Chapter 104 live Promise

Chapter 104 live Promise

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Means white-bearded old man, it is inscrutable, marvelous.

Ji-day trip to his helpless, while standing outside the gate, only to turn away.

Until after he left, the white-bearded old man also carrying a thousand months and Black Dragon sword, returned to a palace in the depths of the Palace too.

White-bearded old man into a quaint room, the door and the windows will automatically shut.

He thousand months and the Black Dragon Sword readily lost on the table, and sat down at the table of the spiritual cup of tea light cyan, slowly tasting.

That hot tea filled, but also exudes a deep sense of strength fluctuations, apparently extraordinary quality, efficacy good.

Eyeball Gulu Lu thousand months of turn two laps, taking advantage of the white-bearded old man drinking tea on the occasion, quietly fled the table, flapping its wings trying to escape.

Black Dragon sword 'call out' flew in the air, I would like to take the opportunity to wear out a window to escape.

White-bearded old man is still in slowly, drink tea, ignorant and did not even look up, just bomb the bomb left hand fingers.

Suddenly, two intangible force wrapped thousand months and Black Dragon Sword, Talia back to the table.

Invisible force imprisoned Talia, they both can not move, can only honestly lying on the table.

Thousand months struggling a few times did not get rid of, then his eyes staring at the white-bearded old man, filled with angry curse: "smelly old man, Kuaifang Kai me!"

"You get older, how there is no style that senior expert of? You do not think you strong strength, we will succumb to you, never expect!"

White-bearded old man is not angry, put down the cup looked thousand months, smiling and said:. "Naturally, I am famous with the number, do not call smelly old man"

"The old lady appellation to Promise, Wu Road, known as the old lady to live Promise, you little fox soon as the old lady said to the older generation, or Promise reality."

Thousand months frowned, snappily said: "! To the old man though you are highly respected senior strong, but we have identified the need to follow the old record, will not be easily switched to others."

"You do not think you pretense, you will be able to win our trust, we will not betray friends!"

Black Dragon Sword also repeatedly shake a few times, to make the appearance of a nod.

Promise to pick pick brow, looking awe of thousand months, said: "!! Well you two little guys really know what's good."

"Atlas of door rules were never allow foreign and alien Wicked enter these doors, once found must be put to death!"

"If not the old lady you stay, you will continue to follow Ji-day trip, sooner or later to be found by other people! At that time, you both have been killed roast and eat!"

Thousand months suddenly opened his eyes, the eyes reveal a deep sense of horror of color, twelve bushy tail stood on end.

It certainly could see the Promise is not an alarmist.

See thousand months and a small black dragon is quiet, no longer struggled to escape, to bomb the bomb Promise This finger, removed the invisible forces detained them.

He looked indifferent and said: "If you want to escape, the wife will never stop."

"But you should know that once you exposed, not only will you be put to death, Ji-day trip will be expelled case of the door."

Black Dragon sword lying quietly on the table, motionless.Thousand months also honestly lying on the table, turn eyeball after two laps, then smiling to the Promise, said:. "To the old man, you are a senior expert, you say we certainly believe it now that you did it for the good old record and we, of course, we know you care and thought! "

"Rest assured, we will not run away, just stay in your palace this PETN, quiet and more comfortable ah!"

When he finished, he knocked the Black Dragon Sword, asked: "Little Black Dragon, you say right ah?"

Black Dragon Sword quickly beating two, made a nod posture.

Promise thousand months nodded to the small forehead with your fingers, smiled and said:. "Oh, you sly little fox, will really jumped on the bandwagon."

He then touched the black on the left thumb pull that, conjuring up a bunch of snacks out in the ring, on the table.

"Look you have lost life skill, but also very poor, the old lady to send you a little snack, you just eat."

Although Promise to say relaxed, but that table full of 'snacks' are all ample variety aura of fruits, nuts and rare and unusual.

Fist big pink peach, large washbasin golden pear, red fruit and Zhu Ling Yan fruit, dried fruit and many strange looks, even thousand months have no name to.

A lot of fruit are distributed with a strong fragrance and aura fluctuations are clearly valuable spiritual fruit.

Thousand months suddenly stared, mouth watering, his eyes braved the cleaners.

"Wow! So much spiritual fruit! My life, I have not seen so much spiritual fruit of it!"

"The old man, the things you really want to give us to eat it?"

Thousand months face looked surprised Promise land, some staggering.

Black Dragon sword 'shabu' flying out of the scabbard, turned into three meters long black dragon, hovering up around the table, staring at the table full of fruits watering.

Promise smiling nod to the point, very nice tone and expression: "The course is for you to eat, rest assured eat enough, then there's the old lady!!"

"Ha ha ha, the old man, thank you, then we my pleasure!"

Thousand months happy cheering loudly, immediately plunged into the pile of fruit, holding a spiritual fruit on the 'Bajibaji' is eating up.

Small Black Dragon to be outdone, big mouth to swallow a few good spiritual fruit, quickly chew a few times to swallow the belly, a gulping posture.


When Ji-day trip back to the hospital situation, is already deep night, after dinner time.

Meal of small wind fatigues, put food containers on his door, who had already departed.

Ji-day trip back into the room, then began to wash some meal.

PETN toss in the palace all day, and now he was tired and hungry, ate dinner at thirty-five put.

After dinner, he sat at the table drinking tea, they recall what happened last night, was soon lost in thought.

"Last night, the shadows that leads me to go this morning, Du deacon and deacon wooden fruit it found a white male in my room ......"

"I was definitely drawn to that time, people taking advantage of the white male fruit into my room, I was in this frame-up!"

"But I FY before entering the hospital for two days, a frame-up who will I do?"

Thought of this, his first reaction is Ji Ling.

After all, he and Ji Ling have hatred, sooner or later fight to the bitter end.

He then I thought, and felt it unreasonable.

"The shadows are very strong, very likely to reach the territory Tong Xuan, but the terrain is very familiar with the situation were the door should not be ...... Ji Ling."

"But in addition to Ji Ling, who will set me up?"

Ji-day trip frowned and thought for a while, my mind has cropped up a person.

Changfeng country great prince, famous land!

Lu Tong Xuan famous breakthrough in the entry-majority territory, the worship into the dyke were directly into the door.

Moreover, the famous Lu Hao grudges against him and Nie, is a despicable insidious, vindictive villain.

Ji-day trip think that shadows most likely land famous!

However, he calmly analyze a bit, still feel a little wrong.

"Although my scores and famous Lu, Tong Xuan strength also reached the border. This person may just worship into the dyke cases, the topography of the door were not familiar with."

"He should not have that daring night raid FY hospital, white male picking fruit to set me up!"

"My people are neither framed Ji Ling, the land is not famous, who would it be?"

Ji-day trip puzzling, sit half an hour in the light, and then went into the back room to practice.

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