Chapter 100 fine you sweep a month

Chapter 100 fine you sweep a month

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The hall where the atmosphere was very depressed.

Han Qiao's first students sitting on, drooping eyelids, face covered with a sullen.

Grateful disciples are some inexplicable tension, quietly waiting for the results.

Only two ink stone Jingcheng easy, proficient in itself Dan Road, has not been a panacea Park yesterday.

So they both face relaxed, without any psychological burden.

They looked at Ji-day trip and Nie Hao and other eight disciples, eyes with a look of contempt and meaning.

After a quarter of an hour, Du Wu and wood deacon returned to the hall.

Deacon wooden hands, impressively holding a rosy spiritual fruit, it is a white male fruit.

Du Wu Ji glanced a day trip, then joined Han Qiao raw side, whispered a few words.

Seeing this, Ji-day trip made me a thump, had a bad feeling faint.

Sure enough, Han Qiao students also reveal the color of surprised, glanced at a century-day trip.

"Ji-day trip! You are a disciple of the hospital situation, ignoring the law makes the door, secretly picking fruit white male, you know the crime?!"

Han Qiao students looking awe, cold tone, asked to drink.

Ji-day trip immediately looking for a change, firm voice said: "! Han Yang Deacon white fruit, although valuable, but no half points disciple lust, not to secretly stealing!"

"This will certainly have a misunderstanding, or a novelty, please also see the truth behind the Korean deacon!"

Han Qiao students still looking cold, deep voice shouted: "!?! Ji-day trip if you are picking a panacea, While white male fruit How could there be in your room."

Ji-day trip just baffled, immediately opening argued: "!! Korean deacons, which can never be sure that someone I frame-up."

Han Qiao born frowning, low shouted: "Hugh was then quibble witnesses and evidence are there, How can we allow you shirk!?"

"You read in entering this door, but also a first offense, the penalty is now the seat of the Palace you go too sweeping for one month!"

Ji-day trip suddenly secretly teeth, fists sleeves also pinch crunch.

He knows that this is being frame-up, but a fair hearing.

He was born Han Qiao penalty to sweep the floor, to be followed by the others laughed or down.

More importantly, fine him sweeping a month, which would delay him a month of practice time!

Kuangyong his chest anger, but can only fight back, to keep his face calm: "The disciples ...... Yes, sir!"

After a hand over ceremony, he turned out of the hall, left the hospital situation, go to the Palace to go too sweeping.

Although he was filled with humiliation, but he knew that a small leak will sink a great ship, we must not be reckless impulse.


After leaving to be Ji-day trip, also holding a white male deacon wooden fruit is gone.

Han Qiao born again several disciples reprimanded meal, with Duwu leave this hall.

Be deacons are gone, he has endured several disciples did not say anything, this chuckled talk together.

"Oh, that is so stupid Ji-day trip, just to get into the door would dare to violate regulations, after his peril myself!"

"Hey, that guy was sent to sweep the floor a month, which still have time to learn alchemy ah? I see na, the alchemy assessment after a month, he may have to bottom!"

Shi Jing Cheng Pielepiezui, face disdain said: "Ji Yun-day trip that guy was the first country majority of it,Not even a white male fruit must steal, really never seen the world! "

Easy ink exposed face playful sneer, "Hey, after all, he comes from the kind of run-down little country Yun countries, looks a petty scrubby kind, stealing is normal."

His remark, Ji Ling Hao and Nie are looking for a change.

Originally, see Ji Ling Ji-day trip was publicly punished, hearts being secretly sneer, rather gloat.

Suddenly heard competing as easy ink stone, he also embarrassing on the face.

After all, the two men taunt Albatron country is run-down small country, he also comes from Qingyun country, or princes of the country, of course, insulted.

But Ji Ling just frowned, not opening rebuttal mean, obviously to swallow.

Nie Hao stood out and sit staring into a race easy ink stone, cold tone, said: "Shi Jing Cheng, Yi ink, you sing in chorus of detractors Ji-day trip, behind the criticism of others, is not too small person?"

"Everyone is the same situation Institute disciple, so you taunt fellow comrades, never too ashamed of yourself?"

Nie Hao was born in a family of generals, but also the universe after the marshal, a child will be educated filled with blood, virtuous.

Plus, he had dealings with Ji-day trip, the two are friends, then of course you want to do something for a friend.

Shi Jing-ink is easy complacent, suddenly Nie Hao verbally, both to scowl, glaring Nie Hao.

"Oh, we talk Ji-day trip, Guan Hao Nie What do you do?"

"Besides, like Ji-day trip this 手脚不干净, sly Villains, we disdain and his fellow do it!"

"Is! Nie Hao so you maintain discipline-day trip, is with him are a group?"

They glared Nie Hao, firm voice shouted: "!! My brother is a friend and discipline, I know him as a person, he could never have done this I believe he was innocent."

Shi Jing and easy to ink more proud, are contemptuous laugh.

"Ha ha ha, funny really, two deacons adults found a white male fruit from his room, the facts are there, you want to help him to quibble?"

"Oh, it really is Yi Shu nest, like-minded ah."

"Bale Bale, we do not Nie Hao with general knowledge, and they will get away from him and Ji-day trip far point ......"

They talk for a few, he has left his face sneer.

Other disciples were all sit on the sidelines, a matter not related armchair attitude.

Nie Hao Leng Heng a cry, and did not say anything.

He has seen, most of these disciples are selfish, no one can cross it.

In his mind, the only discipline Sky trusted, for close friends.

He could not help but have some doubts and sigh, "Ji Ji brother brother ah, you just enter these doors, whether it offended anyone, it was only framed?"


An antique study, the Han Qiao students sitting at the table read books, were the door handle things.

Du Wu stood, after a moment's hesitation, said: "What? Han Xiong, today than, you all know me, that Ji-day trip is being frame-up, and why you have to punish him."

Han Qiao students put down books, tanned face smiled and said: "Before I was responsible for the entry test and a large Albatron country,So I am no stranger to Ji-day trip. "

"Initially, the child in a coma was carried away to take the test, only the body throughout triple the strength of refining, the results become well known people joke."

"A month later, this kid back to the real dollars territory, past the mysterious magic soldiers array, got a majority of places, and won a majority in the first place in the entry!"

"I personally supervised the entry a large majority, saw the scene when this kid to win the first place, he is absolutely epic proportions Wu Daoqi it, if nurtured, limitless future achievements."

Hear these words, Duwu more puzzled, asked: "? Han Xiong, in that case, why do you have to punish him for it."

Han Qiao students some interesting smile, explained:. "Weathered without flowers is always fragile, protected under the wing of the mother eagle Eagles, never soar."

"Budo practice is the same, no strong is easy, go through ups and downs suffering."

"The day I punish discipline lines, only a small Correctional big commandment, hope this kid after school smart, do not be a plot against people not knowing."

"Atlas were not good, the mind is not just a martial arts talent, is unable to grow into strong!"

"What's more, the reason I punish him too medroxyprogesterone sweeping, but also an ulterior motive of."

"Do not you remember, where there is a two decades have not taken the Father PETN house half a step?"

Heard 'Father' words, Du Wu suddenly understood why, his eyes revealing deep smile.

"I'd almost forgot this, it seems really well-intentioned Han Xiong to that kid."

"But, if he could get the opportunity PETN in the palace, to see his own good luck."

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