Chapter 108 FY hospital quiz

Chapter 108 FY hospital quiz

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The next two days, Ji-day trip would go too medroxyprogesterone daily work.

Every day he is to go out early in the morning until dark clouds before returning to the hospital, will be tired, exhausted every day.

I started in just two days, more than ten thousand trees to dry herbs to Promise on the roof.

Ji-day trip that should dry the herbs, stuffed into the red room of different categories of medicine cabinet.

He packed herbs on the roof when the Promise sat drinking tea in the lobby, or eyes closed.

Whenever he encountered herbs do not know, Promise will be opening loss to him a few words, and then say the name of the herb and habits of effectiveness.

After two days of busy, Ji-day trip finally put more than ten thousand trees, herbs, all categorized into the medicine cabinet, not the slightest error.

In the meantime, he put one thousand drug episode three thousand kinds of herbs are clearly identified, and memories.

In addition, he met hundreds of special herbs, there are one thousand sets no medicine, no rare species of elixir Park.

On the third day, Ji-day trip finally do not have to pack the herbs.

He thought he was finally able to secure in sweeping, not to be tortured to the polar pattern.

He did not think the Promise and condemned him to take care of the garden herb medicine.

PETN Palace herb gardens, is the Promise of private herb gardens.

Although area this herb gardens, there is no panacea Atlas Peak Park so much, but there is also a full one thousand meters radius.

Medicine garden planted with more than three thousand six hundred kinds of herbs, add up to a full one hundred thousand trees.

The task Ji-day trip, is to keep watering every day for those herbs, cultivation, weeding and pruning.

For this tedious task and toil, Ji-day trip began as a rejection, reluctantly.

But the Promise was plausible that his drug cases in Atlas Park is the finest, most planted with rare herbs.

Ji-day trip to enter his private herb gardens, should feel very honored and proud.

How many talented disciples and Atlas were the deacons do not know, the elders want to help him take care of the garden herb medicine, not the blessing it!

Also, Ji-day trip is now wearing a scapegoat, we must accept the punishment, honest work, in order to alleviate the guilt.

Under the Promise of coercion, discipline-day trip had to go into medicine garden work, taken care of herbs.

His dealings with three thousand kinds of herbs every day, from early morning till night fell, dragged his tired body back to the hospital situation.

Of course, Ji-day walk in the garden medicine worked two days to live, is still very rewarding.

He all of its hand to three thousand kinds of herbs, do not need to see one thousand drug set, can throw you a growth habit and efficacy of various herbs.

In this way, seven days flashed by.

This morning, Ji-day trip just wash finished out of the room, about to go PETN Palace.

Suddenly, the hall of the hospital situation rang the bell collection.

Ji-day trip quickly stopped, and several hospital situation disciples together, quickly rushed to the main hall where the set.

After a short period of one hundred interest, ten hospital situation disciples of all in attendance.

Du Wu Han Qiao students and into the hall, the sitting on's first.

Han Qiao students glanced at the hall where the ten disciples, looking awe of the opening: "Gentlemen,Seven days has passed. "

"This seat believe that after seven days of learning, you will have one thousand drug set back by heart, the contents of the book is also clear in the chest."

Grateful disciples did not speak, but most people are exposed confident smile, a well-thought posture.

Han Qiao students to see the reaction of the crowd, nodded with satisfaction, and then said:. "Today, the school you want to test Commode, seven days whether there is hard to learn."

"Best performers, special award this door Asamoto Dan one!"

Heard 'Chaoyuan Dan' words, several disciples were stunned for a moment, his face revealing expression of surprise and excitement.

"Turned out to be a reward Asamoto Dan? Great!"

"I have heard that Chaoyuan Dan's magic, this is the mysterious top grade level of immortality, after use can greatly enhance the skill, our penance worth a year!"

"Han deacon is really big ah, just a little examination, turned out to be willing to come up with such a marvelous mysterious Chaoyuan Dan Dan!"

"I must get Asamoto Dan! If I could dose a Asamoto Dan, within six months will be able to reach Tongxuan territory!"

Several disciples were all talk quietly, his face full of excitement and anticipation of expression.

Especially competing as stone and easy to ink two, it is the Chaoyuan Dan aspirations.

They absolutely do not put the other disciples on the eyes, just as the other competitors, look each other's eyes full of hostility.

At this time, Han Qiao students took out a palm-sized black bag from Paoxiu inside, on the table.

I saw his hand touched on a black bag, he pulled out of thin air a dark green herbs.

"Gentlemen may know, what is this herb?"

Ji-day trip and grateful to his disciples, staring at once herbs growing on careful observation.

Herbs have long chopsticks tree, long a clump of white roots, has six leaves, whole body dark green, exudes a faint aura.

Everyone instantly recognized the tree herbs, in unison: "This is the spirit of the virtual grass!"

Han Qiao students nodded, look to the Hao Nie, "Nie Hao, you who say this strain of grass virtual soul habits and efficacy."

Nie Hao leisurely: "The spirit of the virtual grass, common in the miasma filled swamp, the need to grow for eight years before maturity ......"

After methodically until he's finished, Han Qiao students revealing a touch of a satisfied smile.

He put the grass back into the spirit of the virtual black bag, and from the bag and pulled out a half a meter long dark brown herbs.

Seeing this, Ji-day trip suddenly realized, Han Qiao students that black bag, with his treasure tips, are within the storage space baby.

Han Qiao raw herbs growing on hold, calm and asked: "? Of you may know, what is this strain of herbs"

This time, everyone frowned, carefully observed a moment, have people to answer after another.

"This is the yellow teeth to be!"

"Yes, this is to be yellow teeth!"

Han Qiao Ling Ji Chan also ordered the name of Ji Ling to make it yellow teeth shall habits and efficacy.

Ji Ling revealing smile with confidence, self-confident tone, said: "yellow tooth to be, the general growth in the loess into the hillside at the nearby snake must be within three meters guardian ......"

After much talking to him, Han Qiao students in turn come up with several strains of herbs,Let everyone recognize.

That several strains of herbs than a rare, several disciples to observe and think time is getting longer and longer.

The last one herb, the crowd actually observed the quarter of an hour and a half, no one dared to say yes answer.

Only Ji-day trip, only to observe a hundred times interest rates, the heart will have the answer, it just silent.

Han Qiao Health frowned, dignified tone, said: "? How you are doing it seven days could not even this strain of the herb can not recognize it??"

Shi Jing Cheng, Ji Ling Yi ink and three, had also some hesitation and hesitation.

After hearing these words Han Qiao students, three openings immediately answered in unison: "The Korean deacons, which is sealed Lan Ling!"

Several other disciples, also have openings go along, claiming kindred spirit blue herb is sealed, for thousands of drug concentrate is documented.

Ji-day trip alone does not speak, mouth also brought back a touch of playful smile.

Han Qiao students saw his face, he points to his name.

"Ji-day trip, to tell you the seat, this strain of herb What's your name? What habits and efficacy is?"

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