Chapter 93 ancient territory stars

Chapter 93 ancient territory stars

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Return to the inn on the way, Nie Hao and Ji-day trip with a carriage ride.

Ji-day trip to see his facial abnormalities, guessed he might have something to say, they take the initiative asks.

"Nie brother, but you have anything to say?"

Nie Hao nodded his head, his face guilt and said: "Ji brother, tonight things that I hurt you."

"? Ah" Ji-day trip puzzled frown, smiled and asked: "? I met you is a fate, sword help is trivial to talk about what hurt."

Nie Hao gently shook his head, dignified tone: "The high-brother Ji Yi, the kindness I Niehao Ming to heart, the future will reward."

"Just that land famous, I am afraid that the origins of extraordinary, deep background."

"I'm absolutely not afraid of his revenge Nie Hao, you just Ji brother to save me, no reason to offend him, I am afraid the future in trouble."

See Ji-day trip disagree, Nie Hao low voice explains: "! Chi brother may not know, and we Maorong Guo adjacent winds country, the country's famous great prince called Lu"

"Rumors, Changfeng country great prince is handsome, in fact, it was a despicable sinister, unscrupulous bastard!"

Hearing this, Ji-day trip suddenly understood.

"That guy is just great prince winds country? No wonder he was so arrogant and despotic, really lawlessness!"

"I'm not Changfeng country who, even if he wanted to get back at me, do I dare go Albatron country go?"

Ji-day trip smiled, did not bring the matter to heart.

Nie Hao certainly not timid person, and guess Ji-day trip extraordinary family background, the strength of the powerful and mysterious, they did not say anything.

After half an hour, the three returned to the inn, they have returned to their rooms to rest up.

That night, simmering in the abundance of Yangcheng.

However, the inn without incident, any accident did not happen.

Before bedtime, Ji-day trip from Babolat kit, the ice dragon treasure out, after observing a moment to wear on the body.

This is really a treasure light without substance, wore did not feel cumbersome, but will not affect operations.

Moreover, the ice dragon treasure constantly emitting a chill atmosphere, stimulating his muscles and meridians, subtle strengthen his body.

This ice dragon treasure not only have a strong defense, as well as to strengthen the effectiveness of the body, refreshing refreshing, and of great benefit to the practice.

To buy ice dragon treasure and spend tens of millions of ounces of silver, it is also considered good value for money.

The next morning, Ji-day trip just get up wash after the door it sounded a knock on the door.

He opened the door and saw a man knocked on the door shocking Nie Hao.

Nie Hao into the room, a day trip to discipline a ceremony to hand over the line, only smiled and said: "Early in the morning to your hospitality Ji brother, please do not take offense!"

After greeting the two, he took out a stack of drafts from Paoxiu his hands money back to Ji-day trip.

"Ji brother, thank you last night to help me free!"

"I know you're leaving today Yangcheng Feng, the night will belong to let go lobbied for 10,002,000 ......"

Ji-day trip a bit surprised, obviously did not expect such a hurry to pay back the money Nie Hao.

He could see, Nie Hao owed him a favor in the hearts of some anxiety.

So he accepted the drafts, the way of interest, said the sentence: "Nie brother, that Wan Ling jade pillow block is a hot potato,You may have to deal with as soon as possible. "

Nie Hao smiled and said:. "Thank you, brother Ji concerned, last night I had let the guards back home in the night."

Both of them chatted a few words, Nie Bao Quan Hao did leave.

After using Zaoshan, Ji Ke Ji-day trip and left the inn to continue to hit the road.

After leaving the coach Feng Yangcheng continue to rush towards the north.

Feng Yangcheng located in the southern border Yokogawa country, while the northern territory of ancient stars in Yokogawa country.

Ke Ji and Ji-day trip to across the entire Yokogawa country, six days in a row hurry to get out Yokokawa country.

Along the way, fairly safe, did not show what twists and turns.

Six days later, Ji-day trip, who left the country Yokogawa.

The next day at noon, the carriage finally arrived at the entrance to the ancient territory of the stars.

Star is a mysterious ancient territory of Wonderland, is said to be the ancient Mighty One opened a special space, which is very broad vast, wide comparable to half the country's territory.

At the entrance to a peak of up to 3000 meters, the average person simply impossible to find.

Two carriages travel to the foot when he stopped in front had nowhere to go.

Ji Ji Ke day trip and dismounted car, standing on the grass looking up at the mountain front.

Accompanied by the driver and guards were put two luggage from the car moved down.

Originally, the guards were to help Ji Ke Ji-day trip and luggage, put them into the dyke gate were, and then backtrack Qingyun country.

But this discipline day trip to let them return without sending the.

Until after the carriage departed, leaving Ji Ke Ji-day trip and two, there are four large boxes filled with luggage on the grass.

Ji Ke looked at the baggage, can not help but worry, "my brother-day trip, the luggage how do ah? Do we want to go to the mountains carrying luggage?"

"Oh, that would be no." Ji-day trip smiled, took out a treasure kit, installed inside the luggage.

"Well, we into the mountains."

When he finished, he took Ji Ke went to the mountains.

Ji Ke see he waved his hand, four boxes on all disappeared, suddenly surprised stared.

She quickly catch up with Ji-day trip, holding his arm, he was asked how to do.

Ji-day trip she explained treasure kit Magical, she suddenly realized, even praise wonderful.

After an hour, the two bluestone trail along the mountains, boarded the top of the mountain.

I saw, the mountains there is a wide platform, the ground is paved by black boulders.

Ground stone mottled vicissitudes of life, I do not know how much experience weathered etching, the presence of just how long the years.

Boulders and ravines carved lines, a lot of weird criss-cross lines, forming a huge circle.

The four weeks of the circle, there are twelve wearing a blue robe, burdened with a sword young fighter.

These people all have strength throughout Tong Xuan, eyes flashing with nothing left, and exude confidence and haughty air.

Ji-day trip took one look, these people are the same style robes, embroidered at the chest with the same pattern.

There are two cross pattern sword, surrounded by a circle dotted with stars, it was apparently Atlas logo.

He immediately understand that these twelve young Warrior is the dyke were the disciples, he was ordered to guard the entrance of the stars in this ancient territory.Sure enough, a young military leader who came over, sensual majesty of drink and asked: "?? Why are you who come here."

Ji Ke Ji-day trip and quickly come up with an identity token, presented to the young fighter.

"The brothers, we just worship into the dyke were new disciples, this is our identity token."

The young man took two token Warrior looked pale before easing slightly, nodded and said:. "The original is the new entry-juniors"

"You wait a moment, wait for me to open the ancient territory entrance, you can enter the ancient territory, and there are other brothers and escorts you."

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