101 Chapter too much force, came up with things

101 Chapter too much force, came up with things

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Ji-day trip along the tree-lined trail, a full twenty miles away, only to find PETN Palace.

The palace is really too remote.

It is not even on the Atlas peaks, but in the Atlas mountain peak in the rear.

PETN palace surrounded by lush woods, forest covered with lush foliage of giant trees.

If bluestone trail went down the mountain, too difficult to see the Palace of the figure.

Ji-day trip to the Grand Palace in front of PETN, such as the Eiffel Tower is a burly middle-aged man stopped.

This middle-aged man eyes Xiong Li, sword scars all over his face, looks particularly grim, covered also filled with murderous.

It is no exaggeration to say that this middle-aged man can stop children moaning, children will look scared cried.

The strange thing is that middle-aged man is dumb.

Ji-day trip to show him the identity token, that he is sent off to sweep the floor, explaining a moment, was allowed to enter.

After entering the house PETN, he walks in the ancient courtyard, quietly looked around the scene.

PETN Palace area is too great, almost occupied the whole mountain, but also more than twice as large Ji House.

There palace courtyard before and after the four-fold, at least a thousand houses, but basically vacant, looks deserted, dead silent.

In addition to guarding the door dumb man, Ji-day line PETN stroll around the palace, should have failed to see others.

Moreover, the palace of the roads are covered with dirt and leaves, roadside also covered with weeds.

On the door frame and Langyan many houses, but also covered with cobwebs.

PETN whole house both quiet and desolate, I do not know how long nobody cleaned.

Ji-day trip took half an hour, the PETN walked around the palace, the palace of the basic figure out the pattern.

Then, he got a broom and baskets, began to clean PETN Palace.

He re-started cleaning start a first compound, with the dust and leaves the road sweeping broom.

An hour later.

Time to noon, Ji-day trip, not even the first tier of the courtyard did not Saowan.

He even did not eat lunch, continue to sweep dust and leaves buried.

GENOTYPES until the afternoon, he managed to sweep the road clean.

But then he had to clear the cobwebs on the door frame and the Langyan, many covered with dust but also cleaning the house, but also the removal of weeds in the yard ......

The thought here, Ji-day trip will feel tired heart.

Cleaning the house more delays, but will have to prepare cloth and basin and other tools.

The thought that he simply did not clean the room, into the second heavy yard, continue to sweep dust and leaves the road.

Time goes by fast, unknowingly to the evening, the sun was setting.

Ji-day trip that looked high human baskets, filled with dirt and leaves.

And he only swept the small half-yard, trying to clean sweep the yard on the ground, at least get busy night.

"PETN house so much, I have to clean when to put too medroxyprogesterone finished cleaning?"

Ji-day trip hearts give birth to a deep sense of powerlessness, feeling increasingly angry and stuck.

He just put the broom thrown away and sat down on a stone bench Lang Yanxia, ​​while wipe aside to rest.

"Bloody bastard! If I find out who my frame-up,I will certainly be severely avenge him! "

"I worship into a dyke were to practice martial arts, not to sweep the floor when the handyman! Delayed a month, I'm going to lag behind the other disciples ...... hateful ah!"

Ji-day trip grew more and more angry, surging anger in his eyes.

Then he backs the Black Dragon sword, suddenly moved twice.

He frowned and whispered: "Little Black Dragon, how do you have anything to say, is not it??"

Black Dragon Black Dragon Sword came a small voice, growled: "The old record, sweeping like you, I am afraid a couple of weeks are sweeping finish ...... I have a way to help you!"

Ji-day trip pick pick brow, smiled and asked: "?? Oh, is there any way you can."

"Look at me!" Little Black Dragon confident that sentence, then "shabu" flying out from its sheath in the middle of the yard fly.

It emerged in a three-meter-long dragon footer, circling flying over the yard, immediately rolled up a gust.

Ji-day trip to sit Lang Yanxia, ​​it is interesting to see the speed hovering in the air, his face full of expectations.

"Whistling call!"

With a small black dragon circling flying faster and faster, yard winds blowing more and more violent.

Soon, the wind becomes a hurricane.

Flashing Ji-day trip in the naked eyes, murmuring: "The! This is a veritable tornado ah"

Blink of an eye, the tornado took the floor dust and leaves are rolled up to the air.

The entire courtyard is covering the tornado, not only on the ground of dirt and leaves, and even the yard full of weeds were uprooted, flew to the air squeezed into a group.

Numerous leaves and weed mix together to form a big ball room!

Green and yellow ball that is constantly circling tornado wrapped, look very spectacular.

Ji-day trip suddenly exposed smiles, quite surprised and said:. "This is a yard full of leaves and weeds, I have at least a full day to clean up."

"I did not expect, a small black dragon blink of an eye you put the weeds and leaves cleaned, really incredible!"

"Ha ha, you made tornado, really sweeping health artifact ah!"

Tornado came a small black dragon's voice, the tone is quite proud: "Hmmm, that of course!"

"Although my skill is very weak, but this is a small matter still beat me! Old record you optimistic about it, I'll help you thoroughly clean the yard!"

When he finished, a small black dragon fly to the speed, and suddenly accelerated twice!

Also jumped twice the power of a tornado, it is available throughout the house and yard.

Tiles on the roof, to withstand the enormous pulling force, suddenly have "crashed" flew up into the sky.

Moreover, even around the yard planting of many herbs and trees, also have affected the tornado.

Numerous herbs were uprooted, like weeds, like fly to the sky.

Those trees also have to roll violently rocking, all the leaves have been swept away, he flew tornado.

Had also more than a dozen leafy tree, it becomes bare blink of an eye, a leaf did the rest.

Ji-day trip suddenly blindsided, then answered a God, his face anxious shouted:! "Little Black Dragon quick stop!You too much force, came up with things ah! "

Small black dragon dancing was in full swing, after hearing his cries, gradually slow down.

However, at this moment, at the entrance to the yard, suddenly sounded a furious drink condemning.

"Ah! My blue ling tree ah! I nurtured the soul Pitt grass ah!"

"Which Sha Qiandao Wangbagaozi, ruined years of hard work the old lady ah?!"

Suddenly I heard the sound of road, suddenly a Ji Ling Ji-day trip, subconsciously look to the front yard.

I saw a white-bearded old man dressed in a purple robe, standing in front of the yard, and gazed at those bare trees, air beard fly up ......

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