Chapter 88 do not want to compliment

Chapter 88 do not want to compliment

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Early in the morning, it was Ji Ji House Ji Ke day trip and carriage was ready.

In addition to the two driver, accompanied by a four guards will escort them to arrive dyke cases.

Ji Ji sky personally took home crowd, the Ji Ji Ke day trip and sent Ji House door, and They waved goodbye.

Two carriages facing the sun out of the Imperial City, drove along the Official Road towards the north, stirring up dust all the way.

Originally, Ji Ji Ke each day trip and take a carriage, the two bags are on their wagon.

Ji family such an arrangement both to avoid arousing suspicion, but also not neglect the little princess.

Can not let the daughter of the body of the little princess, with Ji-day trip on the same crowded carriage, right?

This Whatever next? Royal face lie?

However, when the carriage out of the Imperial City, Princess got into the carriage Ji day trip, the non-crowded together with him.

Her reason is sufficient, the road to the dyke were so far away, a man for a ride too boring, of course, have someone to chat boredom job.

Ji-day trip of course she could not bear to refuse, to see her smiling face, and I feel very good appearance, will accompany her all the way to chat.

Wait until the afternoon, some of the tired Ji Ke, and will no longer chat, lying asleep in the arms of Ji-day trip.

Ji-day trip will naturally not wake her, let her also for a more comfortable position, around her quietly mused.

At night, two carriages entering a small town, people looking for a rest room inn stay.

The next morning, everyone rested, they supplement drinking water and food, went on the road.

Albatron from country stars to the ancient border dyke were located in the middle to pass the two countries, thousands of miles away on foot.

Fortunately, all the countries along the thoroughfare Avenue, carriage very fast, a day can hurry fifty-six Barry.

Three days later, Ma Qingyun drove out of the country territory, into the Maorong Guo.

There are many mountains and rivers within Maorong Guo Yue, magnificent scenery, cultural customs also Wun state-owned big difference.

Ji Ke Ji-day trip and sitting in the carriage, enjoy the scenic spots along the way, and talk very happy.

Especially Ji Ke, from childhood grew up in the palace, rarely leave the Imperial City, the outside world has been full of curiosity and longing.

This left the country for Atlas Albatron cases, she is the farthest way through this life.

Interested in stay by her side, she was able to broaden their horizons and growth experience, of course, excited and cheerful mood.

After three days of live, her relationship with Ji-day trip of a more intimate.

While Ji-day trip to the ceremony of taking care of her brother, but she had made her discipline as a day trip lover, did not avoid arousing suspicion between the conversation.

Today, Ji Ke has been away from home like this, others do not care about the day vision and secular rites.

She was secretly praying, if after this has been, to stay together with Sky brother looks, then how wonderful!

Nine days later, the carriage left the Maorong Guo, Yokogawa entered the boundaries of the country.

As long as Yokogawa across the country, will be able to reach the stars the ancient territory.

Evening of that day, Ji-day trip, who entered a city called Yangcheng abundance.

This abundance of Yangcheng area is small, only about half the size of the Imperial City Qingyun.

But the city is very lively, and from out of the bustling crowd,Even if the night is still noisy.

After all, this abundance is to enter the Yangcheng Yokogawa country must pass through.

Many merchants who come from Qingyun Mao Rong between the two countries, and out of Yokogawa nations will pass by here.

After Ji Feng, who entered the day trip Yangcheng, the best one in town inn stay tonight in this rest.

Great inn, on the first floor lobby, there are many guests are eating, those kinds of people, everyday in there.

Ke Ji and Ji-day trip with two guards entered the lobby, just to find a table to sit down to dinner.

Four weeks many young or middle-aged man who saw little princess Ji Ke appearance, suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a stunning look.

After all, Ji Ke is a royal princess, not only natural beauty, scenery looks very cute, and had had kind of noble grace temperament.

Even if she was just fifteen years old this year, but it is already a rare little beauty.

If she then grew up to be old, will certainly also a beauty Aromatic.

Men who only dared to peek around Ji Ke glances, but did not dare have anything unnatural.

They look and behave tolerance Ji Ke Ji-day trip, take a look around the two guards, they know the identity of the two distinguished, not provoke.

Ji Ke ignoring the crowd's reaction, only has eyes for one day trip discipline.

In the food speak for sleep, without a word of principles and upbringing, she was as calm down to eat, and Ji-day trip only occasionally depending on when, will reveal a lovely smile.

However, they only eat half the meal, there will be wearing a blue robe, middle-aged warrior carrying a sword came to the table.

This man a guard dress, and conversation will reveal a bit of arrogance.

He ignored Ji-day trip, Ji Ke hand over a gift, reasonable manner: "The young lady, my son would ask a Syrian lady upstairs, I do not know whether Miss compliment?"

Then, he looked at the rise of day and famous dining rooms on the second floor.

Ji Ke Ji-day trip and suddenly frowned, while Fangxiawankuai, looked up at the dining rooms.

I saw the decor of refined luxury dining rooms, the one wearing a white robe handsome youth standing by the window, watching Ji Ke condescending.

Handsome youth lasts twenty years of age, head Dai Yuguan arm hair, handsome white face, covered reveal self-confidence and noble bearing.

Ji Ke looked up to see that he also pay tribute Ji Ke nodded slightly, revealing a touch of gentle smile.

For doing any ordinary girl, it is difficult to resist his gentle gaze and smile.

What's more, he clearly distinguished identity, strong in young Junjie, which girl would refuse his kind invitation?

Unfortunately, Ji Ke is not an ordinary girl, that handsome young destined to be disappointed.

She recovered eyes, glanced at a middle-aged guard, indifferent tone said: "Please tell your son home, the lady neither interest nor knows him, did not want to compliment!"

Middle-aged security guard suddenly looking for a change, look sharp in a low voice shouted: "!?? The lady you know who my son is so unflinchingly dared"

Ji Ke contemptuous eyes glanced at him, contemptuous sneer: "?? I control who your son is home with the lady you have the slightest relationship"

"Plus, you know who this young lady? How dare this young lady so rude?! "

At this time, Ji-day trip blankly beside the guards ordered: "The dragon five, if this one would have dared noisy one, and left him out!"

Long named five guards, in fact, is one of the master-Ying Tong, Tong Xuan territory has double the strength of the cold-blooded swordsman.

Ji-day trip to hear the commands, dragon five eyes staring at the cold that middle-aged guard, exude Senleng murderous.

That middle-aged guard gas was livid, but was afraid to publicly and dragon five hands, lest punishment owner.

He looked up at the second floor of the handsome youth, this bitterly and walked away.

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