Chapter 79 Who is first?

Chapter 79 Who is first?

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When the low Sheng Jian inanimate spread throughout the plaza, all eyes are on JI spiritual body.

Ji Ling seems to have long expected the sword without life would challenge him, still looks calm as usual.

He lifted step aboard the ring, stood ten meters apart with the sword without life, still hanging mouth creased in a confidential self-confident smile.

"Sword no birth, Korea ranked deacon, in fact, the final result."

"Even if your heart no matter how unwilling, does not help, you are not the king's opponents!"

Ji Ling said looking calm, assured tone, just stating the facts.

No students face increasingly gloomy sword, his eyes surging thick of war.

His deep voice grinning loudly: "little princes too early to say these words, who is the first to be played in order to know!"

"Little prince, offended!"

When he finished, he instantly drew his sword, lightning-fast to kill Ji Ling.

He's too fast, even with a touch behind blur.


Very sharp, such as fast streamer sword.

Tens of thousands of visitors are pleasantly surprised, hold your breath for Ji Ling to sweat.

That one Fengrui matchless, dazzling Jianguang, like thunder tearing the night in general.

Several young talent are looking for a change, I thought to myself this can not stop the sword sword inanimate.

But Ji Ling without blinking an eye, still calm self-confidence.

"Red Fire tyrants sword!"

Ji Ling also suddenly drew his sword, uttered Di, sword Jianguang swept a half-moon.

That Jianguang stirring the crimson flame, heat waves surging rolled up in the ring, blowing wind.


Two Jianguang crashing collision, broke muffled bang.

No students that very sword stunning sword, was hit by Ji Ling sword defeated, sword without health also Zhentui five steps away.

"Fire Wave Three cut!"

Ji Ling Di heard again, waving crimson Jianguang catch up, cut out three flame Jianguang.

Sword without life surrounded by red-hot flame, even nowhere to hide, can only withstand a hurry sword.

He shocked his heart, revealing his face incredible look.

"Bang bang bang!"

They collide again sword, the sword has no students were repulsed six steps away.

Next, Ji Ling lightning-fast attack, Jianguang sway out of the sky, like a conflagration like a violent overbearing.

No students fall under the sword of the wind, he was hit by hit retreat, overwhelmed.

Numerous arms makers on the square, see Ji Ling completely suppressed sword without life, have issued an incredible screams.

Everyone, too, that had been hidden strength before the little princes.

Until now, little princes only show the real strength!

This war, since the beginning of the entry a large majority, a war the most amazing eye-catching.

Ji Ling and sword inanimate are strongest fighting broke out, the fierce fighting in the ring, like a ghostly shadow flickering, confusing.

Tens of thousands of spectators who are constantly looking at the war, looking dizzy spin, and I feel very excited.

Soon, hundreds rest time has passed.

Ji Ling is still plenty of real dollars, swift action such as wind and covered in no injuries.

The sword inanimate body in five swords, chest, back and thighs arm, has a deep visible Jianshang bone, bleeding profusely.He had to run out of steam, could do nothing but throw in the towel.

"Little Royal Highness, I am as good as others, willing to throw in the towel!"

When the sword inanimate opening throw in the towel, Ji Ling withdrew the sword, exposing his face confident smile.

Ring around the crowd, have an insight into the true strength of Ji Ling, this I believe he had said before.

Atlas power rankings were given, basically is the final ranking, it is difficult deviation.

Sword inanimate looking ashen withdrew the ring.

Han Qiao students boarded the ring, loudly announced:. "Sword without health challenge fails, to maintain the original ranking."

"Who else challenge?"

Young Men of genius are silent, they did not dare to challenge easily.

Fourth-ranked Wei Ling wind, originally want to challenge Ji-day trip, won third place, and as Jiang Baiyu revenge.

However, after the sword without health challenge fails concerned, he was filled with hesitation, dare to play.

Tens of thousands of people on the square, are also recognized Korean deacon announced the rankings, rankings are identified correctly, Ji Ling is the first day of well-deserved.

However, many people were whispering talk on the occasion, a valiant tall black shadow boarded the ring.

"I, Ji-day trip, this challenge Ji Ling!"

Ji-day trip deadpan took the ring, eyes cold look Ji Ling, launched a challenge.

Suddenly, tens of thousands of eyes are on him, bursts amid the screams of the crowd.

"Oh my God! Sword without health challenges have failed, Ji-day trip would be willing to challenge the little princes?"

"This guy really act recklessly! Little prince strength strong fencing no survivors, there are at least real dollars throughout the Seventh-ah!"

"He dared to challenge the Korean deacon rankings, really arrogant!"

"Hey, Ji-day trip was the first day. It appears that he ranked third, very unwilling, but also wishful thinking can regain it first!"

"I bet, Ji-day trip is by no means small princes opponent will defeat in the San Shizhao!"

"San Shizhao? You look too Ji-day trip, and I think twenty strokes is enough!"

Many people are on the record day trip scoff, reported Israel's gloating sneer, finds that he lost.

Only the little princess in the audience looking up at Ji-day trip, he waved a small fist, for his encouraging fuel.

"Sky brother, I believe you! Come on ah!"

In the noisy buzz in the crowd, Ji Ling's face with a smile took the ring.

His eyes looked banter Ji-day trip, mouth evoke a touch of contemptuous sneer.

"Ji-day trip, even if you restore the strength and how? You think you're the first day it was?"

"Oh ...... you will pay for your challenge!"

"The king will let you know, this is the first day of the king, you always can only be stepped on the foot of the king!"

Ji Ling's tone is very cold, even denied contains a meaning.

Ji-day trip has been determined, Ji Ling is despicable mastermind, he is the enemy of life and death!

So, Ji Ling will move to kill him, he was not surprised.

His eyes looked gloomy Ji Ling, the same tone Senleng said: "! Ji Ling and I will let you know, by the machinations of strength to win, but that is only fleeting dream!"

"Your self-confidence and arrogance,Stop here! "

When the voice down, he instantly pushed six Jianqi, turned into a golden streamer headed toward Ji Ling.

"Sword volley! Streamer Jian Wang!"

His left hand holds the Black Dragon sword, right hand holds the Royal jianjue, manipulate form Jian Wang Jianqi, when the hood towards Ji Ling.

"Xiu Xiu call out!"

Jian Qi aspect dancing, drag out long golden streamer around Ji Ling started strangling.

Ji Ling looking slightly changed, eyes flashed a dignified color, it immediately drew his sword to fight back.

"Red Fire tyrants sword!"

He broke the strongest strength, cast his secrets fencing, sway more than a dozen road Jianguang, stronger Li Zhan Jian Wang broken streamer.

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