear the answer Ji-day trip, the students did not speak Han Qiao, several disciples would have frowned.

"Back to the days Que? Lan Ling Feng obviously is, he blind yet?"

"What kind of name is that? I ever heard!"

"One thousand three thousand five hundred and twenty kinds of herbal medicine recorded episode, I memorized all, absolutely no back to the days Que herb!"

"Hey, it seems that Ji-day trip is sweeping the brain sweep confused, cut the crap a name, right?"

"Look at his poker face askew, if I had not familiar with one thousand drug set, he really was blinded!"

"Hmmm, wait and see! He dare to fool the casual Korean deacons, quasi did not end well!"

Shi Jing Cheng, Ji Ling Yi ink and three are secretly endless sneer, look Ji-day trip eyes full of banter and compassion.

Han Qiao students still looking calm discipline of looking at the day trip, asked again: "? Ji-day trip, we all know this herb, that this is sealed Ling-lan, are you sure this is back to the days Que"

"You have been through it? I hope you think this a good seat to answer!"

Ji-day trip to ignore the crowd's ridicule and sneer, look firmly nodded: "! Han deacon, disciple sure it is back to the days Que"

"Well, you say it's habits and efficacy." Han Qiao student's eyes flashed a strange smile.

Ji-day trip looking as usual, he said: "back to the days Que, usually grown in the mountains above 3000 meters, is covered with snow and clouds, have contributed to refining the soul and spiritual knowledge of the effectiveness of ......"

"Although it looks like most of the Lan Ling Feng, even many masters alchemy, if not carefully view will admit, but it does have the seal Lan Ling difference!"

"Seal spiritual roots opalescent blue, and is outwardly divergent growth, and root back Tianque shall snow white, the convergence from the outside is wound ......"

Han Qiao students, smiling, listening quietly tells Ji day trip.

Shi Jing Cheng, Yi ink, Ji Ling and several of his disciples, the expression changed dramatically.

In the beginning, everyone finds a discipline day trip is nonsense talking nonsense, are gloating spectacular posture.

But they listened Ji-day trip talking and ye say well-founded, will converge sneer face up.

At the last, and everyone looked at each other, eyes also welled up color shocked and puzzled.

"Is not it? This guy can say clearly and logically nonsense talking nonsense?"

"I should not be ah! That obviously is sealed Lan Ling Well! What Que days back, there is no record ah or thousands of drug collection!"

"This kid does not say is true, right?"

"Do not worry, Korean deacon has not announced the results of it!"

"What shit back to the palace of heaven, thousands of drugs did not even set records, Han deacon how we can take this test?"

Talk with people whispering, the mood is some apprehension.

Finally, Ji-day trip looking calm, confident tone finished Que difference back to the days of the Lan Ling Feng.

Down the hall in silence.

Han Qiao students will put down the hands of the herb, even she stood up.

His condescending look at Ji-day trip, his face showing a happy smile, even a clap clap.

"good, very good, excellent!"

Han Qiao Road Health consecutive three words, let the spot competing as stone, ink and Ji Yi Ling, who looked sluggish, completely stunned.

Several disciples have face downcast, staring at the incredible discipline-day trip.

Han Qiao students Shengruhongzhong opening: "Ji-day trip, you're absolutely right, even you have to say, are word for word the say the seat!"

"You very carefully, Asamoto While Dan, you deserve a reward!"

When he finished, he took out a dark red immortality from the black bag, flexor of a bomb brought before Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip smiled and took Asamoto Dan, Han Qiao students bow to a ceremony, "Thank you, Han deacon!"

Han Qiao students smiled and waved his hand and said: "! Do not thank this seat, it's your own efforts and knowledge come."

When he finished, he looked at the stone looking awe competing as easy ink and others, Chen Sheng said:. "Although the seat so that you learn one thousand drug set, you can recite every word."

"But only rote, do not mind to observe and learn, not to judge the whole person, worthy to be called a genius!"

"This seat so that you learn to recognize the herbs, do not you just look at one thousand drug set? I do not know to see more of herb books do?"

"After your career in the world, we encountered the enemy to display their martial art you have never seen before, do not you just sit still, hoping to kill it?"

"Even if you do not understand this truth, it is also repair what martial arts? Home farming as early as possible to have children!"

Grateful disciples were so severe reprimand Han Qiao students, all reveal the color ashamed of, afraid to look down one after another Han Qiao students.

The stone Jing Cheng, Ji Ling Yi ink and three, had just jumped himself with the most joy, cynical laugh Ji-day trip, but now is the ugliest face.

Ten disciples, had several competing as easy ink stone most confident.

However, they both admit the medicine tree, also vowed Lan Ling said it is sealed.

In the end, which they jibe Ji-day trip, but recognized kindred back to the palace of heaven, and tell the difference between the drug and the closure of Lan Ling.

This mastery of Dan Road prides itself competing as easy ink stone, it is definitely a great insult!

Both fists clenched, heart pulsing with anger and humiliation of flame, Ji-day trip to hated.

If not Ji day trip out the answer, in public limelight, so they will not be reprimanded Korean deacon!

So, of course I wanted this reckoning They Ji-day trip in the head.

Han Qiao Health grateful to the disciples reprimanded the meal, this opening announced:. "Next week, everyone's task is to learn Pharmaceuticals, Denmark and how to mix herbs"

Du Wu quickly went to the hall, out of ten ancient bricks thick,Distributed to the crowd.

Ancient books on the black cover, bearing the words "1000 Collection" three characters.

Han Qiao Health Chen Sheng said: "This week, we can refer to thousands of square set of learning, a week later the seat will assess once."

When he finished, he took Du Wu left the hall.

Grateful disciples holding thousands of square set, his heart was weird smells.

Especially competing as stone and easy to ink two, but sit staring Ji-day trip, an angry look.

Ji-day trip to see turned and left the hall, Shi Jing-black face went up, stopped his way.

"Ji-day trip! Do not think you guess today an herb, has been rewarded Korean deacons, we can proud of."

"Even if you can identify what is the use of herbs? Assessment until the end of time, after all, to be honest the open furnace alchemy, when I set you will trample on!"

Easy ink also walked over to him, his face cold anger shouted: "!! Ji-day trip, you do not proud to Japan, longer, you steal this spiritual fruit thief, sooner or later the situation will be out of the hospital."

Ji-day trip being happy mood, I rush back to the room to take Asamoto Dan, skill upgrading.

Shi Jing Cheng and easy ink out of nowhere, without any explanation to him verbally.

His face suddenly darkened, cold eyes glanced at the two one, sneered:. "Oh, I and two no injustice Wu Chou, but you have no reason to insult me."

"You two are not a child bitten by a dog is mad, mad dog suffering from a disease, so telling anyone bite?"

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