Chapter 87 Jian Shen blood, beads Star

Chapter 87 Jian Shen blood, beads Star

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Ji-day line up at the ancient monument sword, calm tone asked.

"Funeral day predecessors, but you called me to come here?"

Ancient monument in the sword, Soul Calibur voice immediately sounded the funeral day, still as usual is so powerful, distant.

"It is."

Ji-day trip nodded and asked again: "? I dare predecessors funeral day, called me to this have anything."

Soul Calibur days buried deep voice said: "Boy, although you can practice Kenshin way and reach the entry level."

"But after all, you just humble human innate qualification constraints, destined to this life you only reach the fourth floor of the Road Kenshin, not into the fifth floor."

"Although you can still savvy, Mind enough perseverance, but you do not have a strong physique and blood, not meant to have much success."

Hearing this, Ji-day trip can not help but frown asked: "funeral day the older generation, do not you call me to come here, is trying to persuade me to give up practicing Kenshin answer is?"

Soul Calibur burial day silent a moment, before the opening:. "Although you are very weak, low qualifications, but I know you, you are a firm dedicated Mind, Kenshin will certainly not give up the Road"

Ji-day trip nodded, firm voice said: "!! Yes practicing Kenshin way, it is my only way to become strong, and I will never give up."

Paused, his eyes looking at the Shining Sword monument, asked:. "Burial day predecessors, since you pointed out my flaws, Ken told me the secret."

"You must have the means to address the shortage of qualified my congenital defect, right?"

Soul Calibur days buried deep voice said: "Yes, you're smart."

"Since you're human-footer successful practice Kenshin way, some sources can be considered and Jian Shen, I can help you address the shortcomings of their own qualifications."

"Tian Chen Jian Shen had set foot in the field, and left a chance in the stars the ancient environment. That's a drop of blood of God Jian Shen, was sealed in the Star beads."

"If you can find the Star beads to obtain a drop of blood of God, can be fused Jian Shen blood, you address the shortcomings inherent qualified, and can successfully practicing kendo supreme Jian Shen!"

Hearing this, his eyes gush Ji-day trip to the cleaners, filled with anticipation and desire.

"Citizen ancient territory? Blood of God? Star Pearl?"

"Thank you, seniors funeral day, I got it!"

He is very clear, Soul Calibur burial day said supreme kendo, not just Kenshin way, there is a higher level of kendo his secrets.

If he can get the Star beads in the blood of God, not only to make up for congenital defects, excel Kenshin way, but also more advanced practice of kendo.

How could he let this not be excited, not blood surging?

But Ji-day trip soon calm down, hearts poured out a deep sense of anxiety.

"Star ancient territory, is the most mysterious ancient Tianchen domain strange territory, is the ancient legend of the Mighty One opened a practice shrine, like a small world."

"Atlas cases and seven top-level domains were the door Tian Chen, the stars are located in the ancient environments, each occupy a spiritual treasure a pulse."

"In my strength now, looking to the stars of ancient environments Star beads, undoubtedly needle in a haystack, I'm afraid my lifetime can not find it?"

"Soul Calibur funeral day told me the news, although exciting, but it is elusive,Only empty fantasy ah. "

At this time, Soul Calibur burial day again spoke.

"Boy, you do not want to go a few days dyke were you?"

"Dyke were the stars in ancient environments, be you after the dyke were settled, they make every effort to find the Star beads it."

"I wanted to excel at the highest kendo Jian Shen, become as strong as the supreme Jian Shen, you are only one way to go!"

Ji-day trip frowned, puzzled and asked: "? Predecessors funeral day, you know how I'm going dyke were a few days"

Soul Calibur burial day gave a low chuckle, "Oh, I'm on your body, on any of your information clearly I have."

"Otherwise, too Ye had in the mountains, how can you survive, but also to close the day the little fox?"

Ji-day trip dawned on Soul Calibur funeral day brightened up a bit of respect.

"Yes, seniors funeral day, you just say thousand months is only a small day Fox? Can you tell me about it?"

Soul Calibur burial day indifferent tone said: "it was just a nothing day Fox animal, although unique in this world, but I had the upper bound ......"

Here, it suddenly stopped, did not continue to go on.

"In short, you can close the day the little fox, but also a great opportunity, in the future it will be a big boost to your."

Since the days of Soul Calibur funeral do not want to say, Ji-day trip also no longer asked, nodded that he understands.

"Thank you for reminding seniors funeral day."

"Funeral day predecessors, today I tell you so many secrets, but also helped me find a way to solve my qualifications congenital defect, you must have a reason for it."

Ji-day trip is very clear, there is no reason to love this world, there is no reason to hate.

Soul Calibur burial day does not have any friendship with him, was willing to tell him so many secrets, to help him come up with ideas, surely has other intentions.

Sure enough, Soul Calibur burial day not hide, truthfully said:. "Yes, the reason I help you, you and Jian Shen partly because some sources"

"The main reason is that I need you to quickly grow strong, help me get more powerful vitality, to make me gradually regained consciousness."

"I grew up days before Fox get the strength, is too weak, so I can only maintain the spirit is immortal, not really wake up."

Hearing this, Ji-day trip pick pick brow, showing a hint of a smile.

"Funeral day predecessors, in that case, that this is when the transaction between us."

"You told me to practice kendo supreme Jian Shen, I can help you recover after strong, how?"

Soul Calibur burial day joking tone suddenly chuckled, Bo also issued a towering monument sword Italian sword, sharp wind blowing in the sky.

"Ha ha ha, humble human boy, and I dare to talk about trade?"

"You're an interesting little guy ...... worth mentioning, he said according to you."

The affair being so calm.

Ancient sword monument Bo issued an invisible force, he gave the sense of discipline day trip out of the tomb Jian Shen.


Returning his consciousness, he opened his eyes.

"Star ancient territory, Star beads, Jian Shen blood!"

"I will never give Kenshin way, I will find the Star beads to give Jian Shen blood!"

Ji-day trip clenched his fists, heart secretly vowed.After a long, his mood calmed down, I began to exercise our powers to practice.

The next four days, he has been in the secret room retreat penance, never appeared.

Until the morning of the fifth day, he ended practice, out of the underground chamber.

At this time, his strength has also been strengthened over the previous few into retreat, six heavy real dollars is also not far from the border!

Today is the day he and Princess Ji Ke's trip.

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