Chapter 85 hungry fox to complain

Chapter 85 hungry fox to complain

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After the disposal of the river with five Ji Ji surname principal, within the discipline at home suffering finally completely cleared.

Ji-day behavior avenged himself and his father, also completed his father's exhortations to keep the centennial of discipline at home!

Of course, the two elders and five principal is cleared, discipline at home business and industry, temporarily will be some impact.

People Ji-day trip few men available, only Jianying hall and four family names were the principal.

He had to fulfill the duties of master of the house, meaning a daily Ji Jiasheng and industry worked hard to develop a variety of programs, trying to make Ji Jiasheng intended to recover.

Unconsciously, three days later.

Three days, he is extremely busy every day, in order to pacify the subsequent impact caused by civil strife discipline at home, it can be described as mentally exhausted.

Fortunately, industry throughout the half century home Qingyun country, under the command of a few hotshots different disabilities.

He promoted a new principal and a few trusted, drew up several plans and rules for the status quo discipline at home, let unrest century house stabilized.

To his estimates, up to one month after the Ji family will be able to return to normal, still be as prosperous as the past.

This morning, Ji-day trip to get up after being wash, room door came the sound of children ring.

"Young master, master retreat has just ended, you are called to see him."

"Ah, I'll go." Ji-day trip should be a cry, and quickly out of the wind small courtyard, went to visit his father's residence.

To triple the hospital, Ji-day trip just entered the room, he saw his father sitting beside the bed, and whispered conversation with Makiyama.

To see him enter the room, the sky suddenly exposed face discipline happy smile, waved to him: "! Day trip, come here."

See the father of many color restoration, Ji-day trip some comfort, quickly stepped forward to salute, concern and asked: "? Father, healing retreat for several days, of how the injury recovery."

Ji sky nodded slightly, his tone calm and said: "That yuan scattered off the poison has been laid and more than half of the parent's injury settle down, temporarily little affected much."

This assured Ji-day trip, smiled and said: "Father, your healing retreat these days, a lot has happened Fuchu, slowly let me say to you listen ......"

Ji sky and shook his head, smiling, said: "Sky, things happen these days, Makiyama have told me."

"I did not expect a parent, you should regain strength, forbidden by the test of the family, the successor to the success of the master of the house! Atlas also adopted a large majority of cases, he won the first prize!"

"It's great! Father knew, you never let the parent be disappointed, will hold centennial discipline at home, but also bound to rise again, legendary!"

Here, Ji sky emotions excited, filled with a deep sense of shock.

Ji-day trip through the ordeal family off-limits, and this has made him very accident.

When the family when he was forbidden to enter, with six heavy territory Tong Xuan strength, but still was beaten black and blue Black Dragon, also under the Health Insurance dead just won the blue crystal.

The discipline has not only passed the test day, before the entry dyke were still in a majority of the shameful, won the first, Albatron famous throughout the country.

When he was the father, how can you not be proud of and proud of his son?In addition, Ji-day trip to seventeen years old, will be able to control the huge discipline at home, but also cleared the suffering in the discipline at home with thunder means.

This discipline has kept the sky was incredible!

See Father full of emotion and wonder, Ji-day trip smiled, concerned told:. "Father, after although I cleared suffering in the discipline at home, the family business and business inevitably there have been some turmoil but I've done arrangements for the deployment, the current situation have stabilized, it can be up to two months to recover. "

"Father, you are the mainstay of discipline at home, this time peace of mind to heal, we must restore the injury and strength as soon as possible!"

Ji sky waved, smiled and said:. "Sky, you do not worry about me, I know what my injury."

"I know that you are bent on the pursuit of martial arts pinnacle, lifelong goal is to enter the dyke were to practice. You do not have to worry about, rest assured the dyke were to practice it!"

"Profane things the family, by me to deal with, you do not have to divide these chores will be psychological."

Ji-day trip still do not worry, concern and asked: "? But your father's injury healed, if Langkawi has made a comeback, revenge how to do."

Ji pointed to the sky beside Makiyama, smiled and said: "I've just let Makiyama heralds go, guarding recall Ji-Ying Tong Fu sixteen master."

"There Makiyama and sixteen master Ying Tong, Ji House safe and secure, Langkawi I will not dare to start."

Ji-day trip thought for a moment, then nodded and said:. "So good, that I am ready to go back about five days after the departure to the Atlas case"

The affair being so calm, father and son chatted for a few homely, Ji-day trip will retire left.

After quarter of an hour and a half, Ji-day trip back to the breeze yard.

He had just reached the door, I heard the house came two voice being whispered conversation with.

"Humph! This guy really old Ji not mean, seeking only busy these days Ji family thing, do not get me delicious, and I have personally led steal food to eat."

Speak naturally wheatgrass fox thousand months.

"Er er, fox or small you are smart!"

"A few days ago I helped fight the old record, which led me to consume a lot of strength, the powerful body deficit, much I eat nourishing food ......"

This track record day trip sound very familiar, it is a small black dragon voice.

"Hey! Do not eat a small black dragon so fast, leave me ah!"

"Damn, it would only be my chicken! Fast back to me!"

Thousand months voice sounded again, vague, apparently his mouth his mouth food.

Ji-day trip frowned, immediately opened the door.

I saw, filled with a variety of delicious food on the round table in the room.

All kinds of fresh fruit and delicious dishes, chicken, duck and roast leg of lamb and other food, piled like a small hill.

Thousand months and are clutching a small black dragon claw food, are bites, eat a mouthful of flow of oil.

When Ji-day trip into the room, little paws outstretched positive thousand months, to take away the hands of a small black dragon golden chicken.

Talia heard the door open and stop the action, the fun turned to look to the door.

Ji-day trip Talia looked strange facial expressions, pretending wroth said: "Well,You should both eat something behind my back! "

Small Black Dragon quickly 'gurgle' one swallow half a chicken in his mouth, and then "shabu" and look into the Black Dragon Sword, got into the wall of the scabbard, the silence.

Thousand months quickly rubbed oil on the mouth, Samsam smiles: "!. Old record, do not be angry ah I'm not mean to steal something to eat."

It rolled his eyeball, immediately out of little paws pointing to the wall of the Black Dragon Sword, confidently said: "Black Dragon is a small thing to eat, I went to the kitchen to steal the instigation of!"

"It has been with me these days complain that day to help you fight in the ring, so he spent a lot of strength, but also hurt the waist, need to eat mend."

Black Dragon sword hanging on the wall put a couple, a small black dragon that came choking voice, "I did not! Not my thing, the little fox is hungry fox to complain ......"

"Hungry fox to complain?" Ji-day trip suddenly was a small black dragon, then laugh.

"This sentence concise, accurate ah, huh, huh."

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