Chapter 80 angry sword

Chapter 80 angry sword

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Ji Ji Ling-day trip with two men in the ring in a fierce fight.

Streamer Jian Wang enveloped the radius of three meters, will Ji Ling wrapped them, so that he could not break through.

Ji-day trip remain five meters with him, so that he could not close.

Ring around the crowd, put up a heart, secretly worried as Ji Ling.

And they were all personally seen the powerful streamer Jian Wang and saw black and blue horrors Jiangbai Yu Jian Wang was strangled.

Everyone had to worry about, the little princes can block the strangulation of Jian Wang?

Would he, like Jiang Baiyu that ended up in rags, covered in blood miserable fate?

"Ding Dingding!"

Constantly heard the ring blade hit crisp sound.

Ji Ling's strength really strong enough, the red fire sword Pa superb cast, spilled out of the sky Jianguang, even blocking the strangulation of the vast majority of Jianqi.

Some occasional streamer Jian Qi and hit him, hit him even issued a "Ding Dingding" Qing Xiang, did not see him injured.

Shortly after, Ji-day trip will find clues, finally understand why.

Ji Jian Qi Ling has been hit six times, the body of the gown was cut out six gap, they are concentrated in the chest and the back.

Through the gap robes, we could see a layer of soft dark golden armor.

Originally, Ji Ling wearing a soft armor can withstand the sword!

Ji Ling display their red fire Pa sword to protect his head and wearing parts with layers of soft-Jianguang.

The chest and back soft armor protection, fundamental fear his streamer Jian Wang!

"Damn! Ji Ling is quite despicable sinister, even worn over soft armor, I Jianqi not hurt him!"

Ji Sky Anhen heart, the eyes in the surging Senleng coldness.

Ji Ling side to resist strangling streamer Jian Wang also did not forget him sneered: "? Oh, Ji-day trip, even if you excel at and how this strange sword"

"The king has a gold treasure of body, we will be invincible, you are unlikely to win me!"

Ji-day trip silence does not speak, his face gloomy manipulation Jian Wang attacks.

Ji Ling has gold treasure of body, which makes him very helpless, streamer Jian Wang hardly useless.

After all, he was only true element of strength throughout, Jian Qi is not strong enough, could not break open the golden treasure of defense.

If his strength to reach Tong Xuan territory, Jian Qi into Jianmang, power will increase more than tenfold, will be able to rip the gold treasure of defense!

Mindful of this point, he is more urgent desire to enhance the strength!

Soon, half quarter of an hour passed.

Ji-day trip has been manipulated streamer Jian Wang attacks, great consumption of real dollars, the spirit is also very tired sleepy.

He obviously felt that the spirit and strength in rapid failure.

He can support up to one hundred rest time, we must defeat the sword in Ji Ling.

The JI spirit still display their sword to fend off attacks streamer Jian Wang, who only prescribe not light not heavy wounds.

Even if he was wearing robes, streamer Jian Wang was strangled into a pile of rags, but he also wore gold treasure, and not be too embarrassed.

Moreover, his physical strength is still plenty of real dollars and, even then no problem killing a quarter of an hour.

Under such circumstances, Ji-day trip can only recover streamer Jian Wang.

"Shabu shabu!"

Under his manipulation, streamer Jian Wang on the spot dissipated back six Jianqi, fly back to his body.

Ji Ling also temporarily stopped the attack, playful eyes look Ji-day trip, his face revealing a proud sneer.

"How not to continue attacked?"

"I know our own strength is weak, unable to shake the king of defense?"

"Or, you want to throw in the towel to surrender?"

Ji Ling voice filled with cynical and contemptuous.

Ji-day trip eyes staring at his cold, stressing each syllable: "The??! You want me to throw in the towel with you."

Ji Ling's face became increasingly Sen Han, his eyes surging beholder.

"Oh, if you throw in the towel, the king was so disappointed!"

"The king said, you dare to challenge the king, you must pay the price!"

"The king again to scrap you, so you never be a waste!"

Ji Ling murderous Di heard, holding the sword he fell upon Ji-day trip, hit nine Jianguang flame, cast his secrets cards.

"Red inflammation nine waves!"

Nine flame Jianguang, Bo issued a violent overbearing power, like a huge wave-like surge, instantly enveloped Ji-day line figure.

Streamer Jian Wang Ji Ling was strangling the quarter of an hour and a half, has long accumulated anger felt at this moment all burst out.

This trick secret of his sword, discipline is necessary on the spot to take life day trip!

All of a sudden, the huge ring is dazzling eye-catching crimson firelight.

Ji-day line figure fire was completely submerged, the crowd of people simply do not know.

He is like living in a small boat in a stormy sea, about to be swallowed up immediately!

Critical juncture, Ji-day trip of his face a calm.

His eyes flashed a touch of biting coldness, his right hand holding the hilt instant black dragon sword.


From the beginning of majority, he has never pulled a sword Ji-day trip, and finally for the first time the sword!

Like the sound Jianming Dragons play, and instantly spread throughout the plaza.

A bright and cold Jianguang Suddenly bloom, like a thunderbolt pierced the sky.

Ji-day trip this moment, the whole body Bo of war and intended to kill the issue Chongxiao.

His body seemed to become very tall, so that everyone can only look up, revealing amazing eyes.

He ignored a body of nine weeks flame Jianguang, Ji Ling eyes glued to the front, his hands holding the sword Black Dragon severely Zhanxia!


Sound earth-shattering loud burst, shook the arena trembled.

That handed unparalleled, freezing cold and windy Jianguang, and instantly routed the few flames Jianguang, Ji Ling cut in the chest.


Ji Ling wearing gold treasure, which was hit Jianguang split, divided into two sides toward the fly out.

Jianguang brought violent impact, he cut down the flying two feet away, "plop" sound fall in the ring.

He struggled up from the ground, holding his eyes glared at Black Dragon sword Ji-day trip, his face full of horror.

"This is how is it possible? You ......"

Under both scared and angry, then just said Ling Ji half, then throat blood inverse Bay, on the spot sprayed a Xuejian.

Although his gold treasure, to help him block the creation of the world that is like a sword, but his neifu sustained serious damage.

Stepping from Ji-day trip, holding a Black Dragon prove safety Ji Ling,Chen Sheng thundered: "Do not give in or else I would be very disappointed!!"

A short while ago, Ji Ling is very arrogant to say that.

And now, he gave this sentence intact Ji Ling!

Ji Ling immediately angry, his face ashen, whole body trembled.

"I want the king to admit defeat? Dream!"

His furious howling sound, jumped high into the sky twenty feet from the ground, his hands holding the sword, toward discipline Sky lead pixia.

Ji Ling has the potential outbreak of a lifetime, this move simple and crude 'power split Mountain' and even an elephant can be split in half!

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