84 Chapter winner takes all

84 Chapter winner takes all

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Ji-day trip to hear the words, Ji wind suddenly burst into laughter.

He is like madness in general growled: "! Fart"

"Where I am not as good as your father? My middle child, in respect of this master of the house is mine, and what to pass to your father?"

"Your father is a discipline sky took everything belongs to me! Damn who he is!"

Ji-day trip frowned, his eyes flashed a touch of coldness, "Ji wind, you're insane, lost your mind!"

"BS, first grant Fuzhu it!"

When he finished, he waved to Makiyama ordered: "! Hands"

Makiyama immediately kicked, leap toward discipline such as wind, sword spilled out of the sky Hanmang.

Eight-Ying Tang master also launched the attack, the siege of wind Ji four guards.

Suddenly, within a radius of twenty meters Jianguang horizon, the wind blows.

Jianmang sharp band from violent winds, spread fire in rolling up the floor leaves, Feishazoudan.

Dazzling coldness, lighting up the dark night.

After the "ding clang clang" sound of the collision of a burst of swords, battle will be over.

Ji wind confidant of four guards, although Tong Xuan territory twelve heavy strength, but were unable to stop the siege of the Church Jianying master.

The two sides played against thirty-five strokes, four guards who will be master of Heaven Church Jianying, covered in blood lying on the ground, turned into a corpse.

Ji-ho is vulnerable, as early spared from war is a Jianguang ripped through his chest, the body is dead on the spot.

Ji wind is still alive, but also scarred hands of the sword was taken away, also Makiyama with a sword against his neck.

Ji days walking in front of him, looking gloomy drink and asked: "! Ji wind, you can explain the last words"

Ji wind was full of bloodstained face, exposing extremely pernicious ferocious sneer.

"Ha ha ha ...... Ji-day trip! Even if I die here tonight, you and your father also live long, sooner or later you give me funerary!"

"I am waiting for you in their lives, someone will give me revenge! Ha ha ha ......"

When he finished, Ji wind burst into laughter.

"Then you go go die!"

Ji-day trip Lenghe heard, waving the sword pierced his throat.

Ji wind suddenly off the gas, to uphold widened eyes, the bodies 'plop' sound fell to the ground.

Into silence on the mountain, the night wind blowing, blowing away the floor of the Xuexing Qi.

"Take the bodies dealt with!"

Ji-day trip to the mountain, animal husbandry, the order of business, then walked to the corpse Ji-ho.

After he caught the wind from his son Ji, Ji-ho has been scared shiver, did not say a word, look a little unusual.

Just now he deliberately looked at it and found Ji Hao's body and height, with his impression some differences.

Ji-day trip had doubts, this is probably a problem with Ji-ho.

He stood beside the corpse Ji-ho, with a sword to pick open the cover cheek hair, carefully observe Ji Hao's face.

Shortly after, Ji-day trip suddenly saw a light, suddenly frowned.

"Makiyama, examine the corpse Ji-ho, turning to see if he had."

Makiyama immediately understand what he meant, quickly crouching carefully check Ji Hao's face.

He held out two fingers, groping for a while, then "Laugh it" in Ho Chi soon face a mask of human skin ripped off.Suddenly, a dark and ordinary face, in front of the crowd.

Ji-day trip goes on looking at the unfamiliar face, eyes flashed a touch of coldness, bitterly: "really is a stand-in!"

"Damn Ji wind, really is a wily, has long been looking for someone turning posing Ji-ho, lied to us all!"

Makiyama ashamed to face one knee, Ji-day trip to confessing: "! Little master, is under the negligence, and sometimes do not substitute check was badly deceived, let Ji-ho and ran away."

"Please allow me to redeem oneself little master, I immediately sent Expand Search, be sure to come back again Ji-ho!"

Ji-day trip thought for a moment, nodded and said: "! Urgent matter, immediately sent someone to track down."

"Remember, we should pay attention to come back alive!"

"Yes, sir!" Makiyama Baoquan kicked immediately make arrangements, heralds let Jianying Church of master action.

He conveyed the order to be followed by arrangements for staff, the bodies on the mountain is also done with it.

Ji-day trip with a crowd leaving the mountains, towards the Imperial City returned.


The next day at noon, Ji House lobby.

Ji-day trip sitting at home on the Lord of the place, today we have to clean up in the suffering, to rectify the discipline at home.

Makiyama sword and stood beside him, like a black surface to kill God.

Both sides of the hall, large sitting elders Jida Jiang, principal and four family names, there are a few veterans and elders of discipline at home.

The three elders discipline river, with five Ji surname offshoot of the principal who were kneeling Ying Tang master marched in the lobby.

Ji-day trip to come up with all kinds of evidence, listing various offenses five principal surnamed Ji, and then publicly announce the results of the punishment.

"Removed the five posts of principal surnamed Ji, confiscated all possessions five principal, and expelled all five discipline at home, removed from the family tree!"

From now on, these five people is no longer a bright, hand power to discipline the principal home, have become a pauper penniless.

Moreover, they have been deported discipline at home, and removed from the family tree, even death can not enter Ji Jiazong temple!

This is for them, undoubtedly the most reasonable punishment!

Ji-day trip to announce the results of the five principal surnamed Ji, no doubt, is a bolt from the blue, blindsided them on the spot.

After answered a God, the five principal surnamed Ji are wringing, bowed again and again for mercy, crying for discipline Sky spared, forgive them.

There's even two principal, crying in public, since the day trip to discipline slapped repent.

However, what happened a few days ago still fresh in the lobby, Ji-day trip, how could forgive them?

The five principal was surnamed Ji, Ji wind have helped to seize power, put pressure on the Ji-day trip, their countenance how hateful?

By now, even if they cried mercy and repentance, Ji-day trip will never relent!

After the disposal of the five principal surnamed Ji, Ji-day trip next three Peter and disposal Ji river.

"Three elders Ji river, with two elders century wind collusion, embezzlement of property of discipline at home, pocketed all kinds of evil!"

"Ji river! I read your father and brothers own sake, I am given a lighter punishment for you."

'From now on, the river Ji removed all jobs, not to intervene in any matter discipline at home. River confinement and discipline in the long bamboo homes, bamboo homes for life not to take the long step!"

"These penalties if the slightest breach of discipline river, on the spot put to death!"

After the result was announced disposal, Ji-day trip eyes staring at the cold discipline river, drink and asked: "? Ji river, you have nothing to say."

At this time, Ji river, in no way arrogant and proud attitude is so complex a few days ago.

His disheveled look very awkward, empty glassy eyes, filled hopelessness and anger.

He raised his head and looked Ji-day trip, looking grim sneered: "! ...... Oh Ji-day trip, winner takes all, loser for Kou, I have nothing to say."

"I just did not think, and I have underestimated you brother!"

"You're nothing but a seventeen year old boy fills the means to act more decisively than your father, more Henla!"

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