The first 86 chapters were looking for people who dyke

The first 86 chapters were looking for people who dyke

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See also want to excuse thousand months, Ji-day trip waved.

"Well, you both Knock it off, how much you want to eat just to eat, not sending me to the kitchen."

"I am ready to retreat practice a few days, this time you both are law-abiding point, a few days we were going to the dyke."

And other small black dragon thousand months and after eating something, Ji-day trip will be ready to enter the chamber retreat.

But at this time, the door came the sound of a ring children.

"Young master, your little princess come ...... Come out and see it!"

Ring tone a bit strange child, let Ji day trip frowned, mind some doubts.

He quickly let thousand months back to Babolat kit, and then just open the door and into a small courtyard.

Ring children were standing in the door of the court, respectfully greet the arrival of the little princess.

At the door of the court, wearing a light yellow | dress color, tender and lovely figure greeted by Ji day trip.

"Sky brother, I'm coming!"

Ji Ke happy, smiling into the small courtyard breeze, light-footed and agile, obviously very good mood.

Ji-day trip smiled and nodded, going forward to meet Ji Ke.

However, when he saw Ji Ke, followed closely by a large group of bodyguards, also carrying a few mouthfuls of the box, his face smile immediately become confused.

"Ke-ke, this is what you do?"

Ji Ke face of joy came to him, holding his arm affectionately, directing those palace guards who put a few mouthfuls of the boxes into the room.

"Sky brother, do not misunderstand, this time I did not come to give you gifts."

"These boxes are all my luggage, I decided you staying here a few days!"

"Ah?" Ji-day trip's face became quirky, "Ke-ke, this is not right?"

"You're a princess yet unmarried, I went to live here, word got out, and there will certainly be a lot of gossip ......"

Ji Ke but face smile, obviously do not care what negative impact.

After the guards to be those who put the box down, she let the guards who have exited the small courtyard.

She took Ji day marched room, seated after only smiled and said:. "Sky brother, a few days anyway, we were going to the dyke."

"These days I stay in the palace too boring, in which you staying a few days, when the time is convenient we set out together ah."

"How?-Day trip you do not want it brother? I was not too abrupt, too presumptuous?"

"If you think that my brother-day trip tired, then I moved it wants ......"

While he was talking, she Duzhaoxiaozui, exposing the color of grievances Qiao Lian, large clear eyes also emerged out of a layer of mist.

Ji-day trip quickly exposed smiles, hand squeezed her cute little face, comfort: "? Keke you are mistaken, how I'll smack you tired of it."

"You're right, you're in my temporary stay of it in a few days we were starting to go to the dyke."

Ji Ke grievances of the small face of this color dissipated, revealing a sweet smile.

"Ah, I know, the best brother a day trip."

Ji-day trip smiled and nodded his head, then let ring Ji Ke children to clean up the room, ready to live.

They left the room, and Ji Ke Ji-day trip conspire ear, said quietly: "Sky brother, I have something to tell you."

"This morning, people who were with me Atlas Huang Shu leave the Imperial City, depart for Atlas were gone."

Hearing this news, Ji-day trip suddenly frowned, "the little prince Ji Ling?"

"He actually told dyke who were peers, went to Atlas in 2004?"

Ji Ke nodded, eyes clear and large also full of doubts, "Yes ah! I also do not understand why."

"It stands to reason, you are the first majority, more attention should be subject to the dyke cases, they also want to take with your peers ah!"

Ji-day trip silence did not speak, eyes surging minds of color, always feel that something is wrong.

Silent for a moment, Ji Ke suddenly thought of something, can not help but looking slightly changed, low voice: "Yes, brother-day trip, I remembered something."

"Before I had overheard too, were the three disciples Atlas Albatron visit to our country, not only to supervise the entry a large majority, it seems there are tasks in the body."

"They seem to want to find someone, and I Huangshu's the man they're looking for."

"Sky brother, you said you would not be because of this reason ah?"

Ji-day trip nodded slightly, looking dignified said: "!? It should be, however, Ji Ling why they were looking for."

Ji Ke frowned, shook his head and said:. "I do not know why, maybe we get to the dyke cases, will be able to know how it happens."

Subsequently, Ji Ke and chatted with him a few words, then going back to the room to rest.

Ji-day trip quickly told:. "Keke, I am going to retreat practice a few days, five days after our trip."

"Dyke were accessible from Qingyun country, at least half of the time, the road is long and bumpy, these days you have a good rest it."

Ji Ke nodded politely that he understands, the sound track with him to leave, then went back to the room.

Ji-day trip also entered the underground chamber and pulled out a lot of immortality dose, they begin to exercise our powers to practice.

Two days ago, he went to find time Yanwu Hall, and test it strength level.

Now he has a real five-border yuan strength, and enhance the body sword fetal growing strength also improved rapidly forward.

Ji Sky consideration, ready to practice exercises Kim the third layer of the road, the main body of the nine clock pulse grown sword.

Although he passed the red star flower of the drug reform, in turn, break things tougher than average meridians powerful.

But this is not enough, it is difficult to support a strong Jian Qi and run real dollars.

Only the nine main vein grown into a vein sword, to make him run more smoothly real dollars, and acting freely manipulated Jianqi.

Dark chamber, the cross-legged sitting Ji Sky poly element array, the hands Qiazhao Royal Jianjue pump power starts practicing.

He just dose of immortality, also catalyze real dollars, exudes a majestic drug.

In his drug meridians in torrents, expand his real dollars and sword tires.

His practice exercise our powers nine Sunday, one day it passed.

A day of penance, let him skill upgrading a few percent, sword tire significantly increased somewhat.

He was about to take immortality practice again, but suddenly a stiff body, consciousness was involved in a mysterious black hole of the abdomen at the pubic region, sucked into the tomb of the Jian Shen.


Ji awareness day trip into the cold dark space.He looked looked glances, but found himself not in the open wilderness, but under the monument indomitable spirit in the dark sword.

Up to lofty monument of ancient sword, as usual is so towering, majestic atmosphere exudes repression of heaven and earth.

Four blood-red characters swords monument, emitting a high-handed sharp, like a sharpened sword can tear apart the sky is intended.

Ji-day trip immediately understand, certainly Soul Calibur his burial day pull into the consciousness of the tomb Jian Shen, come here.

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