Chapter 97 one thousand drug collection

Chapter 97 one thousand drug collection

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This time to noon, the scorching sun sky high.

Some hot air, but at the moment it is easy to sleepy occasion.

But Ji-day trip and Nie Hao, who did not return to the rest room, stood in the main hall of procedure, listen to Han Qiao teach students.

Han Qiao's first Shengduan sitting on the hall, look solemn sermon:. "Martial arts practice to martial exercises based, but there are also Dan Road, Front Road and road complement blocker"

"This is very similar to the alchemy of the road, but also pay attention to the monarch, it must have a primary and adjuvant drugs complement each other in order to successfully refining immortality."

"So, your task is to learn this month refining immortality!"

"This seat does not expect all of you can be proficient in alchemy, the future can become a master of alchemy. But you must understand the alchemy of the road, which you later martial arts practice is very helpful."

"Your task this month is to personally refining Dan Ling Yun, Yang Xin Dan Dan and jade, which is three yuan immortality best for immortality."

"Who then refining Dan drugs with the highest, will be a bonus."

Hear these two words, Ji Hao day trip and Nie, who are undaunted, the pressure quite significant.

They have not learned alchemy of the road, only to learn some fur Dan Road.

Need for immortality meta-level, more dollars must be true throughout the Seventh-master to refining, but also to learn and test at least one year in order to excel.

Even if they are martial arts genius, want to learn alchemy in a month, and that three yuan refining the best for immortality, it is impossible and.

However, there are two out of ten disciples, exposed face confident smile, look with confidence.

One of them skinny, tall shorter, similar age and Ji-day trip.

This man named Shi Jing Cheng, born in a family of Dan Road, Mountain States, there is a decent young Dan Road attainments, has been refining immortality fired several meta-level Acura.

Another person burly burly, dark-skinned, such as carbon, a pair of large bells sharp eyes shining fiercely.

This man named Yi ink, Blackwater from the country's royal family, a child is also very interested in alchemy, a certain Dan channel basis.

Han Qiao Health Muguangruju, competing as easy ink stone look of expression, of course, can not escape his stuff.

He glanced at the two one, smiled and said:. "Shi Jing Cheng, Yi ink, evidently the two of you have Dan channel basis, so do not feel any pressure in this task."

"But to tell you the seat, you have to refining Dan Ling Yun, Yang Xin Dan Dan and sapphire, are arcane immortality I were the dyke, with different secular kingdom of immortality."

"Even if the two of you have Dan Road base, more chance of winning than others, but you still have to carefully study and understand!"

Shi Jing to ease the convergence of color ink are proud, quickly hand over salute, he said loudly, "endeavor to comply Korean deacon teachings!"

Subsequently, Han Qiao born to DU weapons out of ten thick books, distributed to Ji-day trip and others.

Ancient black very heavy, a full bricks so thick that says 'one thousand drug set' three characters on the cover.

Han Qiao Health Chen Sheng said: "If you want to learn alchemy, you must first learn to recognize the first week of herbs task it is to memorize three thousand kinds of herbs this one thousand drug concentration."

"After the mountain seat elixir garden, herb you if you want to quickly identify, present their identity tokens go elixir park control study."

"However, you must not be a picking flowers and grass, otherwise it would be punished by the door rules!"

After much talking, Han Qiao students let people retire, their respective activities.

The rules of the hospital situation is the case, in addition to teaching two deacons, or something announced, the people have to get to the hall to the collection.

Other times, his disciples may freely, they do not violate door rules, loitering forbidden, no one will intervene.

Of course, Han Qiao born just announced this month the objectives and tasks, as well as this week's learning content.

And they were all well aware of the task is arduous, heavy feel the pressure, where they dare waste of time?

Ji Hao Nie day trip and side by side out of the hall, a few pleasantries in the courtyard, each learn to go back to the room.

Ji Ling finally out of the hall, and walking advice to students Han Qiao, asked alchemy of the Road relevant experience.

Han Qiao birth of his attitude is very good, basically Insider.

After Ji Ling get a satisfactory answer, will hand over the Han Qiao thanked born, and went back to the room.

After Ji-day trip back to the room, they ears do not hear out of the window, holding one thousand sets carefully read the drug.

One afternoon, unknowingly passed.

At dusk, several disciples fatigues carrying food containers into the hospital situation, to come to the ten disciples brought in supper.

FY hospital treatment generous disciples, from the dinner ingredients can be reflected.

Dinner, while small, only a bowl of rice, a pot of meat dishes and a can of broth.

But those ingredients are very precious, is spirit-meter dyke were spiritual fields of output, as well as the beast reared garden Wicked meat.

Daily consumption of these meals contain vitality, can quickly enhance physical fitness Warrior, subtle increase strength.

Ji-day trip to the meal fatigues disciple, is about as big as a boy of twelve or thirteen, long thin pale, but it looks quite clever.

Boy named small wind days has shown signs of discipline row a little stiff, he seems to be afraid of this situation gifted disciple hospital.

Ji-day trip with his face kind of chat a few words, before we know the hidden secrets of them.

It turned fatigues disciples were in the low status of Atlas, are formally disciples as a servant to the servants.

In particular, some talented disciples, disciples of fatigues very despised, slightly beaten some scolding will not ring true.

Small wind to a situation before hospital disciple meal, just cough a few times when they eat, he was the disciple playing half dead, lying in bed for two weeks.

The fatigues disciples want to have dignity and freedom, only two paths.

Either achieve real dollars throughout the five-strength, through the outer door outside the examination to become disciples.

Or to do hard labor for ten years, until the expiration of ten years dyke were expelled, returned to the mundane world.

All in all, within the dyke were many rules, hierarchy of strength everywhere.

Strong honorable, humble weak.

After dinner, Ji-day trip only to find adequate essence, the body has strength in billowing surging.

He will enter practice secret room, opened the closet of spiritual matrix polymer, began to exercise our powers to practice.

After a night of practice, when the next morning, he just felt a bit of skill and enhancements,Sword fetal body also grow a little.

"Really good hospital treatment situation, those higher food I eat at home than a century, the effect is several times stronger!"

"Although I am currently really only a five-dollar territory, but this rate continues, I may not within six months can not reach Tongxuan territory!"

Ji-day trip after the end of practice, everyone wonders a bit, then practice for the next six months, full of confidence and expectations.

"Yesterday I looked over one thousand drug set, although a note of hundreds of herbs, but did not see the kind, after all, the memory is not deep."

"Today I'm going to park a panacea, you must have physical control of herbs to enhance memory!"

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