Chapter 92 kill Indiana

Chapter 92 kill Indiana

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Nie Hao Ask yourself, if you let him out of 10,002,000, meet by chance to help a stranger, he may not do it.

For this reason, generosity Ji-day trip, just let him filled moved.

This troubled world is the case, many were icing on the cake, but who rarely timely help!

Ji-day trip to listen to his voice sonorous, sincere and serious, he smiled and waved and said: "little effort fills you or auction it fast, do not wait for the drop hammer red roses ......"

Nie Hao nodded heavily, then accept a stack of drafts, it is the darling of the opening shouted: "! Sixty-one million"

Red Rose was about to drop the hammer on the auction block, announced Souls jade pillow son was upstairs looks.

Nie Hao suddenly heard the voice of her hand movements a bit stiff, and then exposed more beautiful smile.

"The son bid sixty-one million! There is a higher right?"

Hall everyone suddenly talking about the rise of the dining rooms are on the second floor look, revealing expectations of color.

Dining rooms, great prince is carrying glasses, smiles tasting.

He is very confident that this success overawed opponents, as long as the red rose drop hammer to announce the results, Wan Ling jade pillow is his.

But he did not think how, at the last minute, even with the man downstairs shot!

Prince immediately a large body stiff, his face became ashen, his eyes also surging anger.

Sixty million is the limit for him, this time he could not bid up!

Although his heart there is no amount of anger and unwilling, can only be pressed anger in my heart, lips tightly ineffectively, without a word.

Moments later, a red rose loudly announced the result.

Finale treasures of this auction Souls jade pillow, to sixty-one million price of the transaction, all owned by Nie Hao.

Great prince his face ashen went to the window, looking at the condescending Nie Hao, eyes flashed a touch of coldness.

Middle-aged guard low voice said: "Great Highness, you do not under the shot, the piece of jade pillow robbed?"

Great prince did not speak sullen, cold breath and turned out of the dining rooms.


Tianbao floor auction ended.

People have left the auction, with the surging crowds out Tianbao floor, walking the talk.

After a full quarter of an hour and a half, many guests have departed, Tianbao the building was quiet.

Ji-day trip, Nie Ke Ji-ho and three, after the end of the auction, he was invited to the Trimble floor living room.

The two sides crunching to complete the sale transaction.

Ji-day trip to get ice dragon treasure, Nie Hao also got his wish to get the Souls jade pillow.

Three will treasure a good income, this side by side out of the Tempo floor.

This time is late at night, few pedestrians on the street, lights dim.

Trio is preparing to board the carriage, but out of the dark side of the two people, he stopped Nie Hao way.

It is great prince and two middle-aged guard, has long been outside the gate waiting Nie Hao Tianbao building up.

Great prince ignored Ke Ji and Ji-day trip, walked straight in front Nie Hao.

He does not beat about the bush nonsense, straight to the point and said: "? The brothers, I would like to buy double the price of your Souls jade pillow, do you think"

Nie Hao hear his voice, frowned and said: "The son joking,If you're willing to double the price, why not just bid at an auction? "

Great prince face some gloomy, cold tone, explains: "I can give you 60.002 million, the rest of the world's largest I will send someone to put together, it will give you in three days."

His tone and attitude of some tough, the body exudes a faint overbearing, very oppressive force.

But Nie Hao would not budge, firm voice said: "All Souls jade pillow is extremely important to me, no matter how much money you, I will not sell!"

Great prince suddenly turn cold pale, his eyes sharp surging naked, sneered: "! I Miss famous what you want, there is no lack of"

"Since you so Bushihaodai, then blame me polite!"

When the voice down, he strode behind middle-aged security guard rushed out as fast as the winds rushed Hao Nie, Nie beat beat his chest to Hao.

This is a middle-aged guard Tong Xuan territory master, palm shining crimson fire, contains an extremely violent force.

That flame has not been shot in the palm of your hand Nie Hao, let Nie Hao high temperature hot suffocation, covered in robes and hair should be burned.

With his true element of strength throughout, Juenan escape this beat!

Critical juncture, stood suddenly pull out of Chi Sky Dragon sword, to the sword Zhan Xiang middle-aged guard palms.


Jianguang dazzling light up the night, Senleng Jianqi to disperse the red-hot flame.

Middle-aged security guard looking sudden change, sensed the power of terror Jianguang immediately withdraw the palm of your hand.

Chill Jianguang vain, severely cut on a quartzite streets, will cut the ground out of a nearly ten feet long ravine.

Seeing this, the great prince Lu famous frowned, eyes flashed a hint of fear of color.

He turned around to look Ji-day trip, his eyes surging in the cold, "Boy, is you!"

Nie Hao escaped unharmed, revealing expression of relief, quickly stepped back and stood beside Ji day trip.

At the same time, two of his guards also rushed over to have his sword to protect him, his face murderous stare land famous.

Sky Dragon century put away the sword, eyes staring at the cold land famous, joking tone sneered:. "Oh, before the inn, you will for my sister evil intentions."

"Today is not a bid deal, you want to kill Indiana street!"

"I should like to know, what family you came from? Could be so despicable?"

Nie Lu Hao also staring famous, angry shouted: "!! Miss famous you this insidious and vicious villain"

Even Ji Ke also face contemptuous sneer: "Oh, look it touches people who die, but is Yiguanqinshou, pigs and dogs beast!"

Lu is famous trio take turns scolding, suddenly his face ashen gas, Kuangyong hearts of anger, anxious sword to kill three of them.

But Ji-day trip that sword made him quite afraid, and three players have guards, all of them strong.

And here is the entrance floor of the Tempo, do not blow up, it would be difficult to end.

Lu famous only tolerate the anger felt by the intention to kill, he glowered Nie Ji-ho and a day trip.

"The hatred I got it! You two ...... waiting for my anger bear it!"

Teeth left after relentless phrase,Lu guard walked away with a famous, figure soon disappeared in the darkness.

Nie Hao did not send guards to catch up, looking at the land famous disappeared in the darkness, anger still lingers still cursing the sentence.

"Bloody bastard! Is so rampant, I almost with his road!"

Then he deep breath before pressing the hearts of anger.

He turned to look beside Ji-day trip, look sincere bow and worship, "Ji brother, thank you just come to the rescue, I owe you a big favor!"

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