Chapter 82 Lady peers?

Chapter 82 Lady peers?

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Ji-day trip in horse carriages left the city square, Ji returned to the government.

A few horse-drawn carriage through the streets, just enter a tree-lined path, but suddenly stopped.

He opened a curtain under doubt, ask how the driver was going to speak going on, but looked up to see a horse standing in front of a woman wearing a white dress.

Although he see in that white dress woman back, black hair and a waist.

But that road alone he recognized them slim silhouette, the white dress woman is cloud Yao.

Ji-day trip quickly dismounted vehicle, on the driver told:. "You wait for me here, I'll be right back."

He went behind a cloud Yao, asked with a smile: "? Miss Yao Yun, I do not know you in these, there is what is going on."

Cloud Yao turned around and looked at him, his tone calm and said: "I have something to ask you, but here is not the place to speak, come with me ......"

Subsequently, he left the cloud Yao with tree-lined path into a house not far from.

This closed door of the house, yard and some old run-down and overgrown with weeds, apparently not occupied.

Silent courtyard, where two people talk, not afraid to be disturbed and eavesdropping.

The two men stood in the house of a tree, cloud Yao this opening day of Ji-way street: "Congratulations on your first win a majority, since you worship into this door is my Young of."

Ji-day trip smiled, bowed her hand, "Then I would like to thank senior sister apprentice, later also requested senior sister apprentice a lot of guidance and help!"

Of course, this is just his kind words on the surface, but my mind was not really.

He understand the principle, want to have the strength and exalted, we can only rely on their own efforts and hard work!

And he is very clear, cloud Yao stopped him on the way, never get a majority in order to congratulate him first, there must be something else.

Sure enough, looking at the cloud Yao Black Dragon sword in his hand, then thought for a moment, said: "What? Young, you this sword, whether through me."

Ji-day trip surface calm, the heart is secretly vigilant, "No wonder she stopped me halfway, turned out to be interested in my Black Dragon sword!"

"Do ...... she saw the black dragon sword secret?"

Thought of this, he quickly cloud Yao showing a touch of a smile, declined and said:. "Yun Yao senior sister apprentice, you Tianchen domain for the first day of your natural well-informed, and what I have seen magic weapon sword, but is a ordinary sword only, not senior sister apprentice simply enter your discernment. "

"Better this way, my discipline is the home to the blocker for a living, I'll be right back Fuchu senior sister apprentice to take two swords and let the senior sister apprentice look over ......"

When he did not finish, just looking calm cloud Yao refused.


Of course she could see Ji-day trip would not let her observe Black Dragon Sword, to deliberately tear topic.

But she will not force discipline-day trip, looking calm and said: "Since Young reluctant to part with, the matter will be dropped."

"In addition, After three days I will return the number of doors. This door rushed from Qingyun country, at least half, you arrive early if you want, it may be with me."

If ordinary people were on their way to the dyke, at least half the time.

But Ling Yun Yao rode a crane, one day can fly thousands of miles,Three days can return were the door.

If we can take the same spirit of cranes visit Atlas were, how pleasant it with her peerless beauty who is an enviable thing!

For doing anybody, I will not refuse this and other Yan Fu.

But Ji-day trip but shook his head, explains: "Thank you, good intentions senior sister apprentice, but I have things to deal with at home, will be delayed a few days, they will not with a fellow senior sister apprentice."

Cloud Yao nodded slightly, "worth mentioning, you first deal with the family."

"After completion solve mundane, trip as soon as possible, do not miss the deadline."

"Thanks for reminding senior sister apprentice, then I would say good-bye." Ji-day trip still keep smiling, her hand over a gift, and then leave the old house.

Cloud Yao watched him leave the back, very shallow mouth suddenly brought back a touch of a smile, breathtakingly beautiful.

"The more you tried to hide, the more I was sure."

She murmuring something, then he left the old house.


Ling House, quiet environment of a small courtyard.

Ling Fu was sitting under a tree Duwusiren, sad for the death of her daughter Ling Yunfei constantly wipe tears.

Ling universal sat beside her, comforting her voice muffled.

Suddenly, the small door of the court came a rapid footsteps.

A hurried pace guards ran into a small hospital, urgent tone shouted: "!! Master of the house big bad"

Ling universal immediately turned, wild-eyed staring at the guards, shouted: "? Anything so scared."

Guards quickly came to him, respectful of the intrinsic reports: "Qi Bing master of the house, had just heard the news under the dyke were entry-majority is over."

"Damn Ji-day trip, even little princes defeated Ji Ling, to a large majority were first worship into a dyke!"

Suddenly heard the news, Ling Fu people stopped sobbing, Youjingyounu stare shouted: "?! What is this impossible."

"That damn little beast, how could he worship into the dyke cases, also won the majority of the first?"

Ling also faces the whole world is angry, to drink guards Chen Sheng asked: "? But really matter."

That guards nodded and said: "Of course held a majority in the city square, tens of thousands of people who see clearly now the message has spread within the Imperial City!!"

Ling also the whole world know this can never be false, suddenly angry looking ashen, his fists squeeze crunch.

"Ji-day trip to this little beast!"

"He first worship into the identity of the majority were Atlas, will focus on training Atlas were the subject! Now he has the identity of the dyke were disciples, we think of a difficult start for him!"

Ling Fu who also face the freezing cold air, his eyes surging fiercely.

"Even if Ji-day trip became a dyke disciples, we must not let him!"

"In any case, I have to kill him, let him give us his daughter buried!"

She frowned for a moment, suddenly thought of a person, suddenly have a mind.

"Sir, I know now! We can help find feather, let him deal with Ji-day trip!"

"Well! Ji-day trip to this little beast, Does he think worship into the dyke were able to keep the pathetic life do? Wishful thinking!"

Ling universal puzzled frown, subconsciously asked: "Which feather?"

Ling Fu people quickly explained: "Which also feather?Of course Fifi's cousin Jane Yu ah! "

"Jane Feather?" Ling universal startled a little, suddenly understood why.

"For ah! I forgot how to put him!"

"Jane Yu is also the martial arts genius, three years ago thanks to the dyke were, and were now standing at the door will certainly impressive ......"

"Madame, I now give feather letter, be sure to catch up before Ji-day trip to reach the dyke cases, the letters sent to the hands of the feather."

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