Chapter 105 common enemy

Chapter 105 common enemy

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Deep night.

The Atlas mountain peaks, there are row upon row of houses palaces, here is the Disciples and deacons' quarters.

Various palaces and houses in lights on fire, but most people are sleeping, or exercise our powers in the practice room.

Wearing Qingpao Ji Ling, she was standing in the doorway of a room, holding the hands of a boxy ebony box.

He reached the door and knocked, and soon there will be a handsome youth dressed in a white robe, opened the door to welcome him inside.

They entered the room, he smiles greeting them.

Ji Ling ceremony to hand over a handsome youth, smiled and said:. "Lu Xiong, entry has been for two days, only recently settled, Yudi this to call Lu Xiong, do not take offense ah"

While he was talking, his hands holding the rosewood box, handed it to handsome youth.

"Lu Xiong, this is Yudi came to bring fire from Albatron Nations Millennium jade, as congratulate Luxiong into the door of the gift, but also look Luxiong accept!"

It winds handsome young prince ANC, two days before entering the land famous in the door.

He heard the 'Millennium fire jade' words, his eyes suddenly bright essence, sandalwood open the box and saw the box lying quietly really a whole body red jade.

Lu famous accept ebony box, quickly thanked Ji Ling hand, smiled and said:. "Ji Ling, you and I have known for years, deep brotherhood you can come visit me is enough, why send such a generous gift?"

Ji Ling quickly smiled and said:. "It is because we've known for years, so I know Luxiong look around can solve the cold virus elixir treasure, only to specially send this millennium fire jade"

Lu famous nodded, grateful his face and said: "You still enough loyalty Ji Ling ah line, this millennium fire jade I accept!."

They exchanged a few words, they start drinking.

Lu famous drinking a cup of tea, put down the cup, sorry face and said: "Originally, I thought, Ji Ling sure you were able to enter the dyke to the identity of a majority of the first, I did not expect ...... but was called Ji-day trip that guy wins the first, a pity! "

Mention Ji-day trip, Ji Ling's face will be darkened, sneered and said: "! Blame Ji-day trip that bastard, I actually won the first place, causing me only second place."

"Fortunately, I have another opportunity, after Luxiong you enter the door, I'll cover your places, got his wish into a hospital situation."

"Even so, I also suffered a lot of criticism disciples. Damn Ji-day trip, I will not let him!"

Lu famous pick pick brow, with interest and asked: "?? Talk about it, I was going to ask you, what are you Ji Ling got the chance is so valued Munekado"

Ji Ling exposed face confident smile, and said:. "When I had these doors, is followed by three talented disciples and a two deacons together"

"I have occasionally heard Hao Meng brothers mentioned, I am the door were specifically looking for people, I seem to have any other use for them."

"However, what the specific reason, I'm not sure."

Lu famous nodded, smiling face and said: "! No matter what the reason, I have to congratulate you in advance."

"Ji Ling, you were useful for doors, these doors you will be discouraged cultivation,Later you will certainly promising! "

"After six months, until you pass the examination into the door, we have to work together to guide and support each other progress ah!"

Ji Ling arch hand, smiled and said: "! That is natural."

Lu famous silent for a moment, then continued: "! Getting ceremony that day, I have seen Ji-day trip, I actually know the guy, he was very arrogant arrogant ah."

Ji Ling brow of a challenge, tone puzzled and asked: "?? Oh how Luxiong you know Ji-day trip said to listen to."

Lu famous sneer: "It is in abundance in Yangcheng, Ji-day trip the guy to help his friend, took my aspirations of Souls jade pillow, destroy my plan!"

"Since he came to the dyke cases this fall Zhenggewoyi, I will surely punish him severely!"

Ji Ling showing a touch of playful smile, "Since Lu Xiong is also the feast with him, and that he is our common enemy!"

"Yes, Ji-day trip that guy is bad, the situation he first entered the hospital the next day, he stole the elixir of a spiritual fruit garden, to sweep the floor deacon was fined a month."

"Assessment after a month, he may have to bottom, hum!"

Lu famous suddenly sneered: "?! Even have such a thing that he really deserved it."

"I have two days to settle down just inside the door, wait for me to find the time later, I have to begin to deal with him!"

Ji Ling looked at him, a smile on his face even more interesting, "I just still think that thing is not Luxiong you do."

"It now appears that the two of us did not hand it to Ji-day action, there were already others shot against him!"

Lu famous nodded, sneered and said: "!! This is called unjust is doomed to destruction Ji-day trip arrogant and overbearing, too many enemies, these doors there are still others want to deal with him."

"In this way, sooner or later he was to death, or to be expelled from the dyke were!"

Ji Ling proud sneered: "If such a result, I really am looking forward to, ah, ha ha ha ......"

Subsequently, both secret language whispered a few words, Ji Ling was contented to leave to leave.


Early in the morning, Ji-day trip after the wash finished, they left the room.

FY hospital the other disciples who are reading or martial arts in the courtyard, there are people holding one thousand drug elixir garden set to learn.

And he could only go PETN Palace, the palace continues sweeping health.

Of course, even if ordered to go to the Palace too sweeping, he would not be left behind, the one thousand drug to carry a set up.

Upon arrival PETN palace, he greeted with a large middle-aged dumb door, they entered the palace began to sweep the floor.

The second tier hospital yard, the ground is still covered with weeds, leaves and rubble films, is a mess.

Ji-day trip right hand holding a broom to clean the ground, his left hand still holding one thousand drug set, carefully memorizing the contents of the book.

In this way, sweeping his slow a lot, learn to recognize herbs efficiency is not high.

A morning time passed, and he has not finished cleaning the yard, herb book describes only took down hundreds.

But this is no way to approach, he did not want the bottom at the end of the assessment, the crowd became the object of ridicule.

At noon, the scorching sun in the yard.

Ji-day trip will be sitting on a stone bench under the eaves rest and concentrate on the drug look at one thousand sets.Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound, there is a blue Hanmang shoot at him.

"call out!"

Ji-day trip suddenly woke up, holding a set of one thousand drug fierce sprang three meters far, only narrowly avoided that road blue Hanmang attacks.


Road green Hanmang that hit the stone bench, the spot will play a big rock stools fist potholes, darting out many stone chips.

Ji-day trip suddenly pupil contraction, dignified face looked around, looking for someone to attack him.

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